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Tuesday, October 10th

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It's an exclusive presentation of the Carolina Panthers. Woman Carol. Who revealed that. So now. Must we do. As a whole. You guys sure we don't know you're prepared for. And news have stepped through the preparation I. Now all long we've Jim is so deep. Here is a big mix and we've painters talk live from the red zone and Bank of America Stadium. Passers now four and one for only the third time in franchise history. We welcome you into our world Patrick talk live from the red zone Bank of America Stadium with his focus Mick let's get right to with coach Rivera coach Cam Newton had kind of a wild week last week. So where did he go and what did he do to get the din quieted down and turn in one of his best games as pro quarterback. He'll only say think about that was you are I think what half of what happened on a Wednesday. He took care you know things that he needed to and his own mind I think he was it a good place and then Thursday outs he came out with a what was with his apology just to kind of set it straight with the video and then he moved on from there and and the thing about it was. He was wherever his feet were that's where he was that if he was in the locker room he was in the media room is on the practice field it was about football that point time. And the other stuff he dealt with you know off to decide to take care of it and again. I thinking that really spoke very well to him and as to who he is in terms of his preparation. Is his getting ready and understanding what his responsibilities are he did a great job he really does. Passing game was it was phenomenal there it I know every week there's some very play calls but the shovel pass. The go route to Kelvin Benjamin. Of the bootleg and authority Dixon there there was really. You can't that the lions back on the heels of overtime yesterday well what happened on all those you know if you really look at again the timing of Mike. She was decision to call those place I think was outstanding down in the in the goal why weren't things that we tend to do with him as you know we do run the quarterback an awful lot. I'm so what happened they were keying on him they forgot completely about Christian and you know those the shovel pass was there. The decision to throw it deep to attend to Kelvin must. We had a nice little rhythm going we are ran a couple balls we threw a couple of a screen passes through couple cup possibly. There was time double move and throw the Niagara and that's exactly what he did and then you know obviously and in the third down situation you know really uptight. They're there they were they are you know hug in the line they know we like to run the ball their great faith by cam nice role could step down by. I hadn't and bowed to the corner for the big passive I mean again Mike's timing his feel for the game was excellent yesterday and the only thing I really wish him and I'm used to talked about it. This is I wish we hadn't had the negative. Place that we did in the run game and I was disappointed because. You know you take those away and and we has really good things happening and and and that cost from one of the biggest blemishes we had yesterday is that winning one on one match at a fund cubs to their loading the box to try to take the runaway from you throughout the game they weren't most disappointing more so anything else was it we it was a little bit of technique as far as that's concern a little bit of of understanding your responsibility and also credited him I mean vent their linebackers made some great decisions ran through him on some really good place. Com and and also they cops a couple their run stunts on defense so you got to give them credit as well but you know again I just felt that we have opportunities that we did take advantage now. To what degree carries because a lot of talk about it Dixon today as if the world has just discovered it Dixon but to what extent. Season has discovered as this sounds really don't think this hurt at Dixon's Q rating has been Greg Olson yes. You know and I didn't get to see the game obviously on television to those busy work him. But it's not just a follow my wife Stephanie tell me one of the best lines was. Was that I guess. The group that don't Charles Davis said. I'm now playing the role of growth growth goals and Ed Dickson and dom we had some good lines to on the radio I think if you added I don't regret what they were little visits. You but the the unfortunate part about you know it's career here has been obviously your it has been great but. The role his place for us has been phenomenal really has any time we had to replace Greg he's done a great job. And and it and is on oral he's done a great job force and he really is one of the best kept secrets in this Lincoln not anymore I mean he just everybody knows who he is and you know it's going to be CC held teams try to defend us now knowing that it is a threat. Again I think that's that's for the bode very well for some if you if you look again at this. At the end became chic you'll see that