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Exclusive presentation of the Carolina Panthers. News story you'll never. Well I don't. It's like the way everybody's working again you can from the coaching staff personnel staff. Players everything's everybody knows what is expected. Now along with James O'Keefe and Eugene Robinson here's Mick mix and we've hammered. Live from the Panthers broadcast facility at Bank of America Stadium. NFL seasons. Typically begin with a great fanfare. And nowhere is that more true than in the Carolinas where that. Combination of a deep and talented roster a healthy Matta on. From being picked to finish dead last in the NFC south and being only one year removed from Super Bowl fifty. Have the 2017. Carolina Panthers thinking big welcome to our world. Panther talk from the like Tony and institute of broadcasting studios. In the penthouse floor of Bank of America's safe for people voice hello throws us it's mixed. Deserved and senior be your humble host this summit SourceForge been renovated I don't think his particular part has zillow we turned the table around. And only Tony's guys next you're next in a big year out of date or. Described Charlie I think it'd change topics on you Bill Haas this Gasol go one minute news show Larry change topics on the organic useful reason for. The Charley Dayton press box will be undergoing some red nose next year so David liken our our boss will get a new office with a window into. The jury get all of us that the sure they write this honors and privileges of their own to have retaining path so. First pre season game. What you gee what would end zone to what what will the coaches be able to note after watching. An actual pre season game that practice is difficult to tell. You know the coaches always going to pre season. With a different mindset because they got to put that together a collection of guys. And you've got to look at execution so what's going to be really Paramount is. What guys execute the deepest hole makes the fewest mistakes and particularly guys that back position because you've got to be chemistry and you think you're trying to do as a as the coaches. Did just games sell so well that you can run and you sleep. Then that means that the way there's no Mitchell heiress across divorce so. The coach is they go into it a little bit different from the fans are fans what do what a game that was true but the coaches are looking at how we put this team together. It wears executioners and witnesses chemistry and and how can we combine this team so that is not also does. Day one we talked open season so they're really mighty optic really a lot of scrutiny a lot of they'll. Recent things are moving people around trying to find that perfect combination C welcome it just took some changing. Yes and in all matters Yemeni camp OTA's practices but they they wait the value of games more because that's the competition it's. It's great to show up in practice and that's not discarded but. Do you Jean's point how you compete in a game situation thank you probably in your career so players that maybe weren't great in practice but they were grating game yes that's what really matters. Oddly like going to be great at both what really truly matters when your evaluating his how good a player are you and how can you perform against. Competition and understand their scheme what you're doing and so forth so I think it's exciting and he is is a really interesting. Lots of competitions. Position battles. I mean this is the front line is in most cases usually set but there are some competition barrels there but when you look at that second level. Who's to be number two on the depth chart there's lots and lots of battle all across your offense and defense in this and even looking at special teams with a tooth. There's no such thing as as a perfect training camp they all have every team has areas for potential growth in camp has it has its challenges for every club. But this has been an amazing camps so far healthy battles position battles a lot of good competition as we said last week good problems to have. Everywhere on the roster guys we've been bowler. Not to amend their examples like this ever will but with linebacker Ben Boulware be a good example of just what Jim was talking about. Might look a little ordinary out of uniform. But but he he needs. Lack of action he needs a pre season game to show that he either does or does not have the burst the short area speed to be able play linebacker in the NF. You I think you have your right no I got a lot at this is military cast I think he's another guy at that. Safety slash live about her from her from a safe control linebacker we assume we're come up until we were just talking. And so that I got slowdown I suggest you can't make somebody else's plate so it is typically at safety you fess up to do it and beat somebody to their depth. But if you didn't they get you eventually today get in a better be right gap in our system you just gotta be 111. Just take your gap and they resist that urge because you speak. To get over it do something else I said this is much more but discipline thing but the thing that that you do is it cast you shying. And games. I think usual opening games and that's a good thing because. That will be the Bismarck even though that you played and you might have some mistakes. You doubt yourself a benchmark is when you have pre season game that you show up and you've always consistently showed up. And they're been some players that. Nobody who's a fan would know their names come and analysts here are found and a college like Kaelin clay a wide receiver over fan fest last couple days to make him take place. What if he continues that into the first two pre pre season games where he's been during a practice. All of a sudden you made a really difficult roster decision on somebody who you're maybe thinking was gonna be in your top five or so event receiver. And then the kid out of Notre Dame coal Luke who went undrafted just has also