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As an exclusive presentation of the Carolina Panthers. Woman. Here's a great deal now. The store and opening drive there are a lot of good things that happened out there really appreciate the physical play up from where our offensive and defensive lines. You know I thought I knew those. If we go on play physical football. Now all along with the humans Oki and Eugene Robinson. Here is a big mix and we've pampered talk live from a damn series broadcast facility and bring them America stadium. Go ahead. What are you waiting for. This team the 2017. Carolina Panthers are courting you. So go ahead turn it loose and fall in love followed up with a trigger man who will not rest until they take you crossed that threshold. Fallen in love with river vote Ron and a coach that doesn't just have players that wanna win. For him they wanna win with him fall in love with looted TV and tempers and captain and KB and all the red curry started huge Carolina Panthers team. That has a lot to like about it so why not. Do it what do you think about he just says policies oh yeah we'll look familiar man they say until like about this fair there. Team does she think you know you got. You got cam and we saw what we needed to see out of him make it a couple of throws in the east Libya. He's Iran first a run balanced offense that ultimately run to pass in terms with the trying to do this year. I think defensively with a nice turnaround from the Tennessee game coming back against Jacksonville waited for string defense played this game as well. And as you look at each component each unit offense and defense there's no glaring weaknesses I mean certainly not the starting lineup and they really were you even look at the depth to start going. Good luck chairman from nineteen to 53 of its usually deepest got a lot of talent of players that'd be probably lending other teams after the roster cuts are made here. And I think as the season to point out coach that he gave Kim Newton a run pass option and no it simply drive six visits with six seconds. She was called in the right place. It was right to run the ball not read option a ball but two run ball the two best dude have you are lifted. And then he threw two passes that test pass to Benjamin. It was a blitz he had to read the blitz he was responsible for the blitz that means hot rod as soon decide he has some secret play his Benjamin in stride. Yes we've seen all we need to see him don't you see more because the academics of football is where you excel. And I thought Cam Newton looked extremely well he looked really polished I thought the running backs opposed to be running backs. No one's really talked about his office supply and how well Mac a little display and you would pick him up. No well she'll be straight church or a base. Williams playing extremely well at the right tackles but no was talked about this office of lying office supplies legal it's great William McMullen. And I think when I look at this team offensively a light while no cup did for us we are no big paper due. I think the one. Thing that we have to worry about. Is special teams I think special teams to kick cover stuff. The punt coverage I think it is gonna be any laps it could be. And that area and Nestle SA area that you can afford epilepsy. BC understand especially since Super Bowl fifty if panther fans just wanna today and didn't wanna give serious. Last year was difficult there was some strife. This year with some of the changes late right before training camp to be easy to understand if if fans are fans come out I don't know wanted to just maybe do luncheon. Maybe gets through a glass of wine but did want it didn't want. You know didn't want to talk we do not think I think you got to get hitch with this team on I don't know we don't know the 53 yet but. To me there is just. There's just something there's something going on in the Carolina's Graham special about it. About the way this rosters being composed is that it's a win now team and by that I mean 2017. Not even necessarily a window or say could be a one year Julius Peppers rental. You know you've got two to three years on guys like. The really right ankle Lil Greg Olsen and Thomas Davis Charles B Johnson you say because they could exceed expectations and play a lot of it realistically you're looking to be pretty much correct say two to three years. Of these guys being in their prime anyways as far as playing. So this is a team I think we unit captain he bring in Mike Adams fourteen your safety. Julius Peppers and it's a team to win in 2017. Or about 2018 a little bit more going get there and obviously. McCaffery guys like that bode well for the future but it's really set up. To be a team if deeper on all it is capable man. And I really believe you when we defense. When I look at what they were able to do in the by signing guys Morris and KK short huge. Don't forget they like to start literally the previous year. They've got stiffer and and brought back and Julius Peppers. They train senators like traits they really bolster their fraud victory for some fraud is also coming. You've got Charles Johnson Julius Peppers and Mario Addison fight for time to beautiful four of you because neither of them play defense of tech quote that can't play tackle. But divine gift was sport and find bill and proposed. Then when you couple that with the linebackers. And how extraordinary I don't think we realize how good Luke can clear this. Yeah he's a great athlete he's but he he's. His academic