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Wednesday, December 21st

Review of the Monday Night Panther, Redskins game


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Carolina Panthers. Moment. And it doesn't matter what we're just gonna run do the best we can and now along with Jim's Oki and Eugene Robinson peers and make mix and we've hamburgers. Live from the red zone and Bank of America Stadium. Despite the annihilation and the modern flair that Cam Newton brings to the panther offense it's really more retro. In many people think it is what coach Rivero Mike Hsu loved to do is get that defense to commit additional personnel to stop this sledgehammer rushing attack. And that opens up the vertical passing game Cam Newton taking junk play. Slots and shots down the football field coach runner very Gene Robinson Jim took you welcome to our show our last two dealerships coach Rivera. Fantastic win last night to what degree was that offensive formula dialed up just trying to Washington but heck you just mentioned the lower. I don't use your absolute rightness you know one of these but we've we've been look at forced. No continuity you know and and we've been developing over the last couple weeks at that office a line came together yesterday. Really played to tell its abilities as a group young man there getting opportunities out there. Com you know probably no one guy that's been in the same spot the whole time has been under nor woes played very solid. You know we've we took Troy and asked him to play right tackle which he hasn't done a nice job there. We don't bring Chris Scott he's playing right guard he's he's kind of a Jack of all trades for us Tyler Larson go cheer some place senator and here's a young man that has had a really good coach Kurt gets his opportunity now. And the we look at the left tackle spot who had taken my commercial right doc also might feel left out and guess what he's done a nice job so there are some continuity and and and the show. And and again you know as you said the sledgehammer. Jonathan Stew ran the ball about as well as we've seen them he hit some really remarkable runs real tough front and then probably that the best was. Does those that came in the form and a drop you when you've got to kill the clock we pick up a big first down with him Mike Tolbert is to get in there and he he you know he rushes for first down. This funding we will be at the sludge ever with the with the with the with the with Stewart we got the bowling ball rolling more. Culver was kind of nice to see and what they we did to what we did have to rely on the court. You don't and that's another thing that we go look at because Guinness this offense evolves you know as we talked about things that go forward in this office. We have to find answers because you know Kim is getting younger. And we wanna cut down exposure as far as the context he takes. And day again another I would trade turner Italy for a little while so again you're shuffling the deck once again I mean you've been around the game a long time at this level the highest level football how difficult is it to to do that against quality of the defense is very difficult but again David yankees a young man who's been working very hard to get his opportunities in our Jumbo packages. And he went in and and played the garden inn in and we moved Andrew nor well outside of me. Again it's just you start. Moving guys around in pieces but you gotta sisters okay they're capable of doing it but who helped welcome coaching staff and myself I mean. Kudos of what what what what coach Matt scored very proud done you know coach mouse or run game coordinator. And and and re our our office like coach read those two guys have done a tremendous job with a group Peugeot man really understand what their their role is on this football team. And they prepare himself but you'd like to say that our position coaches there's a lot of good things have happened lot of guys are put under had been put under stress issue because the injuries. For the growth of our young players took our secondary you can talk what was Steve's world to. Richard Rodgers and and Curtis Fuller don't with the DPs and those three guys worker with Becker for guys put together you know 56 different combinations of players out there. Has been really solid job and now you see the fruits of their labor you see those two young corners really step it up you know both. Both. Garland and James of those those two guys have been solid you know you've thrown a mix of guys that we had all the way through popped it get them in detail what what we eight or nine. You know and and and and you see Leonard Johnson start growing into our system Tre Boston and finally while emerging as a young man that we're looking forward you are talking about as Eugene it him showing his range well but it is I'd like to say the air traffic controller to go to south are directed everybody. You know Kurt has done a tremendous job and then it showed last I would big interception. You know on the a couple of nights it's against Toronto and then he's you know he's we really do you see him directing traffic at you we're we're missing probably the biggest part of a mall. And not having a lucrative but AJ is filled in very nicely and then you see what what's going on with where it was with with Thomas a Jack of those guys have really just kept continue to grow. And then kudos