Panther Talk For Monday November 21st

Tuesday, November 22nd

Jim Szoke, Eugene Robinson, and Mick Mixon discuss the Panthers Saints Game


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An exclusive presentation of the Carolina Panthers. Tom Tom again this year it's kind of what does the way. Glad it's here. I always you know wasn't Curtis always heard of you know ugly win I think. Now all along with the James O'Keefe and Eugene Robinson here's a big mix and we've. Your daughter lives from the red zone and Bank of America Stadium. Whereas. Blu deeply as a concussions and whereas. When Lucas heard it makes us feel like all of us are hurt yes. We begin cantor talked tonight for the first time in the history of the show. With the ortho Carolina injury update. Brought to you by our friends at ortho Carolina. Coach Ron Rivera welcome to the show Eugene Robinson since a kid myself I wanted to be with you. Proved. A health standpoint how he is Luke and how're the rest of your Carolina Panthers. Look just fine for the most part series in the protocol so Billups to progress through that we'll see how it goes it's really it day by day thing and as I try to tell everybody German press conferences that there really is no timeline is just a matter of how he progresses so we'll see each each day brings something different something new and hopefully today he's getting better but we really won't know until the next night. Will the other factor traveling out earlier via the West Coast for a week it depending on the health of some of these players that impact things as far as just the distance against these players out there Tom. Not necessarily I mean for the most part you know. The nice scene as we play Thursday night as much as you hate playing on the very very short week you'll love the extra three days that you get in terms of our rest relaxation recuperation. And him today but two guys came in I think if you organized practice so we've anticipated. So we're looking forward to Wednesday morning to see how those guys aren't see how many guys we give back on the practice field. Pinkus says the courses are really saw concussions drugs and it. Flexibly respond differently so you know we see Michael Oher was in a phone call he's know for weeks as some people can just come right out of this this whole thing. So really is picking up your hands. And is ahead so really the individual. The most certainly is Eugene and as far as the big saving everybody else understands. Each each person reacts differently and then as they go through the process of appealing. We'll see so again the most important thing Anderson is there is no timeline. Each individual he'll. The right moment. Should Thomas Davis come what may be a warning sign on him that this day is just like the trucks that carry the rock stay back not responsible for everything because that's. You're you know it's one of those things where we're guys play hard and and think we're gonna happen people are gonna get hit comment and and you know every now and then happens but. It is part of the game it's it's it's the nature of the beast so you know we just gotta know one thing and that is if you a chance to make tell give him down as quick as you can. Blizzard the most important news is there's a tangible result from winning improve your lot in the standings but just emotionally for this team to get that lift having won three OS four coaches utilities are getting to practice of all of it is most certainly you know and and confront the biggest thing in the best thing about it is there's you know we're start to see development this football team in terms of the young players. You don't do it anytime you have some continuity factor into secondary UG could tell you this for sure the communications so much better than the the trust factors huge. Com and and the confidence level starts to grow and that's what's happening you see those young corners you see in the young safe Tre Boston playing brew that's really well right now on. And I'm really pleased with his development new unique turnaround you look at the two young corners in just a thermal wobbles cars are really doing some nice things and you get excited about who they are you know Leonard Johnson knew that it played very well force at the nickel position and brought some energy and you know hopefully he'll he'll be rolls guys that surprises on Wednesday. I'm in the in the defense of wind is really stepped up and I think in that four week span. We're we're leading the league and it's actually something crazy like that was outstanding deceit and and it's all just kind of shelling and in an unfortunate with the ball to the room with the injuries but. You know having said that you do see the confidence level you do see energy level has risen. Offensively you know we've we've we've we've scored a lot of points issue we don't really good things. We've we've started very fast. I think that now we got to really focus in on this finishing stronger than we have in the last few weeks. And and that's probability that you know as you're going forward that we have to do is an offense defense that we've done some nice six. Special teams is there's always been a work in progress is yours no. Two really good things happened this past week forced you know we've we've recovered very well with the exception of one 111 return. But on the inverse we have. Almost all of 38 you're 36 yard return. We blocked the kick. We had two balls that were downed inside the the nineteen. On kick off which is outstanding we have we have a couple of really good prospering and new. Potter my party and he showed very well force. Again so we're continuing to grow and and and and improve as a football