guy that knows when a ball is going and gets people line them mail sought to see some some size of that. So you look at this from the front seven alone from the principal on like my goodness I secondary just got better. They really do get better weather which almost fourteen years by met Adams and went too much too young corners. They got better and even the course play well I think worldly. Swept the top of his game. I'll be completely honest I think that people thought there were early was so weak link and last week it just a jaguars they try to pickle and it was successful. And so I think that he's gonna have to. Both shore up the say I got to come would it because there's a weekly. So quick question on that do you think if need be at times could you move captain out there and then put somebody else at nickel I'd like captain played some true corners the only nickel in the steep I totally agree and that's why I think captains is here because skeptic gives it swing. Because the difference between captain. And whirling. Cap is not gonna get beat. All and hey Mike could be physically ought to go route because you just pass them. But he's not going to be academically or gold rush because they don't know the gold rose common is a get a bill quickly and I you must out run them. But you'll go 42 yards on football to say that are you gotta go and go oh were early. Kind of kissel something's got beat on a double move guests only on the gold broke little story goal and a guy ran by him. Kurt Coleman had to come over to make the play. I think this is is time for were only really just up to play because I think that he can be a major player forced and if we keep the secondary and checked. There's no telling what this team would be the cup. She broadcast roundtable Eugene Robinson gyms are Q my name's Mick mix has brought you by Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% more. When your car insurance this is cancer talk presented by. Mac Donald's and we're so excited to be with you on this night why is it guys we've talked about this before but why is it. That at times the little video small market Carolina Panthers seemed to do our best. In years like this when not as much is expected of them Izzard does that is or anything. Is ready locker room science behind that camera other than Imus under treatment now. The effect that you've got to chip boy you showed us and we hit his underdog thing let me just say I think the underdog whose real for one reason. I was gonna nobody paid attention to so I was optical. Posting kept them off if they come open tomorrow from posts dynamo and the right angle puts them up and so let's go take notice. When bush took about a land what let's go do what tempers gonna do and the Panthers are forgotten teeing. I like late in the weeks because when you bust people up finish chick knows all aha aha same thing McCaffrey's plan I think McAfee is playing with a chip on his children. I think he's old a white running back. This typically in a black position. And would later in the draft we should've gotten. The goal first in the draft they knew when the first guys pick and I think he's bad and I'm like yeah that's right show everybody what time is because as like I said. Oh he's got that quick he can't beat a good. Oh you've got to get your popcorn you can get ready to do is to real real deal so. I think that Caroline appearances in the same thing a being underdogs in this would be perfect for you going to take somebody's money. So you're saying you gotta mad cock as oil on your hand you know I am absolutely confident that I think that he's absolutely right I think KB could be the epitome of what this team is what's your question because last year all the talent in the world but he was kind of lackadaisical. And wasn't really got ferocious and that he's he always playing in this pre season with. And ad agency alarming people on the run after the catch. Yeah I think Kelvin Benjamin could have epitomize what you're saying about this team last year verses may be playing as an underdog. Final bit harder this year. And let me tell you some else vote. Commissioning stories coming now the Jacksonville game bill both reporting that Jacksonville had a lot of love. Miles checklist Campbell had a lot of impressive things to say about. Christian McCaffery that doesn't happen every day. Absolutely thought that was comical as she. All right Heather football has brought you by Papa John's feature online order half off the regular price this season the day after the Panthers scored twenty or more points. We think that's gonna happen a lot with this offense used promo code Panthers twenty at Papa Johns dot com. Better ingredients better pizza that's Papa John's went to bed in the mouth about the job to notify him. Now if all you thank you very much like you won with a record Shia Sunnis got to say acres Rivera this isn't right it was do they'll do that nexus is rather talk on the Carolina panther and radio network. News amateurs talk brought to fly Miller Lite one beer it's always prove. For more taste the low lying to. Prove very good up and full official bank of the Carolina Panthers. They jump to Stewart who tried the left side now. Moving out of luck at the 3540 fight between pat. Edwards who could be found to look for another tackle inside the forty all the way down for the jaguars 39 yard line up along the line of scrimmage. For Jacksonville out of which broke slant pattern may be back dividend they had dug touchdown. That's true football. Outside the Q is that