been another one getting opportunities all others are injured at practice if he shows up big in these pre season games. Every year we have 12. And sometimes three of these undrafted rookie type players. That come in and they are. For spots and back to your point that's still the coaches have some good problem to have because you guys are really good talented young guys on this team that can make this team only yeah only all. But graphic some really good people who perform extremely well in a pre season game it. Julius Peppers was talking on the sidelines today at practice guys with Mike Rucker in the two of them locker right next to each other for six years so. Kind eavesdropping on that have made an interesting observation jury has said that this defense a big defense that when he played. With Chicago and with Green Bay there were small linebackers were smaller DN CD tackles even worse smaller more speed guys he said here. It leahey injuries even so look out there and every the smallest guy. Other than maybe a cal love and an air crew most everybody is 65 and explosives something serious is exciting he's kind of had to re learn DN. But I think the great number ninety is excited about what this defense could become. You know and I got a chance to talk to cost Washington a little bit SS. Having the flexibility to DN spots with the child's self samarra as soon. And now at an effort that makes us you get to put that down the three technique by technique 01 S that can you imagine what your rush looks like having him dissect. They have an ability to move these guys were like just peace. In passing situation it put the wall put so much pressure on the quarterback and a pro life that's what burn injuries peppers and that is say. And then numb to go the other direction size wise talked to cap the Motorola today in because that rush again US somebody like captain who you know is a sound football player. We just you know is gonna play great assignment football. Fill that nickel spot for you with veterans like Mike Adams Kurt Coleman second year for those corners back there. This defense front to back. I mean despite B is good to terms of personnel to start a season to roll out eleven players as they've ever had to me that's a good this defense could be this year. And in if we. Go to break here if we just the whole show and only talk about Christian McCaffery he's. We would not be making a mistake we don't take phone calls C doughnut hole that doesn't. Catfish is calling from you talk I want to speak with us cash. Catfish are maverick yeah. I didn't know I always a phone calls on Imus to finish fifth night before is Smart enough. That's our broadcast roundtable was brought here by Geico Donnie and I did this at the address we have Geico goes through the bags and we saved about 12100 bucks a year on insurance. And she very quickly found a way to use that tenfold and I thought I thought maybe he'll handle it better and I'm here you go fees. I thought I thought a fifteen minutes could save you 50% or more. On your car insurance state to will be back with more of the week to panther talk next this is the Carolina Panthers radio now. Isn't hindered software and here is soaring RealNetworks. Ron do you find mcdonalds get us graduate bacon egg and cheese biscuits and would you mcdonalds for just a dollar 69. New face so. I wanna win in the worst way straight up. Yeah we always talk fans. There we owe it to be ourselves. Which is over we go into awful world com. Is it just like for a you know and everything that we've been through and everything that we're going to right now. You know Hulu plus and until. In hopes that it pays off. So make makes in June and so Pete and Eugene Robinson with the Panthers talked exclusively. Almost Carolina Panthers Oreo memoirs. Another player to keep an eye on this pre season game against Houston coming up Wednesday at number eighteen to mere bird. Well I talk of his demeanor her because I'm taller than him that doesn't happen often on a football field but he is way faster than me in fact of the ninety players he thinks he's the fastest it was in this interview to tell you. His fastest forty speed he's ever run. I have besides and the practice squad the last two years Lester got activated the last game against Tampa Bay had one catch. His percent okay genetic secretary for 31 yards I asked him at camp about it that experience of past two years has helped him get ready for this third camp this year. It allows me he's got to play. Come with I have to say I'm sure it's a really kind of learn things and make sure I know everything has gone wrong and I'm very comfortable lives on one side and I think it's going to be myself. So when you see the rookies out they're kind of where you were two years ago. You've got to reflect back and add ago well thank got to be unemployed crime kind of on the next level. Yeah yeah again and again imagine I can tell them they're brain is gone a mile a minute. You know attendance enemies are there and right plays at the right time done the right things have been out for me and I've seen sitting down and everything is normal football. When Ginn was here it is between issue as far as who might be the fastest player with Curtis Samuel here's had a hamstring issue obviously but just any sense are you still the top of totem pole there do you think Sanyo got a chance. Zain in have a chance. Touvier. What was your best forty time you've ever been clocked up. My best. Forward to three. That is pretty strong and as an incredibly Olympic strong us so for you as far as. Make in the 53 B and on the every day roster how confident are you right now I feel like how things are going for you at this point. So confident in God's enemy continue to be consistent every day. I know I know what's going on you know everything that nasty dunk on some very confident that and then I'd have they gone into the you know let them and to guard. Following me. This is a port obviously everything is taped obviously going into the pre season game