Charlie Daniels

A New Cover From Nickelback Is Dividing the Internet

Nickelback, along with guitarist Dave Martone, has taken the Charlie Daniels classic “The Devil Went Down To Georgia,” added all of their guitar pedals and love of progressive rock, and given fans a brand new version of the bluegrass classic.
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Korn Crushes Country Cover of Charlie Daniels Band's 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia'

Korn joins a growing list of artists to cover the 1979 country classic “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.” It’s the band’s latest release and it’s for a good cause.
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USA Today

Charlie Daniels Passes Away Due To Stroke.

Charlie Daniels has passed away after suffering a stroke.
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Recording artist Gregg Allman performs at the Hard Rock Live

The Musical Community Shares Touching Tributes to Gregg Allman

The passing of Gregg Allman this weekend (May 27) has left the musical world in mourning, as evidenced by just a few of the many tributes posted (below) over the past few days.
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