we can view about a loved every night. Seen 28 between 24334. Those guys running downhill that's. And in having had phenomenon on the second level got very athletic club. And you'll see in those guys. Attack the people's that's what we can set the tone and we'll need that going. You obviously he's pictured told the semi blind adults Obama and Caroline. News radio network. As the head coach of the Carolina Panthers coach Ron Rivera steps into fans or talk to join us for a short visit. Like to begin with the coach with a saying strolled on your here's your dry erase board in your downstairs office. Are the habits we have today on par with the dreams we have for tomorrow. When did you first hear that and is your team tried to answer that same question for you. Or are there along time ago that I really haven't just like to keep us when we'll simple reminders. For myself and just make sure I'm doing what I need to do amiss truth of the matter is that comes around if we do we do now. You we set herself up for later in life her success so I just feel that the you know I treasure those players and I try to make sure that our live my life so why it. Three game quite like football coach in terms of just how. How much excellence in this game depends on loyalty to to the retaining the fundamental solution for. Here I think this really is one of those things a dozen and then again it's also not just relies on what you do but it relies on on on what you do to help the people around you. You know I have I have a friend who who's who saw me doing is wanted to make sure when I watch and past players this question. Because what you're doing helping you to get better now and helping the team. The words of some people. I know that you medication just sort of have the work ethic in him up for others it seems to be more elusive art art seems sometimes the same point. I think so I think he'll the big carbon two's you've got to develop that cohesion that that you need to be a team for so long. Because I'm ratio like minded people Merle and if they'll share the same values the same core values. They have enough she be successful. This football team seems to be a hard working club are you are you pleased with overall toughness and this is a county that you've seen so far coach. Really just what they do we talked about the last week you know I. And that really is. You have to play a certain way in this game to be successful. And why these we talk about throwing the football if you run football. You are at least this is true for us as the Carolina Panthers. If you run for a hundred yards a game. You have a chance to win 70% of those games and that's our objective is to be physical up front set the tone and tempo for the team. And neither rusher and yard to stop the opponent for rushing for under its as if we stop the opponent. We win 7% of those games. Is it harder for an NFL offensive line coach are very to be a good pass blocking O line or a good run blocking for a think Castro as far as the that the one thing that you've got to be you've got to be really good debt. But I think part of the problem is happening right now we're getting a lot of college players that are coming in that haven't really learned how to run. Because deal with the spread offense is out there now you know that that the way that spread to set up you don't really spend a lot of time teaching the technique that you're gonna need to be successful. So of this offensive line. Blocked the deadlock well. In the Jacksonville game it would seem so because of decreases there in the running game you they did then in the month thing too is you know who knows were we run for over a hundred yards. But our quarterbacks were sucked and I think that's a huge plus to our guys and and again he has won things that we work on every day you know work our run game work on our protections and they are for sly is a nice job this pre season. Defensively Kosher rather the ones twos and and then behind them. I'll play the Jacksonville gained Barlow they played very well you know what them Jackson again it kind of got us a little bit was their industry fun. Dylan and again. That that account for 51 of their review of their total yards and they're doing they're rushing yards so. Begin I think when you take data when you look at the things that we did as a defense. You feel very good about it. Not trying to say anything bad about Jacksonville just trying to learn and and help our fans learn about the nuances of this great game. Why is have you ever seen as NFL team run a fake punt in a pre season game before. Not necessarily but again you know our we give them kudos because for two reasons one is it Thomas and I saw him a lesson in terms of a specialties but to his. They need to create some momentum some excitement and they did booby bid up point where we had gotten after we. When done our first possession escorted. There we went three and out twice right heroic or defense that so they try to create the little energy and they did an and then they took the momentum away from us and we had to fight to get it back. It was kind of rainy night down in Jacksonville pre season game did did the Panthers have to bring their own energy to that contest and elect. Yes yes we did and and you know I thought our guys really do have the excitement and energy needed I thought that the the first few minutes of the game really spoke well thus is a football team I thought our office hello very well going down the first scoring drive with cameras quarterback. Then I love the