you know camp targeted eight different receivers nobody was target you know Annette in an excessive amount. I think that's the thing that's really. Good to see is that we are spreading the ball around. And it's helped to create more things for everybody else you've you've got two twin tower receivers in Kelvin Benjamin we nose kind of basically number one receiver when healthy but. This is bunch is becoming one and one a of the way he's a ball into the softens them I like to think so I really do and and I think again if if anything happens to one of the other the other guy to step up. Which has been the case force which has been terrific but you know thing that we got to continue to see is is chef who's got a two to play the role here as a and and asbestos personal effect cursed got to continue to work could grow as a player forced in the U throwing you know you start looking us. You know create opportunity for Christian content you'd be involved with an defies it would could be involved I mean those guys have also been important to atone to what is half of what our offense. And the development of our quarterback this year and speaking have you QB development coach or I won't work question for you about that there's some people who say that by the time you get to be. Two dozen years older older your mechanics or your mechanic your arm slot as your arm should arm slot. But how to Cam Newton. Mean it looks as though first for now he's fixed a lot of the wild high throws in the east just put the ball right on the button so. Too long you hurt you that if you if you judge gave off the first three games absolutely. The last two games really is just. In just the point that I've not been trying to make. Since we started the regular season is over again we have to be price shall we you know we went through this quote quote process of him. You know working his shoulder back in shape working his arm back to ship working his timing. Kevin is a bunch of new weapons that he had to work with retreat to office a little bit doing a couple things different. So we had to go through this process that he didn't get to go through in the month of August and that's probably the biggest thing Marshall and anything else McCoy thing is people just. They don't have have always Olson crossover only I mean just he didn't have training camp piece had to work himself back in the shape he said it felt that I mean. For not just you know who the running the routes are but there's that feeling coverage you have with your own line it's you know it's it's seeing some of these new routes through the first time and trying to see up people are defending a from the First Amendment and again I just. I'm just glad that you know he's he's he's he's got a point now where. If he's practicing three times a week it. Doing the things that he needs to in terms of preparation for Sunday. Now Thursday is going to be a little different because again you know this will be the first time he has had two days of rest to get ready for for the next practice so. We'll see how he responds tomorrow. Let's talk about your defense which was dominant for mostly game played out very similar McCain did do way to New England game did the week before and folks watch a game they see. Good offense going against you they find their group later what what's the dynamic in the fourth quarter airport down to get good quarterbacks and how much is if you and how much is what the other team mr. and had to molest a busload of the post I mean again. One thing that voice I learned early in my my playing career. Was my position coach told me you once you're teams gonna do watch him in two minute marchment desperate situations they'll tend to go back to what they say for what they really like who they really liked. That's on things we try to get across crossed for the players and you know what we got to make sure that when we are doing things that we are given these guys a chance to be successful mean it is falls on us first and foremost coaches because. We're the ones calling the place. But when you are you look at some things that happened it is partly can. What we're trying to do how we're trying to attack him and then again obviously got to go account for the execution you whether reduce your right or not. And then again what is the upon life coming again your retarded I'm Matthew Stafford we know we've played really quarterbacks in the last three weeks of you know and and believe me and it did every week's been a battle. But this week. The difference being is that we had opportunities to stop these guys have both of their last two touchdown drives and we didn't do it if plotted fell on us as a football tournament. That's disappointing. And in. Just look at it you know. This one of those things that is all we got the ball back last there was we were gonna win again about it but that's just the way it was. But that the thing that we did do was we had command we didn't take control completely and that's disappointing and that's something we're gonna have to learn to continue doing give cataract because he's we get further down the line. And you get yourself in that situation