team. Can't tell what zone is defense and particularly good this affront to you really Wear what you guys up front because they help you guys are back in. The 11 matchups. Your guys have been winning the one on one battles individual battles. And the rest of the coach Washington coach knows preaches but as things are really take a whole new level now because these guys are really playing. I think a super Dubai. We you know I think want these this has happened to us this is again won't we we knew when you get a little more confidence a little more comfort. And I in the secondary now you can do more things. And you you really want to coach with the and you talked about this couple weeks ago was this opening up the defense playbook running specific type lets us. Which now they've got to count for now just the fact that you've done that the threat is there are now youth you forced me into one on ones. And when you can win the one on ones do things happen so we just got to continue to could keep growing keep working and continue to develop and build that trust. And that does that change every CIA declined less than that because. It doesn't know what backers aren't there there's still the same system a very much so and and again eight series veteran. Start of forces inside record and an eighty's well look guys it's an exciting player to watch very happy to have Omar football team. For Tamara I'll publish all that almost all defensive football players likes to blitz like additional pass rushers coming but the Charles Johnson said. Last week. That he. He he used to listening these are my words not his guys help me out he almost viewed listing has enough for affront to the front four. From the standpoint of we ought to be able to handle the pass rush with our four guys to let Sean McDermott dial blitzes. More indiscriminately what is the real deal where you don't you're you're exactly right. One big defense of most of us like been. Like for the most part is to have a four man rush but I think you have to understand this you have to blitz or show that you might blitz which forces them to protect a certain way. And if you get them to protect certain way to turn the line one way or the other black. Blocked man on man. Like big on big you create those type opportunities and if you can give any kind of push whether it's on the outside forces a quarterback to step up before wants to. Or you push of force of outside with the answer come and something good is gonna happen. If you look at protocol from Gulf Coast recovery was. Is Paramount to move but this guy breeze off the spot in what you could move more to spot any means necessary to accomplish what she wasn't market. Without a doubt and one of the really nicely as it did happen was we were able to move him off the spot. A few times without blitzing and when you can do that now you can settle back at your coverage are doing nice job. If I wanna toughest quarterbacks get off the spotted Drew Brees is it turns out to some guys got open coming up he'll play tonight. In Mexico City end and you take one at a time the two. Really tough teams come up on the West Coast of an interesting week but he stayed out there between very much so. Feels OK I think the big Timor solely deals as it is. You know I charred express our guys today that that there were Rutherford for two things okay but we we got to take your first one before we can accomplish it. And then move on to the second one and again that's the goal and I want to make sure they understood just how important was as we go out there. That were prepared for this that we're we're we understand what's at stake and the opportunity that we didn't give herself a lot of wiggle room so we've got to run take one at a time. And in order to be successful we've got to take the first. Maybe Oakland will drink the water. And suffer lingering. Lower digestion tract telmex. For their room service you bet beef with the steroids and Thelma. What is it that has has fueled a club's resurgence as a football team I think the biggest thing first and foremost because this for a long time you think they've been back and they have a number of high picks. And they've done a really nice job in finding those fiction Reggie McKenzie came out who have finest seasons ago and has par late coming in. And taking that team. And working with the head coach says he has had knives attacked Hillary who's a local boy group authored by area and these Spain so he knows what it takes a curator. Pomp and they've done a nice job they've found those types of players that fit what they wanna do. And and and again when you look at them. You know you look at Cleo Mac could continue the kind of Mark Cooper do for cars at quarterback for those are just three of the guys that they've been able to draft in the first round hi first round picks. And put them in position. To have success as a football team and that's what's happening they're going to the football team. Coach you've mentioned this word and listen all last year which they're great job of it's finished finished and we go through almost any game much this season and we saw with an immaturity. Really show because guys were able to go ahead finish where typically that was not that was the normal last year. Oh yeah and you can easily do that and and and there's certain things are not just finishing is not just finishing in the fourth quarter the third finishing his finishing apply whether it's you know somebody trying to get an extra yards so might have knocked him back so it does get the next yard. So instead of it being. You know second and and and and for now a second and seven or something like that so that's what you you know you you finish is not