Tiger King

Why do we keep watching Carole Baskin?

Carole Baskin fame rose to a spot on ABC’s hit show ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ leading to social media buzz and attention. Netflix documented the 59-year-old’s exploits during the popular mini-series ‘Tiger King.’
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Does Anyone Remember February? Looking Back at the Pre-Pandemic World

What songs were you pumping? What movies did you hit the theater to see? What will Elon Musk and Grimes name their child? WHO THE HELL IS JOE EXOTIC? All perfectly normal questions in late February/early March 2020…
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Iggy Pop Is Asking Senators to Protect Big Cats in Florida

Iggy Pop is asking Florida Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott to co-sponsor the Big Cat Public Safety Act, a piece of legislation that would protect tigers and other big cat species.
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