to what we do with our our defense a lot of really just a tremendous job by Eric Washington Sherri mills in those those guys did a great job with with our our front. Were mixing and matching different combinations of guys that. Won't be whole west toward two weeks of the road comes up with a big fumble recovery. You know sack I mean just the guys playing very very superior. A solid football forces and the biggest thing is real continuity in the group so it's it's been exciting to watch. After the specialty if you look at that the how how the split coverage units are taking Thomas McKay he's personality. If Thomas of the fiery guy. Played illegal little bit. Played in NFL Europe as well so here's a guy that understands what it takes to play and play that game and and and his players are starting to took to take off his personality. And that's that's that's that's fun being known as severe issues you have with when when when Thomas gets a four year with the stars how it could be it. You know I've been very pleased with what they've done down the stretch of I mean I know hasn't gone the way we wanted he used five games Westfield mall based on what's the last driver reached came. The players haven't quit they'll fight and as I said you know what we're playing to win and we're not playing to show up replying to win. Because can you take me back she's. The Washington game and and what was the game plan specifically on alternate side of the ball the size of road there was so many opportunities behind the linebackers. What would you what did you guys discuss the staff of what did why did you attack so much in the neutral buffer. Is exactly what what Mick opened up with and that was once you get the running game going down hard play action it sucks those linebackers up and if they've committed a safety to the fox. You bring him closer and all of a sudden. Now you got these receivers running these deep digs in these people officers had anywhere between twelve and eighteen yards and now you're talking about chunk plays and don't get we saw Greg Olsen get behind the defense a couple times for some big chunks. So that's been exciting to see us do those things as we go forward is that. What we're we're making plays because again one complements the other fueling the ball well you could throw ball what you can take a lot of pressure off your quarterback. You saw what happened we took the pressure off camera he made some great decision makes a great throws. As a real good game planning again you know we attacked her clear as we've tech virtually against Josh as we know whose aggressive by nature but. The biggest thing was he sold the hard play action cam looked a safety up to safety pull to one side left Josh all by himself. And what it it was allow the inside source Teddy was pushing that charge Johns was outside where should have been you pushed away from Johnson the safety was off. And that's why the play happened because again it was well designed. We attacked what we thought was a weakness of and it worked out you know we attacked us because we can't we sold out with a run. They're bit on the run. Turn the safety around and we were able to make a point. Over the housekeeping coach what is the difference between the four minute offense and two minute. The format they know you're gonna try to kill the kill the ball that by running predominantly. So this is this is one thing just know when you you run the ball well. Is that you brought it when you want to thank you run it when you have to if you write it when they know you're going to. If you could do those three situations. You've got something structure going that's what happened last night were able to run it we wanted to we ran we had to. Short yardage predominately in the Miranda when they knew we were going to. And we were successful that that that's a good tribute to the play of the guys up front. That's huge because again that that metric hiding for blocking immature wide receivers for blocking downfield to hear a pop runs into the secondary. That and so that that's that's a big thing for our guys because as we go forward you know what we're building on it you know and again we've almost could have for the next two weeks couple crazy things goes and who knows. But we're gonna play each week as I said earlier to wind. Let's think about two of your three takeaways are by guys you release them brought back in that it Kyle Love it and obviously in Westport when she talked about before it wasn't that they weren't good enough is just is always so much space if you think about the injuries concussion protocols almost wonder it's out of your control what do bigger rosters maybe it's something so low allow for the sport you know zone I think this once things that you know I'm I'm I'm I'm one of the committee's intent was one of things that we talk about is what do we do with those situations. They don't want that one GM committees. He's gonna talk about his throws at you when you get guys going to the protocol. You lose good guy for practice you lose a guy after games spent and there's no way to bring a player without exposing the losing them. So we're nor talk about is there a way to create a free moot. You know this is or do you or do you increase it for 53 to 55 or whatever you know the what's your eligibility status as far as 4060 or 46 or game your team the second increased to 47 or 48. Deal with. With feet. BP