just about finishing fourth is finishing every play every chance with Deere run the football catching it throwing a blocking or tackling. You have to finish it and that's what things are again it goes back to learning developing going through the process of growing as a football team. I like the direction we're headed you've mentioned earlier when he three over allows Ford and and you know it could be easily better but. We are aware of what our record says that we are but we're working we're trying to tranda. So maybe you hustle for employers and usher but the talk a lot today about kickers which it normally is not so twelve extra points for missed I don't really I feel about idea I like that it's a little more difficult a lot of those entertainment value missed up points like that but as a coach from a strategy standpoint I really tell the rules put us plus two years after. Ambivalent too I mean you know if if if if if we kick my make a bomb happy if they can firmness of mom happy Hollywood is gone back then there's so take your fifth child and it did this it's just the structure of the nature of what the game is now. Hasn't added something yes it has it's it's made things a little bit more hard. A little more difficult. And then there's no more sure thanks so. It's exciting I think. And again I just hope we continue to be on the right side of the house and both going for two remains less than a 5050 proposition statistically right in the somewhere in the mid forty. Percent for NFL teams Yahoo! News right around 5050 for the most part. Tom and again you know it's it's this one little Caesars team a couple weeks ago they did it. They charge for two point conversions missed all four ended up losing the game by I think was what three points or four points so. Sometimes you go from you. Yep I jumped in front of your quest you start you did Protestant man who has the floor now we just have another minute okay. Wouldn't let me just go back to these young guys took what the young guys develop into what. What are you seeing in the world we what do you see it and broker and I'm what do you see and actually I got to throw all salute Justin's got a got a mix and that's what he's going to better and trade it's ripe fruit fruit for the most burning trip you know who those four guys have her frilly. Shown very nice they really haven't and they've stepped up their game. Tom when you watched. You changed forever he's always had confidence from day one you know getting the start against Denver playing as well as he didn't. You know the hard part was we we've missed him for four games. But again he's fearless he's he's a physical guy that does learning the playing play within the techniques of you know he has a bright future he does there were leaked just seems to be growing in confidence he he's. He's learning to play physical though the way we want as opposed to being offered. You know we're trying to get him up involved because he's he's got our insurance very good hands good feet. He's got good ball awareness and again he's learning getting compensated it with every polite also taught such repulsive. Carl put LS McCray yes it during jury shows you trade shows you his. Is his range his his his his ability to make plays he's a playmaker. And and then Leonard as is is a guy brings high energy he's an exciting type guy. Who who who brings and infectious attitude to the game so. It's a lot of fun to watch him play as well also those four guys you don't allow Kurt Coleman. You know I play the government live rural lost McClain and you don't I think you know. Those guys are really moving in the right direction I'm excited about who this group convict. As we say good bye to coach. Let me say something to those of you you're here in the room the red zone coach he's got to get to work so Preston the bouncer. President is gonna escort Khannouchi out here so don't anybody make Preston mad. Let's not happening on the path to be down fears we live we respectfully like which give back to work he's got a lot to duke coach Greg thanks for your accomplishment like a member of graciousness wishes Heather football brought you by the NFL ticket exchange. The only official ticket exchange in the NFL get ticket master. Verified inventory with the NFL's ticket exchange. We got to love train people all boards. You're gonna love train women leaders Eugene knows of that's coming up at the bottom of the hour stay tuned -- more parents are talking next. On the Carolina Panthers radio no. News and there's always brought to fly moonlight as long as you are you it's Miller time frame of a apple free from bank of. Football and does speed up its struggle a bit. Hotel and Jews. But I am now yet now we need to relax a little bit and try to read refreshments and recharge your batteries it's. Really try to do every. These fees can you talk Zemin Fineman tumbles on federal. News radio network. This next segment is what we call our broadcast roundtable brought you by Geico the real value in car insurance isn't just how much you save it's also the kind of server issue yet. Geico has been doing a great job for over 75 years it seems like Geico is new because of their lizard commercials and I don't think. But the letters Geico Stanford government employees insurance companies so they they've been around for. A good long while we do not know that this in fact okay they're the best TV commercials on them comfortably radio one's really. It is now not a team you want to do is upon the the British shop talk and we'll talk football. No studio shoot are no no no red zone show the next two cantor talks will be studio show us. Don't ask you got to have Nikolai and eight new people unless you're gonna go to