Michael Jackson

Spike Lee Gave Michael Jackson’s 'They Don’t Care About Us' Video a 2020 Makeover

Spike Lee is breathing new life into Michael Jackson’s iconic 1995 music video “They Don’t Care About Us,” displaying passionate images of social justice protests that grip the 2020 landscape.
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Report: Michael Jackson Wanted to Play Professor Xavier in the First 'X-Men'

The trade notes that 20th Century Fox “never seriously considered” the late King of Pop for the part, but explains that the superstar – who at that moment was “already in the thick” of his own sex abuse allegations – lobbied hard for himself.
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Ranked: The Best Super Bowl Halftime Shows

The Super Bowl halftime show is an event in and of itself. Sometimes there'll be more talk about the performance than the game. An artist's legacy can be defined by how they handle the big stage. With social media, there's even more chatter around the halftime show than ever before. While each...
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Billy Joel

Did Billy Joel Really do that to his band?

I watched this on Netflix last night and was blown away at these stories. I've always thought that these men and women were rolling in money and fame.....not so much. Plus what happens when the "Star" decides to go a different direction. The feature-length documentary, introduces you to some of the...
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