concerned and the within deservedly so well the concussion protocol you we've got to do something to help the team so that come game day. They're cut their rosters are decimated. And then in coaching facility offers on the ball you yardage alluded to how well you quarterback play. And you talked about the to also play a little bit and also the running game I'll open up but we usually don't do chance to see how good a quarterback. That number one is what he's sitting back there are doing look at that is threes if you look at some great breeze and put the ball into the ballroom where an. Today he did Eugene he threw some earlier balls and a lot of was because he's got discomfort level now with this group of guys who continuity I think after four weeks of playing together. He said the building out of step into a couple throws really delivers some really good Boston. The fact he was even late on one all the while that Josh almost picked map to me it was a great pump fake but as he came back and reset view Teddy was was flying. And he try to get it down field and against all those that if if if he can get that out sooner. That's a touchdown let me discuss because quite honestly do you Teddy Teddy had a step on Josh but again Josh has great ability to recover that long balls that long list of his body was able to America. Play on the ball market now. Thank goodness. A woman. We'll follow push and pull it. Under that large a tunnel Larson's things does. This can also do some of the calling so doesn't help about but it ends this big when you have a senator that understands the calls as well because now what happens is you know Walt Walt Walt Walt campus trying to get his read on the secondary to what coverages Sarandon and make him the credit checks are also they may shift or move up front Anderson there's got to be able to sit there and and counter that by sit there making new call so that helps a quarterback. Because now you're centers directing traffic as well also pieces and make in the called cam looking at the secondary he's getting his primary read know what he's gonna do with the football. And everything has to work at six so it was a very bright young men's and as I said that it might say he's he's started for four years of college. Arm got an opportunity is especially as the Redskins and and a player that we that we signed up for the era practice squad a year ago. And up and inside of him into the futures and we brought a minute. You know mobile he's he's got an opportunity he's proven he played mostly right delay hurt you just everybody else that's why else does we can't thank. Kind of doubt about that when she you know because perhaps that the such a solid player for some thought. You know it it's one of those things. As has been established quite often on the show this token I really don't know anything's. Our agreement. Propaganda I lighter sentence in this type of broadcasting for doing Eugene had any fees to the walking them. But I guess it is always counseling us debt cornerback in the NFL is an academic game and that it takes awhile to war. So Darrell early will be on after you coach where is he now compared to where he started a camp Wofford he's over there. Talk about you know think about their own and I'm real pleased about this afternoon because there's so that's how football talk goes yeah I don't think. US visited the site because both their own James or. Unique individuals they have their own personality you know. James little more quite over more humble. They're a little bit more open a little more flamboyant. And they play with different styles. And there's you watch him you use it to you god you know it is these guys comes to print out there from day one not missed a down. Where would they be well I think they're playing right now where you receive them and we 91011. But because they had been out there all the time they've still gone through that process of growing but when you see them play with confidence I mean. Lat yesterday was the second leading passing game of the sleep. They kept the ball in front of them they were confident Gupta got their hands on the receivers rerouted to jam played with great vision. You know there had any of those new leaf book you know he bought had an interception you tell him to play basketball but how it's like the jump to make the catch but you know there was but he put himself on position. And he was able to make a play on the ball that that this tomorrow I think that's a morality have ever. And I thought I like that is losing when you cartel spillover oils that article we're real and if so either at the corners are getting noticeably younger players are getting better this has been a theme through all your years whether it's fifteen and 171. This year again that your teams always finish strong what is what is it about the character of these teams if they're able. You know. I just know this it is I think it's by the way they they they they except practicing and preparing. You know one thing that I've always been proud about is is at the end of practice you'll see guys rushing to get off. Hurried to shower to go home. You see them. Stay after so they actually 8910 BU I see you guys are you guys can be reports that you see those guys doing the extra drills. You see them with their coaches or with other individual players working on certain techniques. Then they go in they take their time to hang