Oakland California just got to hear you people. The notice right Eugene and how we reporting in from me or Rip Van Winkle motor lodge that's where they've got us us staying Tony here's the team stayed in a nice hotel I was putting her. Here's what they aren't that if rather and how to read out talked to a new Yorker by so the three days. Rest is nice but it's so hard on these guys to give it diesel up freight Thursday night football game should there even be Thursday night football. I'm a fan of present football only since Thanksgiving because I think I've kind of grown up with that Joseph please give it there was always a Dallas Cowboys. And short lines or playing it's I kind of like that this this I think so what's sexy and we're Garko is no time. However Thursday night has become. Really kind of well. It messes up your schedule a little bit because you're looking for a full week do you really need those days are going to practice are they really starts all wins then it. It's arson Wednesday Thursday Friday. This Saturday that you know and and now have a third that gave you got pushed everything forward and kind of just messes up your whole schedule so I'm not a big proponent of it other than that. That little sexy thing that we have birthdays given where it's coming to a know a little odd to those three games on things and I don't think he's you want to know is we want but you know meanwhile has taken money doing Thursday night football game so that's what we that's what we don't. When they started and it was just says some please try to few Thursdays and has become Monday words every week has a Thursday game so maybe that's what's too much is that you've made it a part of every week maybe if you just hit a few. And it kind of spread them out there wouldn't feel like is much that way not everybody has it out of what's affected by it now everyone's pretty much affected by. Last time is somewhere or another so. You would have to say. The quality players to suffer a little bit it's just reality that he she played. Sunday that you are playing Thursday four days later you can't be recovered with players always say it takes at least that long to start feeling like a human being again until the car collisions has. As long as that the NFL keeps it really fair that both teams have Sunday gave them Thursday game. I'm OK with that. But you can't come off a bye week and people to buy we know the team that has a Thursday game who didn't have a bye week that would dispute plain wrong. And then they never to do so I'm not a big fan of it but this is okay. Quarterbacks have to get better even the reigning NFL MVP even Super Bowl champion QBs have to try to improve from year to year we're do you guys think Cam Newton is in terms of his. Evolution as a QB his continue to work on his mechanics. You know I think. You have to look at it. The team's fourth tennis and I get back to the running game first bullet in his ability bill run along would Jonathan Stewart. Is when you've got two fifths of your offensive line missing I think it throws off a lot of things. Just like with a secondary didn't have ever when they had this is what you don't have all your personality changes you can't just put it on its just a quarterback like he's in a vacuum in the rest of the doesn't impact your to put the protection impacts you. Have a healthy receivers having Calvin bedroom back this year getting used to having him back out there. Now you see that chemistry is back then had two years ago so I think you to look at it collectively that it's almost hard to break it down. Piece by piece I think for the most part of me cam. It is playing good football the stats are not fantasy stats wise what they were last year but it's when he thought always put. It is the same thing what Charles Johnson nobody knows how well Charles Johnson's plan because you you just added to see them by sex. And that's somewhat unfair because you'll see the person that he's been the quarterback move to quarterback off the spot was sentenced to look can be a little bit. I think we we talked about this one play where that ticket is beautiful pass in the backfield don't. I'll talk to wasn't throw that pass put that right in the back of the end zone over Robertson spent and then he catches the ball going out we get both feet then that was one of these best roles. And among a number of polls that we saw that day but clearly one of the best post I've seen from any quarterback in any era. Oprah my my goodness he just actually throw the ball and he actually put it we put we place it. What you're gonna NetApp play however you are judged by woody. Make no mistake about it every quarterback is just by winning total about how great Debra reed was pretty sick when you would Super Bowl please grade so Cam Newton is really plays a really good football and I think you really clean the salute turnovers but it's a really good football. But it goes unnoticed because you judge him by a win. For we go to break a thousand each question was a lot better about the PAT two point conversion room excuse then the answer that he got from coach. Powell addresses with coach sometime tomorrow. I thought I would just say he's an ambivalent piece they're going the way right right and and historically. If you. If you take the modern era pro football and look at every single team that's ever gone for two. It's about a four footer for more present them and which is less enough from fifty solid to say. Don't put don't anybody fall for this these articles that are being written about a a kickers are missing nom so everybody's gonna start going for too it makes no sense. Gamers will get so they missed a few this weekend in the miss if you think