Zeller is really camp up in terms are really showing where you can do and that's. Those points matter a bit more because there have been against competition. Yeah I think so everything's a bit different when game time. You know you anybody can contract is up nonviolence when game time that's really what really matters. I ask you about just Samuel what are your impressions of Christian McCaffery the other young guy out there are dozens of receiving foreign yeah I mean he's he's definitely a mismatch. I've found producers is you know whether sandbags coming out of the bag says didn't even run in a finesse I'm so you know we found their way to put them. Clinton and and then in good positions to take a vendetta. Cam Newton has you look at deal looks like B arm strength is like it's not gone away at all from prior to surgery not denied it was done as good. I think out for any any of us is vastly is that we are you know when we have certainly nothing's gonna nothing's gonna change Israeli instead. Just every head N Amro bank may have to continue to do and every day it. By assailants you go gamecocks football as a team shaping up this year as far as you do you go over the distance Brenda what's it look alike producer. And I think the media that there are many years that. Former South Carolina game type to mere birdie who ran a 42 threes is faster for crouch I also ran a 423 over thirty yards there you go out yet but does you do your fastest forty time you ever lived fest of a runner Clark was full force of them but I probably knows a lucky day windy day shift car with a familiar but I was. In the 45. 4564. By seven days right around what defensive backs typically safeties will be. You know so you go it go anywhere from forced and they did hedge actually did they didn't do electronically to electronics yeah. There's little that's legit he's just glad that he's what's what's fast and I. A lot of it by comparison courtesy and around 431. To come by now know what is I didn't ask percent of what as fast as was registered as an example yes and here's the thing that they look the what would Ted Ginn did take gill was stressed that they'll whip or Michael Russell pulled the bus patterns. You gotta have a speedy guided who can get the most out of football coach the other two moved it to move the safety in the corner out of position. That's why the member committee has changed because of the speed now we can do that but when you put him in the slot he becomes Wes Welker so he's written. Having the best of both worlds you can be that little shift or receiver or the guy this recipe and special teams this you're putting disaster ever I like his chances. And what a tantalizing. Group of receivers once you get past. This probably the automatics to make the club if there is such a thing Kelvin Benjamin DeVon fun just good shot to the element the club Curtis Samuel drafted. To go out there and play some. But. This on the best groups some taller guys like here are scared. This time could be coming to us yes shine and and then in that group of guys tell me because I'll miss some but you got Moses. Are most Frazier illustration you got kids enriching Kaelin clay he's fast set to mere bird. Russell Shipp Russell Shepard gotta make you forget just this is. You gotta grow bird can play both slot position he can play that half and the Z that will help him plus he's got power turned. Experience and programmers like your twelfth for. Seaver you know you've got a Christian because some good talent and yeah. Balloon. You got our our also Dawson do their own Cardoso got he's had a total number of guys that have legitimate this team and the only gonna keep maybe 65 to six receiver that's practiced well they don't it was like squats and guys who are going to be loaded and Tim Burton is kind of put in his bruised foot. Able to put you do that hasn't anything. Because you've got to go at him performance the Paltrow was again I like his chances and that's what's so important that it. That number one is out to throw the ball to all these guys we've dismissed because it's chemistry. Official says if you want to show me something and showed to me on team's young guys prove yourself on special teams in the thing you also hear a lot this time a year is the more you can do. The bettered it the better you are then due to. Go get laundry. He's so whatever if you can go to the bill well then that's the big thing is exactly. Has a football has brought you by our friends at Jack Black man's skin care of the locker room favorite of your cancer you can find it again Jack Black dot com is also at Nordstrom an adult before you. We still a Marty hurried to catch up with and more panther football to talk and we will do that went rather talk continues next. There's talk drawn to apply for it the management you'll find you the perfect for urgency you're Carolina Ford dealer and make connections today Carolinas healthcare system. You'll crucial health care provider. He has he didn't care you can do now. Pepsi officials offering Borger welcome conducive in the fall for the Carolinas this is America. It's things can change every day so guys improve then again guys get injured. So. Come their opinions and a great nose down thank you. Let this play out on the pre season games obviously will be played a big part in our decisions. I do think you. You make evaluations starting what's your first practice. And can be very open minded. Venus is tempered talk recently Fineman. Mike. Whose radio network. We always love catching up with the general manager at Carolina Panthers Marty Kearney. Marty fan fest has come and gone where if you watched advances practicing what impressions do Ali you're. Question on the sidelines and. Make the first impression was. The difference between. Now in five years ago way it wasn't electric atmosphere means just that don't want us here last time it was just a lower bowl and now that the stadium was filled and the fireworks and I think I think everything went great from a football perspective. It