around with each other. Our goal in the meetings and after meeting there's a whole group of middle going to watch extra taper or or dual something in the weight room. And that to me is this is what it's all about because that's how they're learning to be a pro did you tell you. That vote that the more you are in terms of in tune to what's going on as a football term but you can apply. And that's part of it is so. You have to learn to be a problem and that's what's happening with these young guys and and that's exciting because. We've got some veteran guys that are short view of Luke show and these these young linebackers a virtual these young these these these these young. DB's how to do things in union you got you got Kyle Love. And and Charles show on these young defense a lot about how things are supposed to be done and the office aligned speaks for so what they do miss it. Good group of men and young men and their learning and growing. Coach we we gotta get you out of here quickly so we're gonna ask everybody here in the red zone not a mob you for autographs and photos like they normally do. There's a nineteen year old young man here named play. And he has studied every word that we said on the air every coaching decisions you've made he is a huge panther fan I hope is that he'll shake hands with him. Before you leave the show that I would that be okay likable enough fear it's clear to shake hands with coach Rivera quake. And in the meantime coach thanks for what you do great win yesterday thank you girl. Thank you guys thank everybody for coming up and no doubt that's coach Ron Rivera when time is of the essence. Do what we do around here and that is checked with ortho Carolina they're conveniently located urgent care centers offer orthopedic health care for you and every member of your family learn more North Carolina dot com slash urgent care. We'll look over the injury report we'll talk more football and we'll preview the Darryl Worley appearance on cantor talk tonight next this is Heather talk. On the Carolina Panthers radio network that. Now more and Millen. 101%. Glass Xerox your part of the family here. 11 point one. News and there's talk from Dubai Miller Lite as long as you are you give some military base about. Apple usually think of a. So wide right. Dozens of drug. Think the one thing that. You know welcome that we being consistent what is our character our church has been strong even those who doesn't downs behind them flows of how the season has gone. We never doubted so I know one thing that coach. Women love what I did just that show were brought here to win enough I love that they're good spirit of these guys that won't play today and it was. The end of the game ball for all three days I mean isn't this. Quality quality of. Is he is very very. You're talking presented by McDonald's Bowman. News radio network. Thank you Mr. Big boys are broadcast roundtable is brought you by Geico. The real value in car insurance is two fold what do you pay and and what are you getting Geico has been sharpening. Both edges of that sort for over 75 years so a couple of loose ends here injury wise we've we told you about ortho Carolina ended the part of this injury update our member Terry Turner went out for short bit then came back in what else we worked with from last night. This is a wanted him play right Luna didn't Charles who controls. Because we're electoral I think that's very hassles like you know this things like dirt. They are criticize the and he had to go off the game duties like fight it I don't know they came to try to get a life you know and often we get off pretty much. My trip back in the game I absolutely so. The Panthers seem to be playing some of their best football of the year at this time of the year what type of challenges will Atlanta brain when they roll in here on Christmas Eve. Eleven it is a really fast paced offense if you don't Roebuck departed Freeman devoted Freeman is one exceptional back. He has is a big compromise below like a young DeAngelo Williams their ability to hit the hole quickly. And to get north and south did a fifth of Berkeley. The last time we played them we actually handled that. All that running attack fairly well we're gonna need to do that again and then the biggest thing is. Matt Ryan is he has a plethora of receivers and throw the ball to. He's extremely accurate they keep them apart when he's not getting sacked. And he's thrown a rock and he is delegate Deb ball and then they got such a good running game. Then I loved to play action to go ahead and become really effective so we have to do to shut that down the first game that we play. Actually lower back and watch them like no we played actually pretty well we have a lot of young guys vixens make a lot of mistakes in that game and we still in the game. And we can clear those mistakes I think we match up so well against this team that the traffic that we. Really that we're really good match where we'll score on the blessed are they just couldn't stop them but they're always differed in the Georgia Dome the when you bring them back outside play a game like this I don't think to be as prolific it looks like Julio Jones to probably play this week after missed the last couple weeks we're seeing a huge monster game. Against the Panthers but as we talk about Brad very MM Darryl Worley in the guys in the injuries that we had earlier this year on the defense