you are you are closed the door he won a slam the door. And you know and and again we have to do that that encourage what will additional work where you do either club on being better at finishing these drugs. Over on a warm up. A no no no don't go. And I didn't know why that at this hour could the thing that they know we're gonna really do is is the growth focus on finishing in times when things under the coach folks just talked about with the defense. Today was really one of the things that that that was highlighted featured his presentation the defense players was. Finishing unit they've they've they do things right for three quarters and you know foursquare now so it's like if for whatever reason there's a little bit relaxation probably a little bit of you know that's just keep in front of this type of type attitude that's just leased about things and then that was one of his emphasis off. At least our profit this week will look at those things will look at them as a fourth quarter attainment. You know see the game took the key especially Kansas City campus mixing stuff they try to do you know there were down so you know we'll take Rubin without. So you feel without her coma for another 23 weeks off of like that how the jobs are worked out with Colin Jones and Jerry spurt with a free safety though worked out very well I thought they did some really nice things I was pretty excited for them because unity again call one of those hard working guys that just kind of you know flies under the radar as well people don't know about Lotta problem you've played at TCU had a great career they're constructed by the 49ers we trade for Marty hernia actually turned form. Breezy Mary's part of what we wanted to do it makes a good impact for she really didn't and very pleased with that. You know I think spurt came in did a really nice job showed us some moraine shows why use you know using an elite. Player one time when he was having success is now that he's healthy that's kinda see Leo because the good for us to see where he fits because. Yeah we occurred Bakken and terrorist is ready to go. Alone my calves have you got three veteran guys a good job Sherrod take a lot of pressure off of one another you know there may be an opportunity where you just say okay shall co we keep all three guys on the on the field because. Those guys done a nice stuff horses well we see what I got to do here. The dark nether insider so the injury update brought you by ortho Carolina urgent care centers as much as a willingness they're Telus seemed like overall nothing much new came out of the Detroit came to terms I think significant known drug house of thousand now nothing you know we go a whole bunch of people on the injured list and truth of matters in ovals. Those guys will will do limited work tomorrow on school most of the guys. You know from the hard thing for us really is is is trying to get these guys back as quickly as you can have them ready for Thursday. Am worth taking the approach that you know this this stuff all be toned down. The most support part who's the academics of it that the mental aspect of grasping what we wanted to do with our game plans on on all three phases of the pitch of the game. And we will try to emphasize that. Constantly and you know we'll try to make sure they get rested up a hundred her funeral we're good at what time is up yes it's north Carolina's Kabila located urgent care centers offer orthopedic urgent care for every member of your family. Learn more at ortho Carolina dot com slash urgent care. Ortho Carolina you improved. Little bit of housekeeping coach. Hands team is on the field anticipating. Two lions onside kicks you get the pooch kick instead. On the first one Samuel takes a few steps and then takes in the what is his mechanics there would you want him to do the other falls on us first and foremost do we explain dome and kind of going out there you know they secure the ball is much you can't take the need to secure the ball. And I think the emphasis securing the volatile you know kind of got lost in the translation. I'm but he did pretty much what we explain this so we came back to silence and listen to Vegas a young man has. The more public as much as you can hate go forward go into the group see what you can and then get yourself down and the second time we did in fact he's yet chance if we could throw one or two more blocks who knows him by the pop that up past fifty. How much are you don't practice something like that situation that's a unique situation you'll see that very often. It was a unique situation and again Micah says some that did fall back 'cause we've practiced it you know we go back to training camp we have. But because of the beauties into the games and and those are part of it and one of the things that we've been a week we go through but I mean you know. That that was a month and a half ago two months and we've got to refresh on that and I don't fall on us as coaches we got to make sure we were were were you know we're we're constantly. Coaching these guys are prepping for things that could happen in the sky. For relates to go to coach brief thumbnail on Philadelphia