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Friday, June 22nd


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Got up this Tuesday at Charlotte motor speedway I tell you is is going to be insane the boat jingles summer shootout and the media mayhem school bus racing and Jonathan from Charlotte motor speedway. Has invited me to do something very fun and very exciting Jonathan what you're inviting me to do this year. That is little less than this being totally different even though led to armed men Blair racing out here Charlotte motor speedway. Huge NASCAR stars have made a name for themselves cut their T out here on our our quarter mile do we look on no bubble Wallace chase though it William Byron. And we're gonna add stone man to do that live Q. School bus. As part of our media mayhem school bus Robert soccer and lets you take on the mother local media folks. And the and then all out beaten and banks and shoot out right here daring there and that this summer due out Tuesday night. I tell you I think I'm gonna kick their ass there's no doubt about it. Well how likely confidence we've got a couple of ringers and feel good to have a lot that have come out here and and run a couple laps you know the veteran of the NASCAR and its. Had a pretty good season so far today so we're gonna see. You know between some of the veterans and some of the rookies and that is gonna take home we actually got a big WW EC championship belt on the line and so. In addition to bragging rights in this thing to do you know didn't come back here at American home for racing and little schoolboy straight. The winners are gonna take home and all them often belt and well. I think I'm gonna bring them home to the upstate but I'm I'm you know they're gonna beast going all my guy stoning can drive let's put him in let's put him in a NASCAR. Well there you go like up that I a lot of stars have been born knowing that this in the the blood straighten. The legend in Bandelier every Tuesday night throughout this summer. And and it's for a lot of people get their start so when you think about. Kurt and Kyle Busch Field and hear all the little doubt started racing and smaller machine didn't just jump right into Iraq. So right in the NASCAR so maybe this is shot from where we never know in the crowd then not in my noticed. Well I tell you what you gotta get noticed on this devote dangles the shoot out a summer shootout this thing has been gone for 25 years and is a family friendly environment every Tuesday night through July 31. Exhibitions including the school bus the fireworks a course. And Charlie borders BWAY dot com is the place to we can find out more battery give him a call 180455. Fans at 3672. XP can't explain some of the legend cars and the band Lira cars for the people who don't understand. Absolutely I think about Brad street address and obviously not everybody steps into a map Carson you know cup series car and that and jumpstart it and you got did you start somewhere. It is young today years older outer drive remains Mandel arrows to kind of get their. Their foot in the door basically yeah I think it would go cart and then you put a body over the top of it looked like a little miniature Clark. Those are the ban the latter is. Ali we are getting right now that yet not a union but but a good chance for young kids to figure out you know where the line is. How to drive in traffic those kind of things. From their step up into the legends car which is actually more on the motorcycle and it's not up slightly bigger plan. Again learned a lot more about car control about throttle control once on the gas and off the gas. You know a little bit more competitive it is from there are a lot of guys go and driving you know some of the late model cars and series that sort of thing and and work their way up so it is very much. I say a couple of kicking off point four. Aspiring race car drivers on the ballclub all of this is that we actually got different and so they're broken down based on base and experience. And we've got guys here that are 6070 years old order is coming out good how Monty and I did well also. We're hobby is stir your own poll yeah true NASCAR star. There's a place for you here. I. Man I play three driving a school must always always trying to get out of school now and we got an advanced school bus. I did some of the best media types up in Charlie and you've been kind enough to extend your invitation down here in the upstate for me dude just to come up there and kick some ass and I'm looking forward to it that's this Tuesday night Charlotte motor speedway and plus every Tuesday night through what we say July 31. It's it's always a party upper Charlotte motor speedway. You know we're always looking to do some ten and I think that's one of the common misconception is that we only raced every weekend of the year. Obviously got a big race weekend coming up this fall rule on the map guards out come back to town but we have a lot of action between now and then when Summers Duval about the monster truck show that's always an early August. A car show between now and not the NASCAR race too well so would you like it did you leave most importantly like that a lot of fine and that there is nothing quite despondent luck in the school buses out here as some pursuit out. Well I'm gonna take the kind of bring home the belt to be upstate for Levy were talking about the the role. You gotta roll test coming up on one of the summer shoot us on July 10. Sure yeah we've actually got back to back weeks where we're gonna go we're gonna have that built first NASCAR opened sort of how about eighteen drivers out here July 10. Three and opened the fans are gonna put sand down. On the turn one inside our house our little whiskey river. Area setup would and in in food in the sand and pop out and watched the different drivers. And then one week later or eight different drivers and and kind of ran some routine on the side and so another really fun way if you look at and for us to look into NASCAR is can you just can't wait until September. You can certainly come out and not absolute free of the fans come down sit in the grandstands and watch as. A lot of them for the very first time their only been a handful. With a problem Goodyear tire test it's earlier this year the Romans and police drivers seeing this course from buy on the stairwell also should BA a really exciting time. Did it here up and get ready for September. Well we're up there for the Coca-Cola 600 talk to us some of the crews and some of the drivers about the the role and they're all looking forward to it seems an odd I tell you I think this is gonna. Turn the Bank of America 500 in two completely different race and it's going to be a lot of fun. I totally agree you know I think that legacy that grew only have a few tests so far but we've gotten some really good feedback. Frankly I think a lot of the drivers take that which is what we know we're doing it right and love them and just really piano. And now but I think it's going to be a real challenge I think it's going to be something complete. Completely different. You know the not just for the drivers and crew the engineers to got to figure out how sister car upper senate up for 24 degree granting them an oval urged senate up for that tight turn blue the road course in the infield portion. You know how how are you gonna do all that and had found that balance that that put in contingencies collapse com click down. You know there is they're whole Lotta buzz a lot of excitement I can tell you tickets are dry and right now all west where fans from all around the world that are just didn't and coming down and you know the law and NASCAR first unveiled track and that's exactly what we're talking about here you know so. Brand new race course and that and a brand new challenge for drivers. And you get a preview of that again on the mode jingles summer shoot out two nights July 10 and July 17 but we kick off the summer shoot out. This Tuesday night the 26 with a medium and school bus races meet the stone manor going to be taking on all of the media types up in Charlotte, North Carolina. And Charlotte motor speedway and Johnson and gang have been kind enough to invite me out there and I'm bring in the delta VUWW we belt back. To South Carolina guarantee. So wanna know what's what's the strategy did you lay back to discount must play in the field you just ran rather than there and and bused everybody go to O'Reilly will be given some thought how you're gonna get up there they claim that checkered flag. Well again you guys have to give me the opportunity to go out there with the and a NASCAR racing experience the NASCAR driving experience in going up they're getting used to the track. But then again we're going only going on the front mobile but my motto is to drive fast and take chances are allied clearly you let. Drive fast they chances more information about the summer shoot a series the 25 anniversary coming up starting on Tuesday the 26 in June. I hit up Charlotte motor speedway dot com and give my culture if you want more information especially about the Bank of America 500 coming up. And some of the other great stuff they're coming up at Charlotte motor speedway a 180455. Fans. Jonathan will see you Tuesday and I look forward to being presented with that that lovely belt you've got a buddy Monroe shot up four you're right now.