the secondary. They had this is a different panthers' defense of one you saw last night against Washington the one we saw against San Diego before that's how the Steelers play in right now as opposed to early in the season when they were just learning how to play. NFL regular season. Hope in the defense of what specifically is different Aminu we've really gotten up to the quarterbacks in the middle unisex last couple of weeks last several weeks. We're very very good at that felt we need to do this the exact same thing to do after this because after this quarterback even if you can do if you could check that box. You eliminate. Spot 653% of what they would do. Well lest our broadcast relative before we go to break Mike Tolbert did exactly filled the stat sheet but he was a factor in the game is blocking. He was a factor in the receiving game and also with two rushes for thirteen yards including one big wanted to help people drive alive was at his best game of the year. You can do is no doubt on the that was complete effort is at times it's unseen look foot big numbers guy like you know 200 yards. This a little things that you do and that they come on you and know your role is he knows what his role as he filled his role superbly and a great job of what his name was caught. To go to a good test out if it debit first. There's a but by and large the pullbacks in this league miners will be offered to guards for well it's brilliant but he does bring what you said in the note that nimble ness of catching the ball running the ball and called upon me hasn't had. A lot of opportunity or maybe a lot of success and at this year but he's a Pro Bowl guy couple times in his career for a reason because he is multi dimensional can bring offense looked up and you end up blocking component to for the quarterback when he's back there on third down situations we yes going to block does a great job that you won October seekers to success I think his that is his confidence in himself is unassailable I think he just wishes the rest of the world could be more like help desk and that's contagious and has any got swagger folksy style like the electorate and these that he isn't really a really great. Running back can run and a blocker and shortly around to Mike to overpass to football brought you by the NFL's ticket exchange the only official ticket exchange in the NFL it's really. Not much more complicated in this you can trust. The ticket master inventory because it has been endorsed and verify. Will talk what there'll early next it'll be. Cornerback defensive back talk this older Indy where you are Eugene everybody I think you would know as you would know you did this right. I'm sick could definitely. Talking about I thought this is Heather talk on the Carolina Panthers radio network do. My hands and you don't. It's only okay. News radio network. The one yard line lesson learned panther football. Office of the. Now is embodies. Everything that we are as a team as an organization Marleau. And as we do here on sale regardless of the situation. We'll play for each other. Go out every game trying to lose and they're all good news on the Carolina Panthers radio network. Our guest right now or a stock. He would be a fantastic investment. He has gotten mad skills I've looked up and he's on an upward curve he was a rookie but now cutting pre season they played eighteen games while he is there 126 on the West Virginia our third round pick Darryl Worley is here. They're good Casey boy's home. Also that's a little boys are so it is fair writer I don't know we're talking with your coach and the united crisis of Iran but it seemed like. You're getting better every weekend just feels like you the learning process your comfort level on the field is that the way you feel about it I just does. Army in the more days that we play in a more in the more experienced that we get out there are more snaps on me from practice in the games. Though more comfortable we give them and receive more pleased than they've overcome a more normal so listen we're being able to settle in and make more please. Know every football player that you have have some defining moments ago there when you could do it Donnelly clicks for you but you feel real comfortable. What was that defining moment for you as you complain the season. Home. Obviously people would think it would be a positive move for me it was did double moves in our gun Tampa Bay game I don't Clinton herself. They come election is again from your focus though we will event torso when avenue we don't think you would turn got a little bit different. So am I gonna like look at look at please talk to learn from Gordon Moore a positive please. We hear that term a lot of double moved proud and and what the slicker game that can be especially for young corner have have you had to learn there or what NFL receivers and quarterbacks. Or capable up oh yes definitely I mean early in the season of course we'll so is that we will continue to do don't moves and so we learn how to learn how to stop them in the that's the best of weakness of the you know a young corner and NFL nowadays they know that you big college who used to catch in receptions Aminu who's crystal balls maybe only and they like best so. You have to learn to just keep drives and receive review completed an entire row. I think about our division and you mentioned Tampa Mike Evans yet to Julio Jones-Drew