Thursday night we think there club Eagles we're agreeing. You know I like who they are as a football they're very some of the team we just played very fast good team speed. Tom offensively they've got a lot of weapons starts with their running game they're they're one of the top running teams went to the average 52330. Yards a game. The other day that they've got they've got a hammer like we do. Polonia blunt. He does a nice sharp run the ball inside between the tackles and they got some quick speedy guys Kenyan barn is one of the guys that they have out there get a good tight and that's one of the things that we've got to cost be concerned with. You know so outnumbered six's and nice job with the vertical threat. And he's a guy that we've got to arsonists are churches a vertical through through sucks the blocker. We've got to make sure we you know were weren't tunis to win those guys are and who's who's lining up where. Then a wide receivers guys that you know get downfield make placements big place for them this past week. On their offensive line is large I mean they're there before too big boys. Defensively very active again team speed over there their front seven is very dynamic they attack the line of scrimmage I'm in this special teams are very aggressive. Very we got to be really good in this area. Because they will come out trying to block punts and then they've they've blocked a number of points the last few years on this special teams coordinator he's a hold over from from chip Kelly's staff self. It's a good football team committed to are we have to be ready to play we got to be Smart. We'll play fast as well the quarterbacks get taller to recuse Drew Brees a few weeks ago today Carson went traveling it's mostly what sort. It just seems a few miscues you're going to hear that that this inducing part are you a chance of watching tape on a blast site this morning and if they that I really like about misses his decisions very decisive decisions he makes. He's very actives mobile for a big guy he doesn't like to takes actually started trying to get the ball out so. Other severe very good Josh Forsythe and his would be a good barometers of where we are as a football team. He knows carriages co way moves way to. Around he has ever willingly and it looks looks pretty good a lot a lot better than two dozen integrity with this schedule I think a appreciate them mechanized got this question that's what we call a shirt like dad it's a T shirt gray T shirt with the bandits sleeve and then a funky gets beat collar. My that is a town where can we get some threats like that first volume two vehicles such a thought I guess. Have to look at the time. We got to take a breaking out given up for Ron Rivera head coach of the floor and wall. One Carolina Panthers this is rather talk present Bob McDonnell's adult section building because they put a tyrant. That is right as the clip on section 11 Donald get your morning off to a good start a sausage meat muffin with day for just a dollar 69 for a limited time only at BTDs this is rather talk on the Carolina Panthers radio network. I'm the only one. News compared talk brought to fly Miller Lite one beer there's always prove. More taste. Proved very good. Pull free from bank of Carolina had. AT and see proud sponsor about Carolina Panthers AT&T. Entertainment Europe. He's got pitching laughter. Mean as fans of football man. O line and tough it out right a mixed up and camp we we just found our way ma'am we we meet the Kennedys in got into little red. These these hundred total. Semi blind would come. Bowman. News radio now. Mick mix in gyms OK Eugene Robinson is that a for the Philadelphia game and of course for all the cantor talks from here on out gyms are key to my left our broadcast roundtable brought you by Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more. On car insurance got a great crowd in here in the red zone and a lot of them have comes out because our player guest tonight James Brad earlier you all here to see James Grant very. Have nothing to lose back. Expecting you keep might have been here but go beyond the next segment just a few minutes away from now he's been gracious when this time signing autographs over here but. Defense that plays a really lead offices the last few weeks Mick we talked about India these two minute drills Foreman Israel's at the end of the game protest any team against a really good quarterbacks out there but there's defense there's a championship caliber field so whether to bring it out there. Natalie in the secondary Bradford those guys that Paula Julius Peppers again yesterday to the quarterback sacked. Five and a half on the season and that's fourth and one play was so key where he first threw a four yard loss during. The lines off sequence again when Beckett the ball back for the Panthers there has been really a great addition to the front. Saw a little bit more of the that the takeaways. Because the Panthers had been a curious in fact still are. They'll only interception this year. Is Lou key Clinton so how long are we go live thieves avenue. Maintain the nickname of these thieves avenue until they steal