Friday, August 3rd

I had a great opportunity to talk to a member one of the greatest bands, Def Leppard!  Vivian Campbell became a family member of Def Leppard in 1992 after the death of Steve Clark.  Vivian already had a long resume before joining Def Leppard with Dio, Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy and many more.  Now out on the road with Journey, they will be playing the Colonial Life Arena in Columbia, on Wednesday August 15th!  We chatted about the tour, Def Leppard's new beer and his side project "Last In Line" a Ronnie James Dio Tribute Band.

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You know I've always gotta say I've been a big fan of this band ever since they started are still remember seeing him when I was a little kid when it was is that Ted Nugent Def Leppard and the scorpions when I first came to town. And I first came to the country but then another one of my favorite guitarist joined the band Vivian Campbell and guess what I've got to on the phone how are you vivienne. I am splendidly well thank you very much I tell you man this Sagan and now you've been a leopard since what 1992. Correctly. Renowned. When they're gone on for years doesn't seem like a dozen. The new guy yeah well why yes now you've been in a damper 2627. Years and you consider the new guy that's pretty damn good. I know yeah I mean if it is fair that Obama couldn't go outlet. Smaller more grip than to what Def Leppard is you know we were but it originals we can be here to guard the lineup you know. Obviously I were cleared. But it's Steve Clark announced he would delay PP and spend. You know. Well that's one thing that's one thing I've always respected about Def Leppard is especially with a Rick Allen and what they've got what they've what he's gone through and with the bands come through. A lot of other man's we just sit during ought to tell them are gonna get another drummer. But one thing about this band they've always been loyal to there there members and an ankle course Rick Allen is a perfect example of it. Yeah well you know that it biochemistry and every band and every great band. You know you can't just. You can always find little drummer another guitar player even the most thing or whatever. It is possible but there is real chemistry that says. Creek band Troutman and you know who won I joined the band we. We cannot went through courtship that lasted. Many many weeks in fact a couple of months you know work. My covenant to Def Leppard I had already been with steel and quite make him in big you look at Geithner that I play guitar that was an issue put. It would Mora like personality you know on the work ethic and I think says do not. Cute but that's very very important to us every. Guy and Def Leppard has. Very specific. A very specific role in fact multiple lol you know we all have little areas of expertise that we pick on and down but that's important you know it's important to the longevity of the current and kept leopard I would say having been in color balance previously I got tripped up liberties is. Surely unique. Operations. There is no other brand of the public Def Leppard and it's very important to all of us that we keep that intact. Well it's one of those vans to it'd be the catalog history of music that they have in that you guys have. Is you go back in goma got a forgot about it summer forgot about this song as an old I'm I remember getting into trouble at this song you know. And that's one of the cool things about Def Leppard conspiracy you guys being out we journey this time. You got two bands that have a massive catalog that you could play for eight hours. That's exactly right yep and that's what makes this such a special Curwood we Glenwood turning you know they they argue crede. Very much like leopard in in terms of the debt of cattle orchestra conductor and after that could. You know we going toward them won't before I was twelve years to entries six and I remember being backed it in the first night and you know in fact if you want to go to Africa but that would they're not only you know. And it's our economic effective device of that I think both matchup is so we're really kind of the whole sector managed typical frost. True written variety to accept although we try to do it from year to year you know because. So many great songs that. People are expecting to hear you know when they can't do it got clobbered dirty jokes. So it's earlier on all of excluding when you put these consular. Well your history eerie thing a little little boy from Belfast was going to be doing what he's where you're doing today. Not at all ever wanted to do some very thankful that I've never lost side you know. What I hear one lead nine years old or so mark Boland T Rex on this 13 Connecticut that I wanted to grow my hair play guitar and here I have you know and and I you know. I've often wondered what it would be like I started my career and one and the actual state they're put you know it is what it is only and is. Experience the other side of the equation work being and so commonly banned you know and I finally find a home like say 26 years ago leopard shall. You know it's been very very colorful career I've had written and I think I don't regret one bit you know these really interest in turn your car because. Need to and play a little more would ask so many great musicians song later singers. Bomber's biggest players on the guitarist you know it it's just been a wonderful wonderful career. Well everybody for ya alien thin Lizzy a look at why snake your time with David Coverdale. And I'd I gentleman that I I got to meet before his death and it was the most delightful gentleman was Ronnie James deal. Ronnie could be it could open sticker has no there there. Unfortunately failed to so the other side of the equation. Ronnie wood would a hard time not to work for but yeah I mean he had nothing but a kind word for retirement that's for sure and you were certainly the best solution on rock. You know he was so incredible policemen there and I'm very very proud of the work that we did you know those early deal welcomes could stand the test of time. And in fact about a year and a half after running passed away I called up coming up seeing Jimmy and you're told mark this Claire and we got together to chant. Actually company grew out of that you know we have we have a little project I'm still going to the echo last line we took earn them from the second album we did upon me. Let's go to fund you know we're or their plan the original. Classics so severely. Albums and welcome original material so that's what I do and on the outlook Leppard sum Cuban pretty busy Deschanel. Was seen as a kind of the cool thing to you get out player eyes just like and that gel Al lady just had a birthday not long ago happy tells Cynthia sending him our best that. You know he's doing side projects all you guys have something to do on the side in. And which is really cool and another thing that your your venturing into. Is