way the defense one on you know got after him and sacked the quarterback an impression your quarterback can shut down their running -- we saw I felt very good about our guys. The last question for a show tonight coach in this short week this week with Pittsburgh Thursday. Where are the the real battles right now and your roster and and how many spots remain up for grabs in your mind. Well there's quite a few I mean there really are they're there they're sir there's still 78 sponsors that are there were still don't aren't talking about but. You know look at the fullback position both those guys are serving their their very good football players have worked very hard invented camps. Defense a line I really like to defense aligned Bauer right now realize young guys that are trying to get a spot wide receiver. That's a good group are very very good group could do their battling and also do there's this there really are some some good contest in terms of you guys again operatives to make just the faltering. You said it Connor yet in your mind no veto both. Both art our our kicking battles are going very well and. You really guys that then that you were ever really goes through football players really are no comeback Kindle played great against you that's the way the world in the NFL arm. I know I casual Leo Leo listen we leave their thank you for your time and just appreciate the way you do you job man thank god thank you mix. Who grew. Come back completely because she's usually go. To coax and of course this does anyone doubt that. Yeah of legends say that. I don't know I think a 95% of the Assad to say oh yeah it's always seem quite right is a critical time like this I mean you mean this. In every team has this but it just seems like 'cause our perspective this is cancer centric. That the Panthers might part company with Salomon Jo Vonn Ayers somebody like or remember that O linemen. That we had that win. And hell are unbelievable career for awhile Philadelphia you know Mac Bernard did it with Dallas. Yeah your car and I'm talking about it played out of Memphis mathematics and anyways guys guys just. There is seems a lot like you said the chip on their shoulder they like play well against teams that didn't think they had quite enough so the prospect that it was coach Cathy Moore you're talking to this week. Oh these gosh awful little jelly filling up with sugar on this that I thought I thought it goes about that. It's terrible not actually it's always there are things that time it was aren't they aren't slices of course they're real or fake aren't. The last thing. They serve much better road than that at McDonnell's sponsor of our show good morning starts with a good breakfast at McDonald's. So start your morning with a sketch made. Bacon egg and cheese biscuit sandwich for just a dollar and sixty nines it's death. So we don't know if there orange slices or marshmallow filled their orange flavored pearls and east there. Because she good guy though we were Gator has talked a little bit and then he he popped up and he sent me give me five minutes us that this year. So I was in his office by myself so I was able open all the desk drawers are usually the thought. Takes a nose on his playbook for some suggestions you know this guy cut left this guy kind of write your bluff good but and I saw some of the sayings that he had written on this board but. The reason he had to pop up is because he he told a player he would do something for them bring something to them and he wanted to duties of man of his word like that. And that helps him out in the locker room. So where we left off. The injury update brought to you by ortho Carolina how healthy a ballclub we look at their ideals of. Well glad you SP had to make because as you may know Vernon butler's got a knee. Tell loves got an ankle tackle Chris Scott's got a concussion which it is Eric and Gerry all had had ahead. Breton person's got to shoulder bus from the at the other game has from the Tennessee game yes I Teddy Williams has got to lag and Dan France says ahead. When time is of the essence north of Carolina's severely located urgent care centers offer orthopedic urging care for a good number of your feminine or more ortho Carolina dot com slash. Urgent care ortho Carolina. You improved Gillick reading this. Coach Ron Rivera has that he just got to create out of ortho Carolina in your report he talk to Michael forties out. Don't ask god god you know it's interesting this team is is so well stocked the most interesting if you say starters battle is at punter you'll keep to partners. So I guess book with a Michael Clark duels and ActiveX component that's after this or give us an independent they're talk from the like Tony and institute of broadcasting studios. On the Carolina Panthers radioed them. You didn't talk. Here is soaring real network. Ron do you find McDonald's get a scratch made bacon egg and cheese biscuit sandwiches and McDonald's for just a dollar 69 play action and grow. On your record down he goes it's a pleasure continue to come home. Under pressure comes from the blind side Mario Addison over the quarterback sack and heading back to grow and the pressure coming again and he grabbed a bit drop by to get. Davis comes in. You feed off his glove and you know put together the gravity did to start the game. You know for us because we do great we knew we had a lot of vested interest and they brought him. The first series we do really good job get feel. Give the ball back home. So Mick mix in June silky and Eugene Robbins