he'll try you have to missed a kick it doesn't like like Pittsburgh yesterday with two field goals was trying to fourteen. Right but just to have that there's like high school teams do some of them don't even try to kicking extra points and have a good kicker well lobby of the world's economic report we'll put Kelly if you've followed this week but the coach. And if they go to smoothly. You know look at you now have a lot of time this treasure right you've got a good idea for nine days I would highly critical coach movement to my picks column cozy up through the colorful history. As she can knock can't take a little job security is zero. When the Panthers win you win the day after a printer victory you get a dozen original glazed for just 499. Anchors featuring Kyle Love. Next this is rather talk on the Carolina Panthers radio enough. Hey John Bode Miller when your strolling down there and rebuild proven 125 best permanent or bumper to bumper I look me around the big part of what makes the upstage her. Carolina's classic rock YO. Is you've talked recently finally its moment Caroline continues radio network. Some lovely. When you are Hornaday was poisoned negative press so the first what was the best of this became our division I saw every night. A big mix and James O'Keefe and Eugene Robinson wins tendered talk exclusively. Almost Carolina Panthers radio network. You know what to do people all over the world join hands formal loved. Trans fats out of love trendy pick up an investment memorizing words golden that the ago he's now brag how does favor these covers 77. He's been all around the world he's here with a stout number 77 how love computers tonight. The New England Kansas City Jacksonville. Mississippi State South Korea. Georgia. And you're aboard a South Korea's here army brat right but Europe so young don't they recollection's. I don't know I'm definitely army buried Myanmar symptoms muscle through was born in Japan so we've been somewhere where. Smoke as he sees us pictures you have any memories of heads as bridges in stores that's all I. What does it look simple portable. Develop 1000 middle school you know which is always till now speak cute but it involves I was Syria living play baseball. Group of resorted dome my sort. Life I guess you'd say is it's out in whatever way it. I was. Komen on to those have a great team of Marcos I hear you now play disintegrated over it we've means I won't pitch and a great TO might only this. This my first or play a full blockade is go to the next though we're not out went up today crews and I was getting crushed out there so they put it down to serve the industry with that but I'll hacker really remember alive watch who wants separately as has touted as school is. Just watching the things that he was going on if you look and I started. Dornin on the fear is this as the seventh grade I was probably like to Lugar is a move maybe to more than thirty pounds wow Ed. I'm actually out the door moves NFL players and use it and Marcos is progressing right word you give us wrong. Because your Cuban and iron down and outs like Morrison in a fair Grassley and once that was like my biggest. Family my biggest like Garrett it's while. Warren Sapp. Bad body good player and then click rated pretty quick this view the natural born. Cal. It's too tempting to think of kids that. Her parents advised soldiers and just think it's Reid did is put 20 pushups every morning discipline all that that might be up a bad assumption how was it though your house. You know my father was never releases like the extra father you know. Really charming interview with the military lifestyle they've been like day you know he comes let me be moaned. He never really pushed into place for us to go this big stage was never quit or any thing you know don't be a quarter in life is going to be so. I never even had a father like this to me like to say yes or no select Almonte all my friends ahead military parents like all the medicine you search and also my father seemed like. Try to force that onus away. Mean hanging out those are the friends but he kind of like I don't moan like any and he probably felt like there was we're like what would you do different because I don't know make you do you have it. I have I don't most respectable father like other key is even now these are they have heroes that are. You have leaves the bribes days markets or whoever you know you wanna say Tom Brady down. By I never really looked up to them to ask things like that night after after he was oneself by he wasn't like my hero he sponsored effort he put it. My father was my hero is somebody. Then. There. Went out and he has suffered a lot of people don't have a person do you know who who really wants is on the news here you mean what he did that because he knew we had particular his revenue enact our community. For the Americas absolutely that's a little sicker sort of I hate to take a break we're dirt nap but it's our job but that just means we'll have more time with cal low. When we come back after a short break through listening to column. Talk with us tonight on Pentecost live from Bank of America's state. It's okay. Drawn to apply for it find a great deal when you were perfect sport and make a connection today and your Carolina fourteen. AT&T V. Mobilizing your. All for. But about a Republican from Arizona all. He's very one single supposed to be understanding situations to hopeful. That's what it's all about this is this what it's all about things are really started they. I'm proud of everybody I'm proud of this team come are never ending world if you try to. Coleman brought back was going well until that do care about and I thought I thought boy he's. Now