I nice a nice beverage called dud Def Leppard pale and that these are the pale ale. Yes guests here tonight PAL we teamed up but the start of this tour couple Marco would Berea the Seattle called leasing and we've been shown that. Yeah PA at the dust up until the critical factor in and let a lot likeness Syria album. Scandalous and yes this a significant. Project for a scene where we're diplomatic solution Ogletree ratio goes you know. Latte with a win win everything that you do end and another thing that I I needed a touch on is. Cancer is is near and dear to my heart my wife is cancer survivor three or four times over. And every single year I shaved my head for children's cancer research. And and EU have been with the fight for for quite a few years. How are you. Hey it's always been the least of my concerns could Libya should be more concerned that put pitched I have always asks. You know I get diagnosed in early 2013. I went through. Three different mind to key mode and the cancer came back I get to stand still trapped on acute back in and I was very fortunate about three years ago. I discovered a clinical trial for a new drug addict and you know therapy and drug cult Campbell is human yeah and I am one of the fortunate. Thirty something percent of the population that works for because I have a certain genetic marker old. I just you know I've landed on my feet again infusion approximately. One sir re 45 weeks and the hardest part about it to me is scheduling and how the flight back tell your would it would it twenty confusion took. You know I think it will go to guy knows thinking. First I thought I first got cancer diagnosed I was completely devastated like you would. Imagine him but after a couple of months and you just you got to deal with Lisa and you got to this two choices like you know you can. Look at things so and he alluded or you can capitulate to the you know and I decided to just. Take it on the net and not to look back on to not only concerned about much you know gas and it was really hard for me a couple of years ago when I was in the real hard core chemo and I was. I didn't have a feeling you dare I couldn't have hyper. Don't see it but but every player has a silver lining you really don't sit there and try and saw that the people and I'm ready it was completely the one that I could I was not at all concerned about hard look great I couldn't you know comment I was. I look real cricket yet I know very you know but it it can probably actor BS or oddities. I have no more than I do and I'm a musician on the guitar player and and they've really let me focus on Matt. And in the way that would very cathartic so you know it's it's not old guard from B so the idea later say it released in my concerns about scout go to. Spiegel Vivian Campbell. And so many stories do you have do you have one story that sticks out in your mind that you just every time you think you re still left your ass off. You know everyday at an event. So many social many random things you know throughout my career and our careers cystic beat Beckett Beckett. So happened to you wouldn't leave themselves open to you got a little Italy you know that. Put it it's okay then and I'm sure the best is yet to come you know. We use Eddie I know you're soccer fan as a as a college in in the UK as well a football we guy did you like shell much of the World Cup. Gay yeah I get a what's a fair bit of that. You know it. I am an Irish guy vote Republican or the guy who got clever English. England that really really well that are really good young squad at this time Niger I think you know big Gupta looks semifinal so. Got a good show on the here they would actually get to tournament at most of the kind toward the World Cup or the big you know Euro championships whatever the tournament. You don't seem split KG but I am happy to see that there was some entered open football. Yeah it was it was again it was a good matches it was surprise the hell out of me that they got as far as they did but I tell a friend reminded that. I got family isn't quicken in in London they say do you even slightly considering if they go to. The finally thinking about coming Overland and I was like gone you know that would be a hell of a party just being in that carnival atmosphere you know. Indeed it was you know football grip early and it really. Unified people really unified congress now to Edgar commonly get by entertainment that's especially true in Europe. Yeah well I'm looking forward to go on back over there and nine next in two weeks is a matter of fact because. My aunt when she lived a 101. Years and she she finally gave it up in them so we're gonna go celebrate her life and and every time I go back colleagues think of Def Leppard and I'll always think give just stay you know grown up around The Beatles has been around tweaking lemon. Stains in London itself he he if I always ask the music influence and I was infused with a and and now I've always been thankful for that you know. Indeed there's a lot of great music has my. Obama got his specially go to the clubs on on the weekend for open Mike nights the amount of music that you hear at six same thing up in Belfast or get one of our listeners. I Deane and me lives up in Belfast say chat with him all the time on social media. And he comes down to London every time I go over and we always have a few pints back and forth but. He's got a music background and going into the pubs and you know just playing to some of the old Irish folk music do you find yourself having a chance to do that when you get back over there. Yeah I did a lot of good in LA Cutler finale for many years not a dominant currently put the IE the bird. 22 years ago I used to go to an Irish friend of mine and we had a restaurant you're researching better. Just gonna and then planned over content and can. Just climbing you are what you do you know I think all the research and Oliver will decrease so I I'll take every opportunity late. You know troops. What I drew lectured. At just farce is you know. Vivian Campbell I appreciate your time and look forward to seeing you guys in concert is going to be one hell Michelle. You can hit up the website where you can hit up Ticketmaster dot com you gotta go to C Def Leppard concert along with journey. An enemy tea I don't know how many times a senior guys in concert but. I go hallway back to the first album and on through the night and everything like that. And then when you join them I think you just took the the band to the next level. Thank you. I appreciate that solid and good government. Jimmy Campbell appreciate your time and gusty Def Leppard and the beard check it out of the website just leveled at Def Leppard dot com and you have buzz social media hook up some people get old you. Our curator but I don't prepare America. And all you do is sergeant I'm not Twitter on FaceBook and Ali used to ram stuff millionaire appreciate time in the best to the lads and I safe travels. All right thanks so what you do.