her voice panther talk. Almost Carolina Panthers were radio network. South may not seem like a super big guilt over that when Brad Norman. God let go into went to Jacksonville it was kind of hard to replace that immediately because injuries and other things capital Panthers had a very. Interesting punters battle Lovie resolve this week between the veteran Andy Lee's been in the league fourteen years. Several times a Pro Bowl player last year did the first nine games for hamstring injury. Then Michael pull RD and heard. Play the final seven games kicked well and now they are basically down to the wire this funders just talk to Michael Clarke he's today about being a part of the toughest battle in disk a pre season training camp. Feels trade. You know we we really enjoy being out here I think collectively as a bird. We have very tightly knit group. And I think that makes the the competition. One more enjoyable Boris. You know we. We're always out here I catch fire and with each other last ten and joking around and when it comes comes time to work we work and we. We really enjoy I don't know me personally it's been a great experienced to be out here is sandy and when I go. Guys are a lot from mom and NB a would have fought long while we. He there's no outsiders because you and Andy essentially split the position last year is no one game away from that of course. JJ's been there for years Ingraham you know when you look at the competition he's gonna prisoners about to listen to close knit group is that. I guess it's professional business you guys all know what's at stake here is so just really good friends create a competing. Absolutely I think you know one of the hardest things about it is. You know you don't you hate to see somebody go especially when you are closely knit like we are. I think the biggest. I think that's probably the biggest problem. That Iran and thank you what's all this. Oh hey you know whatever decision is. Just made in the room we all understand that we all understand the business side of it in and what's to come here in the next you know week or so. You know but for me personally I compound at peace with that comment is what's what's what ever happened sand and I'm prepared for whatever situation situation comes my way. You've been around number practice squads in the way obviously you minimizing your last year. For you do you feel like you've you've shown you your blog this league and you can do is just obviously no team gives you undersea dose B what are the other. I believe so I yeah. You know I mean I struggled serve the first three years out of college to get the opportunity of playing the regular season and last year that opportunity kind of dropped right in my lap then. You know unfortunately at the expensive club Andy. For me personally. You know I I think that the experience has really helps it helps for myself. They can be outsiders and net and other people's perspective. Really doesn't. Mean as much to me because it's it's a matter of how I feel about myself how confident and my head about myself. Com and whatever decision anybody else wants to make about me that's what they're gonna make him and I respect that and self. You don't plan last year you can tell us just half the season really got me confidence and really got media exposure that I was looking for my first three years. I Celeste thing for you listen to what extra support to really get vigorous in the net and all kind of say how important directional punting the ball in his game wise where that's going in terms of how they picked a winner I think that's I think that's vital. I think every team is different every organization is different there all of you for different things but I think. The consensus of what I've picked up from pars around the league is that if you can directional on and do it on a consistent basis and you know you'll save you know in this league for a long time so that's something that I really try to focus on this or something that that is important to me. You know obviously statistically. Tired of the gross and higher than that you know that's that's that's a big deal but. I'm putting the team in a position to win and be successful is the most important part. You can't really go out there and be selfish and and try to get hired the highest numbers. You wanna be aware of your coverage seem like your position you wanna be aware of your offense your defense and in good position. Make the opposing team's job harder to score and that's that's our job on us. Hundreds of luck drawn to apply for it the management you will find you still perfect floor didn't see your Carolina Ford dealer and make a connection today Carolinas healthcare system. Feel official health care provider. This is he didn't care you do now. It's Pepsi officials offering portrayal of them Penders and all for the Carolinas portal before. Headache felt intercepted thank you wait here comes David Sanchez of the forty do 353. It's like 45 flooding. Gilbert's daughter's stuff. You just scored dry. Head of the green out of the car. Play for the two point conversion play and winning games. For myself but they're just working there wars and stay in the game for. For a while long. We really need everybody. Every fifteen minutes and so so what your first segment. Vision if you revert to form will reduce these pepper taught its semi final until this moment. News radio network. Rather general manager Marty Ernie joins us now on cancer talk let's break down that at Jacksonville game a little bit Marty as of late