something. Have a bigger question about you mr. James spread very Alec to see his response when you ask him that question. James you like to take your nickname when. Does tend to come in bunches though honestly and it's it has you know it's it's a team sport is such as the as the second terroristic ought to get the football it's this pressure upfront is situational. But it does tell back there and you can't. You can't discount the fact that Kurt Coleman's not been back there and so it's not having your leader in the secondary is part of the back there anything to it easy to meet the ball walk out of all the guys that are back there most. All Brian none of that matters Fisher for an one and kind of backed bonds and equities yes road wins but. It is interesting. That that that the pixel probably come but we saw the Panthers jar the ball loose some yesterday ball on the ground knocked out a staffer sends a timer too so that was good to see so the Panthers it's this way it's odd to say that Carolina has only gotten off to a four and one of her better start. Three prior times in the history of the franchise. I guess that tells you how even NFL teams are but all of those seasons that we're talking about turned out to be pretty good campaign. Played to about 03 and fifteen both had to go to super bonuses that the next one highlighted afford waterfront but know at that point so. A long way to go obviously got a got eleven games to go but you gotta like the start to slip tough stretch of the schedule already. So you have these two of the road you just completed your home on a short we can get support what Philadelphia team and back on the road for two more. Again as you say coaches have to take a wanted to travel to U2 or three at a time you get through October. And have the kind of record you want I mean sets up nicely with a lot of home games down the stretch run your listing. Absolutely our broadcast roundtable. And it will be great to be a hundred to your point once the Panthers get don't want this rugged road stretch. Will be back at Bank of America Stadium more broadcast roundtable brought to by Geico fifteen minutes could save you. 15% or more on your car insurance we're also sponsor all season long and I have a hard time doing this without my saliva glands kick in in. Papa John's not I don't know. Ingredients better pizza Papa John's when the Panthers we knew it all season. After the Penn to score twenty or more points she's from a code Panthers twenty. At Papa Johns dot com James Brad very one of the great young corners in the NFL he's next right here on the stage and all panther talk on the Carolina Panthers radio network. And Millie. The other thing great he borrow. Isn't an underdog and they're soaring real networking or do you find McDonald's get a salsa to remove them would beg for just a dollar 69 at mcdonalds today. 48 cents. Back a little forty war. The game but. Still a long ago. And. Zoom zoom in Jim's a view when standards are common Carolina Panthers RealNetworks. The rumor going around it seems that the days of Ryan clears the wheels beard. Are numbered that it's looking more scruffy and scraggly right. And that our player guest tonight says it has the best feared orbiting. Fly out to those that debate going on. If Muslims scruffy. And if you do not believe it lets you to put a little critters to deal with. We get to pollute is sue us for you Osama Ryan and I but that is both and both. Hello I need to be energy secure we got a bit earlier James Brett Perry's hit over point four seconds just campers. Percentages here. Just before a about it how is your son to get good. I was doing well with the that matters about you're side Defense Secretary had Joseph grade out feel good about what you did back then. So I'm looking in when those agreement among grooves pretty units so that's going to con rebuttal to copy of your papers the on the give them that there is part of the department or is it that. This defense doesn't just. Like to have corners are physical and can tackle it requires it. How much of your game and barrels game James is that is that ability to come up support the run and make tackles. Yes some pretty much have to veteran it is don't make an attack was those one of the the key things that cause looks close a song we first got there was come and I'm quite replace economics that you tuck will. And on the she don't limit your missed tackles. Last three weeks you've faced Brees Brady Stafford. Three very good quarterbacks all little bit different in terms it is their stature how they play. How we tell what you rate those experiences are each one unique or did you learn off of each of those experiences. Other kind of similar ways with a unique it's unique in ways as well because all 30 through three of much different and of the third author great quarterbacks. Gene Brees. The way he can look off the safety Mike easy like you look when went into effect of the way and and then you have Tom Brady among the greatest all time quarterback. He's just so calm victim in repeat because of while in the last couple of drugs sold in the game. You know soon we'll learn from that and we came to mess