Brees in this division and a men things like Washington. Second best passing game how hard is that transition from college where not every team is superior in the passing game where you probably had some weeks we either have to do a lot to being. At this pro level or every week seems like every team can throw the ball great muscle like that's the months that you have to have just knowing that you're an NFL nowadays knowing that. You're that's how 1% and everyone is good that there's there's a slight margin assess every city wants from anyone. And you have to be on your p.'s accusing each and every week Vienna with a laser printer at your best ability to resist any given Sunday you can be you can get a win or loss. No coach is give this inside two little bit of locker room what happens. After practice of what happens in the locker room when president talked about guys get together. Can you sure like some stuff that you're doing was summed up the players that what you're doing. After practices when election off. A home one day that we always focus on his as a DB group you are we going to are coached I mean we we we stay here and there are probably actually all mergers after practice. Just watch a film make corrections on your weather's going of clemency for will be learning. Breakfast that day and then after there's good there's guys there's this fear after there's guys that come early in the morning just before means you start. One thing I'll focus going as the season continue going to his stick taking better care of my body. And just do a better recovery of anywhere there's quotes those putts those. You know he's in that. Unaudited in college but not as much study and they got it was today necessary head. Amused there's been a group grew very long season and injure anybody because take a totally see got to keep both of. There are you young how many birthdays you have. Good to anyone in this well younger players in the NFL but he's got this James Earl Jones voice because frankly is a little uncertain. That's so we're gonna take a break and I hit the reset button on that thing come back and talk more we give thanks for being on the show tonight with the Panthers when you win. The day after panther victories you get a dozen original glazed for just 499. At Krispy Kreme Lysol baby. No doubt fresh and hot this further talk for Bank of America states. There's talk. Don't see why. Four or find a great deal on your perfect Ford make a connection today and your Carolina Ford dealer AT&T. Mobile license. All for the Carolinas. Redskins 35. Loud and clear about coming out competed hard and ran off to college football. Now we really never did feel like they've never been tamed if there's gonna come in and made out to anybody. You're not a good ball weeklong. Do love about. On this we did tonight because he's. It's fine until this moment Carolyn I'm blues radio network. When that last Ghraib you know field goal was good. Cam Newton looks like there's drum major Jackson stayed there somewhere he had the high stepped thing going on in feet. Companies up high. He was excited whole team was excited. About that victory last night so there were early our guest plays defensive back Daryl Eugene Robinson was a great defensive back but he's got fifty football question for you. Well I don't know if they do for now let's go live at the start with our coverage you can we saw you coast kind of alluded to do jumper on the Tesoro the question of oracle couldn't. I gotta put without a learning process to that in the National Football League now you may have they get deeper shortest Cecil didn't do cover Q what car you started planet and what led to we saw yesterday. A home when I was in college it was more of more worried boat could just goes to first receiver there are serious our number one we were really worried about. Hinging punitive and number two trying to make a press television. Which is where bogeyed Guitar Hero on number one and it comes just plan are flat. Compared to right now we're we we have to rewrote number one BO would move to his take pressure off our safeties with the re wrote us. And then be able to get that ball elevated salute guys abuse being able to me completely plays on the ball less difficult for you if that's a first or or not. Only it wasn't necessarily typical of me and practice looks makes it difficult would do the truth he does it. It on his religion today it's easier so that's really go is very. How much man have you played in your career college and pros so far come out ahead. Honestly we don't we play like. 85% snaps in a Manning coach Bob McGee Courtney was pretty pretty aggressive song was pretty used to it with an amendment covers confidentially. What in the game because our son he read a sudden pivot on the outside he broke back can this lead and you know make a check which you seem to be upset. Why were you upset election laws that over the total funeral. A home just because we were so hard at that and it was in the week you know that's one thing will still always talk to me jitters and bugs get our hands on receivers that line of scrimmage and has a degree jam. Coming off the line of scrimmage it was they were very the calendar counterpoint coming back again. And just Los offer them a little bit just look at the top and in a row they're it could've been a different alcove to that place because you look at sort of the young. Exactly so in the