night when the team got back when you take a look at the tape of the game and what impressions do leave you would. Next next morning we you know we got in late and again and growing growing the next day and it was really good effort all the way around. It was you know I think defensively we've we've played a lot better and tackle much better we did last week at thinking. Sort of confirm that our legs were just stand against Tennessee anything from that we can practice by it. Had some guys step up but you know when you look good game first thing you think of his camp's first start in the pre season that ten play drive. The offense line that would they've done all pre season and played extremely well we ran the ball mob into place but cam got good work that was. Before the game ideally that's what Ron and I were talking about it we just go out there and get out. Eight to ten play drive and score in and make can complete some passes would be very happy and that's what happened. Marty would catch their fans be correct inaccurate suggest to have some excitement being generated among them. About how good these two fronts offensively and defensively could be this year. It's very much so many net that's where it starts we know that and you know we've said it's about protecting pass rushing the passer in quarterback play and end hard to try and some really played well especially the front group the we have some good depth and on both sides. In those areas as well so. You know it is your strong America. You've always got a chance and we we we've been very pleased what we've seen this offseason I know I'm not the first one to ask you this but is the first time I think I have bashing this. How do you feel about the rule now where you'll carry all ninety through the four pre season games well it's it it really it helps in that. That last pre season game numbers wise before when you had to cut down due to sunny side. Sometimes you had to. Maybe kind of player. That you want to have the kids who had numbers issues at other positions and you had to get through pre sees the final pre season game because. You know starters don't play a lot has been all this let's pre season games so you have today. Get through the game we also it's a good chance to evaluate guys and guys that might not have been here are here and have another chance to prove themselves self. I liked Gephardt logistically. Why have why we'll deal with a Friday and Saturday you know it's always a rough weekend it's it's it's you hate this weekend. When impassioned. As far as you know Lleyton guys go by. Then the exciting part where we're we're looking a lot of players this week and seeing if there's anybody going to be out there that can help us. Marty tourney you're GM in the area of the incredible I. Sisters so a lot of information every. Angle of every place. Can this time a year can you analyze. Too much in trying to shape your roster that's exactly Alaska's sometimes too much information but it's still about having good evaluate who's in the building and guys who know what you're looking forward to each position and in the philosophy won in communication with coaches in here and in the personnel people so it's really is as much. In a Linux that comes into play. It's still old school it's still out of a people business and evaluation business and you have to be able communicate. This will be last question less I think has some off the cuff. What questions about this roster would you take into the fourth pre season game Thursday night against him the Steelers. Why you really look and it probably the last five or six spots and special teams always a huge deal on that because those guys have to be good humors. But it's just you know we've we've got guys probably balance word. Spots it may be four or five positions so. You know you've got areas that you wanna see. Depth and in improve your debt and it's it's the last chance it's the final pre season game the last chance for a lot of these guys to step up and shows what they can do. Jackson thanks for your time as always more appreciated thanks for. GN Carolina Panthers Marty Bernie. I don't have a rule. Any clever segue for what Marty says to what I wanna talk to you guys about but listen to deserves calls there was the Sanchez Sanchez had a good game yes indeed let's throw Zach Sanchez out there because in the bill. Both breakdown Panthers dot com he Sanchez credits captain Monroe went for kitten quote unquote get in his in his dog back. You know what I saw that she would you credit I kept the Moline. But the other thing that's really benefited. Sanchez is Cornell has been hurt him and don't forget earlier pre season we saw centers. Woman at the nickel spot. He was coming it in the nickel at the captain model and actually got to just going to so run and then you start move recorder because he was actually played pretty well at the nickel spot. The best thing that ever happened to us searches what have record voter getter because now he had to show and he's been producing. And because these are producing his name is snubbing may be now on the bubble as much. Thought thought our reasonable doable I think now. He's got to keep he also had a nice pass breakup last week inside the five yard line and to shoot interceptions so he actually showed up in new wants young guys play. In competition and game. This call Luke has done some good things in practice or leave when this other guys were injured like you mentioned my corn elder and a captain was injured in that time. Cold look was