that is on his can't. He could go to people are really well says one thing that we want to limit. Once again it's close plays on Donna feel we're talking in the Booth during the game Stafford and as you said ball comes out. Laser like but it doesn't inaugural heavy ball is kind we'd like it seems fairly catch a ball even though it's got a lot of zip to it. Is that he's an interesting one please always in a Covert who. In a thighs don't go to Al Ruddy put on me and I came up into holds up behind me. It is with these soup but it seems like Ottawa straight line and got this movie kids it would get this that broke out there yeah. Well how does the new guys we talk to coach about this. James when you're signing autographs for a two part is weird to call jurist burden new guy because he's got three pro bowls on his resonate but he comes in late. How was it integrating him into the mix oh he's one guy I mean he's I think he's pretty familiar with the system releases seem like you because. Our news on the stuff and yet a background would've coast Roth schools raucous oracle so it was he's formed coast moving you know learn things as well so. He's Smart he's very athletic enough doesn't yoga become a risk for example at a specific. If Mike Adams as a joke. Colin Jones see underrated as a safety we know is excellent special teams and he may go under rated to an apple servers look as far as how he plays a free safety. You have very underrated comedians that he doesn't really get a whole lot of snaps a safety because we have Kurt Coleman he's Grayson to. But what he does in the gaming makes it makes please that afford us again in game with him and he's he knows defense were. Is accredited in he's a real fans gossip is a history like speed as we asked is a new cause you don't Iraqis whom you talk these wells the before that it. Remember asking you the touchdown clerk James I think this audience would be interested to hear answers very good that day that is. Jim and I and other fancy we hear. Young football players talk about the process by which the game slows down for you after your rookie year what what's the process been like for you. Has hardy's play because it's pretty much everything is like internally so as not really think it's succeed Exxon also let him Amman. A process slow things more quickly but quicker. And I was seems a slowing down let this process but the game was just slowing down to where I can recognize things quicker and indirect things quicker as well. James Brad Barrett just to have a nickname cams got a new name for everybody you got anything wrong with he causing major. Clinton was caused you to be why does he call you measure. So that volleys. Hundreds of resistance. All right the 5 November gets to nickname so when you haven't when you're given by can we are got a cabin on the team maybe he can hear promoted to lieutenant as it gets a little older. Her general maybe better football brought you by the NFL's ticket exchange. This is the only place to get tickets to secondary market is pretty brisk you can buy and sell collect trade whatever you need. On the ticket master through the NFL's ticket exchange. More with the 24 James Brad very next from Bank of America says. Then there's talk. Drawn to apply for it but mentally you'll find you the perfect floor didn't see your Caroline we'll Ford dealers and make connections are very Carolinas healthcare system. You'll crucial health care provider. This is he didn't care you can do man. It's Pepsi officials offering hardware. They're welcome Hindus and the polls put him. And you gotta make plays. Fortunately for us last two weeks are. Last day on the clock but in the game and kick toward a win this week Calvin. Catch. We gotta gotta do our job on defense. I thought would really good they got pressure and sacks and the captain and captain had once so all we are quite wrong spots where you know. Decently Fineman Paul. News radio that. Passport. By doing the Redskins if we got a great James Brad prey on our show tonight the group. The great quality to be honest JB you're on the sideline. Two minutes 35 seconds ago you've given up to not you personally but the defense has given out to tell these bang bang. Detroit's common back the buildings on fire third down in nine. What's your pulse rate like you would you in the defense thinking at that moment. Present house did. And I really would go back on the through a one that. For the office and it as the best way to go. I was having cramps so under the fold Vick got the elves get a big musical common I was going to be able to finish up to trust them. No ski it was. Was movement went down there a particular conversion on third down and I'd it has been weeks like the buffalo game of the defense faces the bills all the offensive night at three game and that's the way this team is in his could be different maybe every week it is us it's gonna happen. One of the teams I think about the other one because there are games can be good game for once so we thought we have studies at the you come in your career James with. Very intense. And then not transition into Steve Wilkes is the coordinator how would you