DB's real besides your coaches as to who this kind of mentoring you. Of course you're Charles Tillman come at a times peanut during the pre season so coach pretty go to Q when you wanna sit around talks of DB stuff obviously we also dinner together and talk I mean there's there's no secret that we have with each other immune from you can learn from seeking unity to go or from corner. So I mean we we talk we do from a different perspective on things like and just talking on if up with the play this way how would you see it just a different perspectives. Honestly hoped their entire situation and how we how we evaluate things and how we see them what their own through. There's your standing height which I guess is important and he valve there's also you're reaching heights we've had some spider Reid DBs on the show before you judge Norman. Cortland Finnegan comes to mind is your reach. Longer than your height. I'm home I'm home are you long armed yes I think my arms are like it here chooses someone I'm sure. Well so if you're six feet tall UB 72 inches in most people their reach is equal to their highest at least he would be very long harmed if you have radiant you know my wing span they are figure to come on is a huge somewhat confident from one of his arms. It's a war and those vegetables. How fast are you. If farce forced to sort out which of vertical metal stuff that the measure. They say these are multiple I think it does mean that much because you know you gotta go to play the game what not forcibly immeasurable missed a room. Honestly I ran ring didn't run as good as as I wanted to had to come on around for six came back to my quote every 44. I jumped flake. Or what is a look at America's closest thing is testament to furcal SS. I know how to do that of a vertical was like 36. And hallows OK as a whole the I mean everyone's over the asylum and large are pretty. I thought it isn't like it was a perfect throw as we don't you have viewed your kids who I wish I could because book. A new UK okay one more seat here from north Philly just that picture was Virginia world's did you consider and Dave what was your experience like being a mountaineer. Home of if a window in the West Virginia from little with the Wisconsin and alone and I'm not even sure worlds I own. I like offers remote. Like sixteen different poses but I took only one visit the West Virginia and honestly solo was my first visit here. My two almost three years here honestly I agree police I mean they welcome me from day one an awesome experience on and off the football field because deep down under soon to wash among nearly always some owner. You Jean tells us a lot of stories there'll were early from his old days back before you were you born you. They know how one of my favorites is it is John Elway that what he could do with the football they Eugene to we've seen the tape he's ready for the route he's he's got on an early that he's gonna make interception and then all the sudden. But also something magical and goes just over his sand Torino there's hasn't that happened to you Peter NFL career yet a home. Obviously it hasn't been it has happened in the game I Drew Brees he knew he was doing this one thing where we kept talking about in the last game he was like looking long way. He was stolen but it was goings to go to complete opposite we have some reload for what is he going to. So we just talk about Moussaoui clutter might just Mosher position to save this is good rumor we're Bozeman goes. Does McClellan book is coming your way it was it was weird Reeves release and it then. I was that we had gotten quite as would have because some Tom Campbell is that releases late unless you look in this way the ball much issues that way. It was just like home like a Mormon you. Guys you gotta stop those you. But I mean that's that this is something that you guys are just a wizard this is a quarterback assist us counsel. Quickly deer on aisle and I think this is not as though a quick question. I was on a chaos in the world will come back to you rehearsed until we return for need to tell you go to panther football is brought to in part by Jack Black men's skin care. It is the locker room favorite of your Carolina Panthers where were you find it. Well it is not as cheap places it's a two good places visitors. Northfield also up to and get Jack Black. Dot com or a barrel early next this is rather talked on the Carolina Panthers radioed the. Talk continues on the Carolina Panthers radio network can. Darryl Worley the 26. And Eugene just has a long are you wanna warm. It essay compare and contrast question. Yeah it's gonna compare contrast Bush's but I wanna get to take and we talk about the indoctrination period. Oh okay defensive back typically we look at a couple of things good coverage to one up well to go to something won't we measure would you. Smack somebody write about really hard. It was somebody hit you really really hard so yeah it was those times where you just post event and above. Knew it gullible problem and one of the time when some are pushing an amount you like they've been there. Good so go would much differs we we are obviously thinking back on and now two the American home. Even Seattle game and a move will be there was a running back or home lest we just to charges of being a remote over and in the back through. When he was but the come office goes pretty good. But as far as didn't hit