maybe get out roughly yes. We got cal who specializes in crushing. Dudes out on the football field that is Europe next on the question for cut promise plus lots of Tampa question by fascinated by the fact he's been your first three years in New England yeah. Because we see the Bill Belichick who gives the one word answers or press conference and I've always heard the players enjoy playing for him so what's it like. An everyday basis play him in that system with delta is funny you know. The perches like when my favorite teams Roanoke and just need to see bill on TV you know like you say and the one question and no one answer of course is what are. And actually be around in the view of him I he has jokes and he really is time we give credit took Gaza be left but do you see guys is like look around late. Can we left you go through this effort becomes the eleven the slate but it is behavior Craig so is this far because that's not like his demeanor when he's on TV you're enemies so. He got holds back a little more because he doesn't want to give the media a lot so many years Iran is guys may kind of lose lose located I've heard now this is up we've gone and he's been a whole lot more lose with guys now so Gaza have formed around. Don't go back to cover. Also we're trying to get a little bit and is so important for each football player is seriously could you never know how precarious now how different National Football League is you start c.'s announcement season put. But before got let go and then they bring you right back. How was important for you not to get upset about it to stay focused as they usually doesn't this Christmas and cornered. I mean this is hard to gain. You gonna keep to three spin. That's why every scene thirteen teams and you have so many guys that come out of coastal bought a one opponent's level when it. Is that is not built like that you know means so. Just gotta know what comes with what you signed up four and -- you can relate going any given days so you this what keep the competitiveness of in the slow because. You can read out the door you know you seem west karma coming gold seam person come and go so life. Is is just part of the game and I knew. Just because a mop up duty got to be picked outside need to stay asleep and it is nothing to be mad about because. It's abuses at the end of the day and and I look whose organs as this is being the best organs has now been apart so there's been the best group of guys have been a part of coaches. This city everything you know me and I've as low beer so when I got a call to combat Ellsbury I was really excited. Cal love our guests tell how how did you. Sort through the process of finding an agent that you could place trust in. I've been to a couple of agents. It is tough because you think you know Gaza without their worst team. For you know make a phone calls and it are we to a crosses were. How far days and got another guys that. Is because I'm thinking you know he has bigger name is Bernard you know group of people around home. Let me see how it works and it didn't work out a well thought to lose it and going back to that same reason that far before him because I'll light begat. But it my wife Kennedy's shoes were at home and knew it was a big deal bottom like you mean when it. When I got back and others is always aware I was all like you noted that it's clearly know everywhere not could be released so what night. At a religious make good decisions for myself where I need to fire somebody that knows work you and me and and then fired a guy Keyon Carter another gas fumes college seasons he's saying like we never leave her for Mary's and I'm right. Workout days it did I have you know me where he wasn't really work when he said he wasn't that is color purple. There really do with this type situation you really wanna be out there. And it would be football is more consistent game to me is more about provided for mar fairgrounds on via Sankoh to follow up there my father was so. Is this is more product is being able to provide it in and day for me. UN Wes Horton and a similar situation last couple years we both good enough to be Panthers here most of the time but there are moments where they have another roster needed him to go on for a few weeks and then you're back is it always daily golf would you bet. We'll call you just wait and be patient or have you thought about in the interim and I jump into another team that's this owes you the competitiveness. Of the sport. You know where you got guys that are good and you'll see like someone like Wesley do you like I have a guy he was plan also do you know why we devoted little girl. But it is deeper do what you can see from else like you say it. They might have a certain need or Enos does scene that's that was muscle weighs in his ex bill if it even more special teams us. And I didn't just really quite believe it sounds so they they're bringing you Beckett in a year when it. Do you know too is being given to assume like. I need to be able to stay safe. This is actually the first cynnex twos you adapted apart bit institutions like a more more than luck to gonna give you call back. Series stick around the city stay here whatever you know this the first two dozen. Has been on this NAS and done it like they told me they took when I look vice possibly due due to bring back. And how spirited town because I've heard this from the GOP. Kansas City he told me he said read what is it looked me in my us. About week three if nobody's sure or for you read this can see if needed we drew came as hey guys go to Aaron that he really called bank. And my eyes it was called him and he was even answer the phone also weak if you do route. Breezy at times. My