compare and contrast that to. Us cause immense. Sane person they're both incidents. People feel a lot. And that's why you're scared her. You know you cosmos is always an odd in a meeting rooms is always gonna. Trying to emphasize look who's you know. In a saudis of course the best coach he's not easy according to bring you those closest quarterbacks of the Osaka which is to succeed in whatever he can't. It was you know fellow Mormon would like to press a lot more at the line that would be less you just with the experience and does being called book do so. You go to training camp with a number guys it's always a fluid situation but since the regular season began you batted Demetrius kayaks and obviously Ekuban Seymour so forth. And now a third one dangerous bird is that to some degree a little bit difficult to have new players command after training camp. It's you for the most part but he's got a shot. Make that the game plan a little more simpler and does make sure you on the field simply communication across the board because. Even if it's the city that these according to give us a call. But owner Becky when darkness in the room they're called we will all run the same thing brings them for the most orca. Walking by a meeting room and training camp and I hear this voice in there and it sounds like coach Wilkes. Kind of slowdown impressed my your little bit up against the door and I hear site. Men the formation. Speaks to you. Listen with your eyes. Does sound like coached as him he's is the probably. At least in town to do at a path a path to your about to hear that at some point did what does that mean to. Is pretty much if she wants him home. But she patriotism diagnose the whole formation across the field sometimes a corner. You don't want your either of those southern rice us if you look into this but if you look at the whole formation because BT you two you would certain routes. So people like C where certain players Hollande and see what kind of crossing my runs the site that. We talk about the two corners if you've had a coach McDermott was was bloody aggressive but. Now that you would Darrell order a second year there some veterans back there like captain obviously being a part of it and then we talk about Adam's company and there. How much more aggressive business defense in terms of attacking blitzing quarterbacks with safeties corners linebackers. Some blood different a flu like those looks more coupled with finesse a man in sin in the linebackers to stuff home list on its socially fits of but most wonderful I wouldn't give an afternoon receivers and we've been opened up the front citizens as well they've been up and others doses will put you know love the the scenery and a spot like is put on their own Buddha we have them out of the bits who's Lou yeah pretty evident right is it because of questions about these. Definitely the one yeah others so other names being suggested us American street. Friendly way. Thelma give some pics not not about me just on people that that reach out so where will deal with the will be with the exception of week I'm sure we still living games the soon. That's that is true and and we're after all the Panthers are four and one so somebody wants says staff for. Lose friends and I think I'm just a flew if we think that maybe lose key equally James is one of the great study years of offenses on the team. We'll ask you what you've learned from those who does the great number 59. When we come back panther football brought to by Jack black and skin care the locker room favorite of your Panthers find it like get Jack Black dot com Nordstrom. And ultimate cool. And James raspberry or whatever seconds on the Carolina Panthers radio networks. Talk continues on the Carolina Panthers radio network. This is still in the third member of our through Eugene Robinson does don't you know there's this zero opera here former NFL safety he's he's slobbering all over James. Want to talk to about tail technique again. Other intricate foot fault they want steady comeback. I'll stick in the seem appeared he's usually here but he had a meeting today so he'll be you'll see a part of our practice. You'll catch up to catch up ridicule of Seymour on in the show ended. And about a hour later Eugene and see more I hear that he's working with motor technique on an animal clinic going on me it went on on into the night. James read bury our guests so we hear that Luke Keith Lee is good at. Diagnosing offenses studying that he really takes pride in that is that true James and have you learned from him and academics out of ball. You definitely want to know I was always the salute when on philly's call on a different things in. Not some let's say he's right so there will soon together as the stool. As far as I have he knows this to get some good players there with you what is happening to lose defense you've had it with what you're about him now season with a so far away what is peppered Clinton's defense. Is great leadership it doesn't really talk glove but he he leads by example the way he's implant. Two like solar energy Minnesota engine where he's been planted two that is a so greatly missed it