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Tuesday, April 25th


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Tell us classic rock won a one point one coming up this weekend it is a for a wide nationals in coming off a win from Texas. Mr. Ron Capps drab and 111000 horsepower Napa auto barged doctor Don Schumacher how are Iran. Good man's comment any can you. Introduced me in every room I walked into. I tell our name coming off a match after a great weekend he had and it taxes. And you want your two points I believe man that's got to be a nice little roll into the for a wide nationals of of the Bellagio. But tracks right. Yes and no obvious they were fighting for. You know that the lead in championship points but to be neck and neck and my teammates pretty cool we made huge huge move. When that race and Houston last week in. That really moved us up so yeah we're look at Florida for a wide minutes tomorrow we've circled on the calendar it's the year the coolest event we do all your long it's only one time and it's not it's not a driver but it's even crazier for the fans. Well you have fifteen career wins one in top fuel and also course 49 in funny car now this weekend the tell everybody got that way special just because it's here. But tell everybody what the difference is we go between going to wide and four wide there's a lot more to it right. Yeah I I would got how to compare I would say be likened NASCAR guys. Going to Bristol having to be a figure 87. Wow it is. It's bizarre first is all your life and your whole career you've raced just once you and one other opponents and now. You've got three opponents in the other Q you can't really see there and and there and the other two lanes but there there's a wall in between yet. So you can hear him that you can't see him and instead it is more about your opponent till two win and heavier wind like a line. You've got to be better than two of those opponents and so it's strained that's. I tell people like a video game need that you haven't ever played before you pick up somebody handed controller and you've got to try to adapt and that's. Frustration sense the Christmas tree and everything. And so when we basic car it's crazy you know there's three other race card you gotta worry about. Doug whether Ron Capps the empower the pilot icon would call you guys pilots could you are driving a virtual fighter jet on wheels on the map auto parts dodge now. I Z Max dragway for wide nationals April 2230 coming up this week. And one of the cool things that a lot of people don't understand about about drag racing is. Every ticket you get is a pit patch you gays can get you mingle with you guys and you see like Europe where your crew does between every run is basically they take that whole car park and put back together again. Yeah and I I tell people this all the time this go into a drag race if you haven't been any driver on your list and those that have no open if you haven't been he cannot get more more fun out of a weakened with Stanley Lou whoever you may take. Did they drag race and for me I tell people it's cycle in Iraq concert and go on backstage saying that the band. And then when they performed to go out every son in the front row and then between every song you go backstage hang out with a band. It's that sort of feeling because you watch these race cars on the track. But you go back in the period after they run and you get to meet the stars of the sport which you get to watch these crew guys. Term apart put back together in less than 45 minutes it's funny you're right it's crazy. We have to tackled he actually get your your family Cardin do that when he taken down the street wouldn't be kind of fun. Yeah you're far believes but it before. I tell you man when you guys get out that tracks the weather's going to be looks like is going to be outstanding for the weekends what's one year one year nervous things that you that you find when you go in the for a wide nationals. Is it the old guy John force it's always sneaking up and this year he seems like he's doing pretty well. He thought you cannot camp that do you know I just told somebody min ago another interview I said that guy he's 67 years old. And when I get to the racetrack he's the first one to confine means like a fourteen year old these guys. General's blood in his brain disease he's the most fun to be around. But you don't count him out you may think he's out as far as race came in and night to come back and and feature. Yeah when he came back when he started out beat this season with a win. I just like going holy crap the old man is gonna kicks amass this year but then seeing you and Matt Hagan at the top of the leader Paul I'm gone. Well I tell you what is going to be one hell of a fight all the way to the end and it's going to be an interest in season. Yes yes it's going to be you know funny car division and the nature right now is probably the toughest in any motor sport in the world so close and then use. You we won that race last Sunday in Houston on in a ball of fire. And and that was dramatic but it is tough it two win now more than it's ever been. Now that that that fire erupted. I. As everybody on the outsized freak and I'm going oh my god what was it like for you inside that cockpit of that car that NAPA Auto Parts car. Well I've watched on TV should play at home here it's been replay but they replay in slow motion so it looks like it takes forever and while it. It was against the fire it was hot and I couldn't see the finish and I didn't know that I want. But. It happened so fast in the car you got to remember that even though showing us slow motion and they're gonna show all season long policy over and over but when it happens. You know is this is all happening within a fraction of a second to me in the race car so. Blow my look pretty crazy from the outside it is crazy inside. And then I'm reminded yet dude you're going 320 when it happened so. You just get used to do as a race car driver and and things like that he's Serb pressure off. Title with a running catch the the pilot to the Napa auto pars died ship for John Schumacher racing. When you get home and you haven't a little bit of time Monte do you feel like when you're getting the Stanley Carty feel like you go and slow. It if that people ask you though that's got to our broad street run I get out night a crew that I don't drive fast yeah when we got to go out semi trips in my life I ever drive yeah. Yeah. Oh yeah. Hi IA those days are over you know vote. And speeding ticket it's murder around the streets. I get my feel you know going 330 miles per hour plus. One of the cool things in benzine ash dragway kids thirteen under free two week impasse is charted just 99 bucks you can head of Charlotte motor speedway dot com. Offer more info for years of race vacation specialists. As the gang calls it but I tell you elect. I fresh copy when last week Rhonda look forward to seeing you guys this weekend and NAPA Auto Parts dodge for mr. Don Schumacher racing and I tell you I think you gonna kicks amassed this weekend. It.