doing some good things but I I fixed like we're saying Sanchez has moved ahead hello Kohler gave Teddy Williams has been hurting. I consider what is been heard also sold. This Olympic bid really tailor made for our first there's just a go ahead and an error really well with us and seize the moment and I think he sees that too because he looks and sees. What things a lineup who's in what position we go I got to go to produced the fact he's been on the football bill alive and he's for producing that goes well for. Fans or football is brought to you by. Jack Black men's skin care in the locker room favorite of your Carolina Panthers you'll find it again Jack Black dot com we also funded at Nordstrom and that Alter it is. Quality stuff. And slather some on you not be disappoint. The bigger man than you think the weather video you'll be visible at the I NASA Turbo watch did you ever lost his lead Iraq into a guy like I managed to Mitt. Try industrial real. You go that. That's usually their Rosemary and whatever they could handicap low. As soon as I admit I was just gonna read like you read it I know you have mcdonalds and all that he's just you brought in my back in I don't know if that's good enough bit so we do. Let's take a short break for us so we don't over talk this thing going to visit is rather talk on the Carolina Panthers radio network. Talk continues on the Carolina Panthers radio network. Will. What will Joseph Webb's legacy. Me and utility knife. People think it was Swiss army knife here for the Carolina Panthers favorably receiver ever Dawson was changed and I say one heck of a quarterback no just submit to you. Pick could easily be starting quarterback this Moses seeing. He is very very good he is a clone of Cam Newton or Osama pre season mr. I think he's gotten better as a quarterback. And think if he only practiced at quarterback instead of doing special teams and receiver rail lines up in practice all the time of all his focus was safe to be the number two quarterback. A good mighty be our memories he has start he did play in Minnesota he became the starter in the plaza had injuries. Couple years ago refer him to Carolina obviously but just a great athlete having I quarterbacks can do special teams India Gunner on special teams like he has. He does everything I mean he does so much it really is. He's like Colin Jones on the defense to me Collins tells please nickel corner he plays safety you can prove different spots. That's what Joseph Webb does. When Jacksonville ran the fake punt a little nontraditional. In the precedes you image what went through your mind as a former players could maybe America like the way he wanted to take bun pre season. You wanna go in and do that you go to is ready read it because it was and had busted and because they could move the ball tonight got tricked me OK so it's not like. Stuff like legal now don't they I was say is that. Did they want to play but that's not some to just let you do so in both ultimate. All right well. Good round like what he says that they'll be a time that the Panthers may be glad this year that they saw that in the pre season we'll see. That was some final thoughts next this is had to talk from Bank of America states. News all America. And there's no radio network and wireless go boys in the bubble and. Who needs to show well Thursday night against the Steelers. Ben Jacobson when I look at linebackers EO Jerry Norris then Jacob sub ball where you're number Geisel on the bubble because mail Jeremy Cashman played extremely well also. This one spot up for like three guys you've got to show well nor scope of the show well then Jacobs and bowl where in your decision. Mardy said that this is a valuation time for the guys who own a bubble for some to 53 man roster a. Last wide receiver in is very intriguing because you could go five or you Theo six you can go five plus Joseph Webb just owned by Joseph webos segment so Britain person to me that they say shows something I'll enough to make it on number. Because to me it's Kelvin Benjamin Devin find just. Shepherd and Samuel and to mere birds I think you need birdies Santa opposed to may be replaced attention Philly brown thing. So they don't go six I think Brett chambers and could be in just an and to terms of mathematical numbers in trouble. And could possibly dip back into either one of those guys got hurt them Bagram tight end. While back to try to thinking go go Dixon poll soon and then just between us Armisen and manners and I don't know I think is a Tulsa because. I would actually go outside misinformed some resemblance was Amazon. But the cash noted on manner so we'll see about I think a key threes for sure obviously about the yes you know mission decision. Well I'm a time passes at the same rate all the time. That's been proven that does this seem like fans are talking about because we have so much fun we have such a report and this is a pleasure rework what you guys I mean golf when you've you. We got careless play if you get I thought this show actually was shorter than the rest of us now is while I appreciate you guys you. For Jim took Eugene Robinson and rush to record this is a big mix and we appreciate the visit we'll see you next time right here for more parent or talk. Radio network. You wind tunnels get this guy. This content we can. Only sixteen. Miller Light among peers it's always. We'll find you a perfect forty. Carolina before. Whole health care. Perez. Opened doors offering or. Caroline. Dog. This abuse like Carolina Panthers radio network.