favorite part of this last segment was the theme that exist when all of us mama turned out to be right. Who among us hasn't come home with a great idea that it only to have the life cast a shadow on it and it turns out to be some odd to hear that epithet at a football is brought to you by Jack Black man's skin care in the locker room favorite of your Panthers I didn't get Jack Black dot com Northrop and ulta. More of cal up next this is Heather talk on the Carolina Panthers radio they'll. Talk continues on the Carolina Panthers radio network. Your job. How love of fascinating guy wouldn't incredible back story number 77 for the Carolina Panthers deer out. Yeah I would go back to you come you were talking about your dad you're your dad is zero did you ever wanted to do ever cross your mind that. A lot of following the same footsteps my dad. Which to me that's a good third you know. Third and I. Prayer when I was young demo employee does like his look joke on me on time and say you know any day you can be sure if you don't mind if I can. If for whatever reason. This is an aggressive by the net know what so this disrespect to have the military comes from to that yoga and have that was it like just to see somebody do it in my mom compares in a fit of mintier out of town like. Just if you Wilson's voice as far as moving travelling whatever this is our either reminds you of thank muddy downs is like. But I have a higher restrained form hey is this. So all the work they go through it just different look by these men is high he carries himself as a man in. Business savvy whatever manages is that our spiritual life. I don't know. My father was my hero too even though there was a rumor going around my family real strong value is not my real bad. And I thought I. Okay. What is it like the do it two feet. An NFL player and has young kids come out to you and look at you cal with the idolatry the adoration and wanna someday be like you. It was. It was kind of weird and kinda like I don't understand it you know my rookie year community mamma Roma I was trying to spice in new England and meal that was on the same page like he was out of town by you know. I don't really care for the fame in. I don't wanna be no Q is our schools and stuff like that because I don't want to look up because are you don't just work to reasonably. Soft followed it first like I may not only. Because we use like have like you know social media stuff like that people look at day you see the wrong thing first they bring out his key is. Are you can't say that he can do it. And that was one thing he hated to play. I just felt like. Don't look up to you know athletes. Don't don't look to them to be your idols. Are you know. You put them on a high pedestal because it is due date these guys just playing the sport. And that's just what we are being there which is part of sport so people put us on the heels of what we're just doing humans that in his debut on me and I've never really want anybody just look up before their reasons. Like now are out I'm. Who discover cool legacy accuse Communist screen name can you are aggressive on his stuff man is cool now where it. I think it says we want to understand there and as the economy gets transitioned to you know let me hold myself to serve and come away hold myself accountable Bob make mistakes Abbas is something wrong note on that cover. He got a cool name go to if you had a hell no you tell us. Now love. So maybe nicknames is ridiculous like when I got the music state. Marcos' consent life. Call me. You like a big Tug boat like a big tow boat we don't just call you low ball and I for the longest low focused that was like my nickname for the longest tonight just like I don't believe they're true and or it's like at doing OK okay her book removed Lowe's says that ideal look out below. The low Doug does anything there was loads were related and aids is the loser goes home. Wherever when they start giving you nicknames that's when you need to worry that you would take a short break Erica that was more with Kyle Love right after filling out time out. No about a minute and a half left without love so we have to have good word economy value you your life. Your business people yard pass some. Are you know we have a storm Karl wants wants out his son serves us clothing. Where we but I barely warm clothes and people when we resell all sorts nonsense who owns a couple low is sorely. So you probably kissed Charles they're working on a rooster or dissolved these. Sarah website herself than the people all of information about. Much our stores and Tupelo Mississippi so you can go on and Google I Tupelo Lowe wants what is proud to unify our story in saint Charles if you look at you sideways or. Donated look at me okay great and quickly you can begin to broadcast continue to he had when I'm dump little by new job. Then you know that the figured. Well there goes yes it's like I always say since your goals either. Yeah. I think it's got a good voice and big world out there Tyler is Lawrence who's out there you know sanitation. In the garden and I can think of a lot of things would be the good news is what the Sudanese you have as it is more a love to have you can do you paid internship as opposed good job some others aren't going to be draped. Alan. Yeah outside themselves and it fits into the ten seconds we got lifted they're great guys to find out that the man underneath the Helmand your sense is class all the way tackle mounting reports there's no doubt the biggest. Ever since offer coverage now love for Eugene Robinson Jim's Turkey for the rest of art through this is make makes it you've been listening to panther talked. Revealed that more. Carolina his radio man.