was the intensity raised up a little bit I guess I think you gave some good chance to evaluate some guys one in guys term pros and this is this is. There's been a very good start to those first 89 days can you see much of football practice from a sideline mark. You can and I kind of creep on the field sometimes. I like watching a behind what went in 1990 behind the offense so I want to wait I didn't run over the ball goes forward but also you know you watch the offensive line and you can and then obviously waxes take afterwards. That's where you do your real valuations is going to wax paper practicing after but I think it is good exit to get better I feel and endorsing young guys who stepped up and just a whole practice. It everything's been crisp so far that's what you're looking for. Who flashing your mind. Things firm but there had to deny anything they heed to close step up and things day. You know tell him well in his discontinued. Two impresses. I think Russell Shepard for one of the veterans is is is really start to show that these he's a savvy crafty route runner and and he's reliable. I'm there's a lot of guys who were who loads. You know bin bin impressive and active came so far. Foreign Mardi tourney title better talk Marty how important is that for an NFL team to develop closeness and get on well in the locker room. I think it's really important and I think make a lot of that is is start fast in this league. If you get out in new gate to win 234 games. You get off to a fast start I think Dave that helps bring everybody together but down here is where you've gone down down and training camp is where you. You'd team comes to get gathering meg chemistry forms and and so far so good in that area. Are you of the belief Marty that a team like the printer skin can get closer and can do more sort of adversity breeds togetherness thing being away from home as opposed having training camp. At Bank of America Stadium I'll always believe in going away from training camp and I didn't and a couple different. Settings. When I was you know the Redskins would always go to Carlisle Pennsylvania can get away and I thought that it. Did that was very good in San Diego. It was said. UCSD. And that was basically ten minutes outside of town and in ways that do come some distractions this whopper is the perfect distance and Aaron fifteen minutes families can come down and and and see the players but there's also that that separation where you combined in. And as a team and I think it's very important I think this is followed training camps I've been around this is the perfect location. I'm Marty have you ever been around players and maybe there's some on this panther team that practice fairly well but then when that red light comes on on the camera when game time hits they're similar razor yanked. I think that's always been a case still get sent him back forty years ago another date myself but it's you know what players step up when the lights come on and I think certain guys do that obviously how they don't practice you're evaluating dailies so. It's. Practicing while it was important to make you do look for that when the lights come morning game situations what guys step up passport fan fest the other night was good force cassettes the first step that's the first time. You know in front of a crowd the first time some of these young guys get a chance if to show what they can do and then Wednesday nice the next the next chance. I have to ask questions for each child predator talked here's the first of the two what do you like so far about Tony seventeen Panthers well I think date. Football wise position why should look up front. Offense line and defense line. That's where it starts and I think they did you know it's certainly what we've we've got a lot of good players at those spots in pretty good depth there thumb. I just liked the way everybody's working again I mean from from the coaching staff personnel staff. Those those two players everything's everybody knows what is expect to what our goal is and everybody's working together for. Good words lastly what worries you concerned you right now about the Panthers. Think it's too early to have. Have concerns you're always looking to where you can improve and I think we talked last week good things today you know there's competition back at safety who steps up. Other rock wide receivers style depth wise who steps up there. Fight I think today we've got a lot of candidates for those spots and that's our job is to evaluate unveiling come up with a right decision. Still enjoy thanks Marty appreciate your time. So check me on this this is a statement not a question but which you guys to respond to it. Huge reason for excitement incredible enthusiasm about what this team could possibly do. Is that. The biggest apparent weakness on this team might be depth in the secondary and that could be masked by how. Deep and talented this front sadness. That's always a philosophy career. Agree that's the philosophy that's something you don't control as if your Frontline guys stay healthy it's not an issue indeed look at the teams that wind typically. It's offense defense special teams and health. And it does that matters to me you can overcome injuries Indian teams have overcome significant ones at times but it makes a lot easier when you don't have Cuba. Yes I appears with the premise has been depression even last year to six in ten season second in the league in quarterback sacks with 47 so that's the premise of others. Player in the competition for sex is just that of greater Mario Addison Julius Peppers shelves just in KK short where. Who gets all the sex I mean what guy did you leave morneau one. Then whose vote who got a big one another dozen of his life. Don't have sex they want George the cat there's a I know that's my back and competition. Just got serious here because this this team is really really deep and our guys were some precedent. There aren't teams have been teams that have bickered their way to championships