missed us. If those two assists Misch who stay up in Michigan was beautiful heard anything with Annika and does go against Cam Newton every day in practice James has that enhanced your development as a but corner. Did deficit we may have to go to some nor China can do on the season. We you don't go against them but don't try to camp. That was before you go against him and I even when he came back in the beginning of the season. I used in his sort of warmed up and stuff like that he's a great quarterback hasn't at the Cannes on. And he clicking off as well just as good as you release. There's a play yesterday they produce everyplace they wanted to do were petrified just catches the ball and catches it Agassi halted over the front of accident like this. That's gotta be tough Pryor or Freddie do you view price sympathize open it. And he retailer with guys are 65 like that is that is that difficult matchup for any corner facing your receivers he had different in the play Brooke broke down to them can't manage time at a popular. That makes it even tougher. But I am going to have big receiver always an outsider went to line youth. Marcos also need to win and a first filed because salute the last because of rock and also win the first try to get him off his broad. That way. Is it Abiola be close on the banking that the player who wore number 24 prior to use Josh Norman. I used up and leaders and leaders get rid of you who's out there how quickly they forget a purpose. Josh Norman used up leaders of the Earth's oxygen talking to. No one in particular trash talking whatever. You are you a different kind of 24 with that component of your game. If I don't talk as much. A huge trust they call armor insulted you because of the bookings for the sixers have to meet. Is unusual for your position because usually quarterback receivers and usually a lot of verbal exchange typically at that position. Like a Utah are you different than the normal quarterback plays Darryl Worley C a talker. Not just on top let you talk either Mario. You do we talk to someone you just spoke to us first a cup of for the most part would I mean I would say is using the media does like. Brent Grimes in two or reducing guzzler that there was don't talk them mrs. bush and Clinton. We're Lee's got that T. Voice he sounds like a forty year old man out there. It's intimidating if you weren't talking who wouldn't sound like you do disconnect it wouldn't sound like you've come friends and I think the player James Brad very guests on the show download the Krispy Kreme rewards apt to receive. Exclusive offers when the Panthers score you do is well. The hot. And fresh light is on at Krispy Kreme. And their app is available in the App Store. Talk a little bit more which James Bradbury is there corner that he studied at modeled his game after data more next this is rather talk from Bank of America says it. News all America. And there's no radio network and why plus. Forty Leftwich came Fred very so your young corners you can go on wallet corners are younger more than your study your game who you model your game after James. Lost love Richard Sherman. Patrick Peterson grew Revis and be wants us Norman. But as hard Katamari game at the one guy because well made differently for the gunman sought to salute all have different strengths and our weaknesses so. Assad has is so out of the Kamal weaknesses and try to make them better. Some of their best football players in league history of about a smaller schools obviously you played at Stamford what was experience like for you and do there was a more difficult come come by and at draft time in terms of not matching up against major schools every week is competition. Did this we you kind of get used to the speed at their little and of course the speed increases when she could to division one single level you take a team like Alabama Auburn those teams. So just give them just don't know everyday basis news of the day of school and but for the most part you know solace follows the law. Of course the fans is different teams will cause we've had a big fans this infant is growing now but when I was there Windiz. Hasn't risen as it is now and talked to a little bit about Philadelphia earlier but how deeply he got in tournament. What other impressions do you have James have Carson went to their offense. Lost only today but of course and we this look he's a great young quarterback. As on May is good seasons he doesn't like 66. He's Lucy senses so. Hello my have a sense of the few interceptions. He's very careful where you push the ball and feel good to be back come per game unjustly and I'm glad we got to go away. Not those in the again. You know figure out what to travel with him he did a great job on the shows and James excellent okay guys we're all very ladies you tell me this could be sociologist our eyes appreciate believe there's there's no thank you thank James for all America through its meg thanks for listening to pat their tar goodnight. Dollar 69. Like you. Caroline. It's offering or. Look I am all for the yellow line speed TNT is proud sponsor of Carolina okay. This abuse drug Carolina Panthers radio network.