him like wool despite a positive split TV human not Malaysia. New Orleans this. Obviously you people the other games there was and there wasn't a good bit of what what happened last choices ohm who just says justices who wish I mean I don't deep tissue you gotta watch over there was flying around every wish I get through ball no means is that's the way our defense is there were always listen to the ball in Rome the receiver he made detention home I'll bring him down and on TV just how efficient mall in. I guess the receivers income is really gonna duck got the weight and I just I've caught the worst of tedious doctor many a -- around this here is that not just yourself LSU we might question do you was about that is that you and a concussion protocol for making right that you had that in college as far as concussions before is this the first time you know that that was the first half my life I actually ever had a concussion so army and it was it was a different experiences but. I think they got those who don't spectrum you know luckily for you wasn't a long stay like some of these players into this job mean there's just so some of the other guys theaters is on aren't as fortunate I mean there is there mr. stations isn't up to par. As traders in Gaza lights from the view to devote her perform. The highs lows of their vehicles move. So we'll somebody just took as it was it wasn't. To license and always will some of the things that was bothering foam on the sleeve governor Clinton did we just can't elect a little dizziness and a first it up and obviously going to argue the second and unknown when I got a silent I honestly finesse a drug but when I assists on the basis that like I just wasn't. It was a scene like myself look where I was talking to a coach you went looking him so when it took me and evaluated needed just we just made to Susan hold you know. Yes differ today using better today I'm sure you can you would would agree. We're gonna take a short break we did this had to be sure several we're gonna come back and ask there were earlier a few more questions so hang in there with us this is better talk from Bank of America state. This holiday season. Miller Lite would like to. Bring one gift to the party. Can bring six. Great tasting. Miller Lite. For twelve rounds no right. It's football season and Papa John's wants you to enjoy great pizza every day get our panthers' special too large two topping pizzas for just seven dollars and 77 cents each when you buy two or more at Papa Johns dot com used code Panthers 777. That's too large two topping pizzas for just 777 weeks online only at Papa Johns dot com you can. Good golfer the fellow who. You can coupons and discounts it prices participation in delivery reintroduced me very additional pumping some Texas extra. Why didn't. You're careless Ford dealers give you a chance to win a new 2017. 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News moment now. There's no radio network and manager goes by fast. Yeah the 120 seconds left. Well let's get a few more questions and they're whirling disk catching the ball come naturally for you yes it did obviously oh mommy you know the size you want to coasters here. And I'm just switches Lego halfway through the summer military. They were just like we've how do you feel about. Movement is cornerback obviously short term though they were like you do. Obviously exercises that you made a lot more money you have to play you. The play quarterback at that so I think this is your high school so in our colleges and it was you know and now as we kind of dissolve their freelancers have. It's a pleasure for most of but value when I got there when I got to college it was under the on the regular process for me to that help you fact that you were an offensive player to learn how to anticipate on defense like that are just doesn't it was a lives a life easier being able to make plays on the ball being overdone to speed jumps in things like. Did you play basketball to at all. Of course obviously about the love our retract and high schools high schooler and it was just charged football but and I did my freshman year try to fit best with team and I made diversity. And then I just quit Legos for. I don't know about doing is OO years her true for a treks she's obviously yuck so. You're still young but you got any thing he got any little short you'll. Oh yes I'm a girl from zero. I've I have nothing but joy breaststroke tonight. Everything fifth with your voice it irregardless singing her voicing animated cartoon some obviously if I could sing I would certainly right now we're going but I'm honestly not a good singers on the I don't play myself. Oh my gosh there it thanks for his food joint things are being on the show boat and I don't. Tied go. Orally ladies and gentlemen it takes a lot of people felt a lot of time to do this show in the red zone you think Amy Martin. Martin we got David Lang good. We got fined eleven club folks in the my Italian institute of broadcasting studio racist there's in the Charley Dayton press box exactly. President Britney Justine and all the rest for that group and for everybody that I should have mentioned but didn't. This is makes a makes it for the zip engineer out saying thanks for listening to tether talked an exclusive presentation of the Carolina Panthers radio network. We'll know more. Caroline. But Google's offering. Carolina his radio man.