but Eugene is a deal like that that we're hearing. About cohesiveness about cooperation and about a lot of esprit de corps coming out of camp Wofford so far. Yes always better and we think back about the Super Bowl pairing team from two years ago Eugene it's a fifties it were family. Is it did teammates but it was it was deeper is like family like it's your day off I still wanted to stadium hang out of my family so I think bad. That makes you better win this is not a job it's where you wanna be and you're not just coming to work and punch a clock that they really enjoy each other's company beyond played well. And that's why I think veggies strippers and also kept a bottle and a two guys. Brought back in the mix because they exudes family the gusts luckily that everyone respects they both have please have been different ways by the way they play when he talked. They do a really good job and they will go ahead and reestablish something that was lost. Last year that happens. When you lose you get a deer the deterioration of family I think those guys go broke you know daddy's TV leadership vision Debra I didn't go ahead and bring them back. So popular. So. Star quality are the Carolina Panthers that rock star component that ticket demand is high. Had their football and our show tonight is brought you by the NFL ticket exchange this is the only official ticket exchange in the NFL. So you get ticket master verified to Vegas with the NFL ticket exchange verify tickets that's a good thing. It's what is what we say maybe you guys too and you know uncle Matt calls that you had heard from a preliminary wanna take this to on the fifty. We tell the same thing take a master is that the ticket exchange is the place to go. So we'll leave out more president talk stage in the does not come back came around a bit more. This is further talk on V Carolina Panthers radio network. It's all continues on the Carolina pictures radio network. It's mix to my right Jane your job to his right this. Your head there Tom Cruise starting lineup. Back in action here on the radio and on spectrum tell are heavy training camp tryouts for our jobs are asking are we. Thank my card keystone. And have an effect on our legal language Iranians do we we got an okay I guess we got into stride and others in thanks Davis. I thought I was born again today it still thank you. So lots of chatter about the office treasury or use the term evolution we're gonna evolve late last year than that was embargoes on talk about anymore. So what are we look at that new place. Or just different wrinkles and different personnel running some of the place. I think is great because the fact that Cam Newton is not in. You don't rely on Cam Newton C you have to run office this can achieve what the authors of quarter was secure and do this so when we see some of the power runs and some of the traps and things that we've seen that McCaffrey has run for his growing got dumped the ball field same store. It shows you that the office is going to be sitting around. That Steve Mena office alive. Have the ability to go ahead and do powers counters and traps and all that nature happened Cam Newton probably wouldn't. The best thing now because you can't rely on him and you can't do this that he died of that. We should do run quarterback you've got to Hannibal all this does is really a good thing what you see is an office. Where I was at practice today. So a lot of runs up there and saw some passes but it was much was more on. Even traditional yet it was a well this'll be running game. Which pot which rely on your guards we got some great guards all Terry Turner called puppies will compete but the guys go ahead and and do what they do. This can be tailor made for us to go ahead and get back to a traditional office with a running backs become the center of attention because the office line and not a quarterback. Who's run the ball drove. In the zone read I mean he's taken a hit if he runs and he's taken a hit a lot of cases if he pitches it out. So your cute he's not gonna not run but I think your eliminate a lot of those body blows he takes during the course of the season. And you improve his accuracy by may be implementing more shorter quicker passes and deeper longer developing routes almost Klestil sauces of McCaffrey's elect is learning ability and other guys to Taylor mode there's another one there are other examples have allowed the coaches on offense I think to say who. It may not be either or it may not be we either run this or that it may be we run this and that or we run this just weaves a good example everyone runs suggests week. Panthers have a jet sweep screen and where McCaffery comes in between Cam Newton in the senator doesn't take that handoff on the just wait defense for guess about a for second and then there's a screen to McCaffery. You'll forget about taking a look at hello everybody just they're all good about villager and will be a surprising New Zealand for these impressive. He is really impressive says he is impressive. It's been our second play well yeah loses the as well as we've got the script of the first 25 plays and I know there's an idea I just that I had there were time has come for that it has just drawn anathema breast. One thing about what we do we do not cohesive team from the press box. No however. How about I guess let's take a break. Welcome back talk more we don't enter talks the first this time. And there's a radio network. Case continues bus stop for a long regenerating ended its show guys are still make good talked enough yet I doubt they didn't listen again racking up. We'll do the same thing again very soon so for dessert James O'Keefe Virginia arrived Eugene Robinson. For all of our crew this is making makes in saying thanks for hanging out with this and you know listen to tether talk on the Carolina Panthers radio network the. Real memoir. This continued. Only sixteen. But you're okay. Carolina. Hopefully it'll sell through. There's no. This view from Carolina Panthers radio network.