Panther Talk For December 5th, 2016

Tuesday, December 6th

Mick Mixon and the Panther Talk crew talk about the loss to the Seahawks form Sunday night.


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It was a presentation of the Carolina Panthers. The woman. There's a great deal. Really it was. A lot of execution errors there was a lot of things that Wu we had our opportunities and then we feel there. I'm as a team we're gonna wanna keep from our citizens position. If they're definitely don't. You know maximize. Enough opportunities that we can get. Bell along with the June silky and Eugene Robinson here is a big mix and we've. Pampered daughter lives from a Panthers broadcast facility and Bank of America Stadium. Perhaps it was too much too. Hope that the blue key equally less. Ryan a Lil less but curtain call my unless the Mario Addison less Panthers could go to Seattle. And beat the Seahawks on Sunday night but that is the way. Football is she is an evil so doctors she looks at you with beckoning Eisen says. We can do it season that is closer up I can't believe this. So the Panthers take. One right word person. 48 a seven it was the final score while we're breaking it all down for you tonight on what we call pastor talked this is a studio show is no legislature of our business. So we're not in the red zone. No live studio audience noticed that just any studio. Like Tony don't I don't forget that they'll like Tony and institute broadcasting area yes. Just outside the Charlie day and press box and Bank of America Stadium a Mick mix we have Eugene Robinson engines Turkey we flew home all last night. Got in this morning and don't you feel for the coach's poll liken this to. They got to go right back to work ahead of me they really don't take a break you go right back to work there right back to game play because sales charges is next though. Why don't get the day off no they don't don't Gillick the Tuesday and all that stuff liberals get so yes it's a lot of and you take another player's or are invested. But don't you think the coaches are more invested in terms it is that the brain power that constant topic goes into would be hours upon hours overnight hours this and there is this is a game plan indicate when it comes this is really specific because. We'll talk about. First and second down planning. Third our planet is in the broken up into segments first and 10% and plus for a second on a seven the 102 and six minus. Third down and and wondered too this really. Strategic and academic. And a lot of work time consuming and you've got to go ahead and be right because a team that you're. Scouting did you gotta get that Tennessee's and know what they like to do so that you can give your players to best opportunity. To go ahead and put themselves in position. To win again and I thought one thing make that. Defensively we were out of position. Almost all day long ago Seattle when it came down to tackling and and force Iran would have run me to be yet. We'll ask coach you're Rivera about it later in the show one of the most vexing questions to me about football coaching especially when the team is sequestered on the road. Is why did coaches why is the culture of their business to meet constantly with their physician groups even though after awhile there's nothing left to meet about. It is don't meet. Then you're not all live and I committed you know coming yeah I think it's well it's almost like studying for a final or something and agility kind of do your homework and and you gotta go over your notes here index cards one more time and just. Look at different scenarios you probably at a point like. What if it's third and eighteen and a half sisters just to 45 left in the third quarter of one of camp throughout the past but there we cross the international date line and actually becomes Saturday night from from. I kind of stuff here we digress but does this was almost. But here's the other thing is for maybe your real they've put coaches his team is announcing this one though is that they still Seahawks inept and particularly in Green Bay staff. Andy Reid would come in. Early like six field 530 in the mornings or does he was sleep overnight because coaches don't want to appear to be not doing their job. It's so when you're meeting to meet to meet to me. They're meeting. One to go ahead and make sure your guys get the information they but it other you mean to me is that you don't wanna look like you're not doing your job and that's a good and sold as such a critical. We need to have a lot more meetings justifies what we Broward doing an estimated to meet you gotta have your immediate decision. Have I knew we was always say that I am and who is causing Green Bay recently why would always be in every time he was a CY he's covered book. Part he was discovered in May so I think Roland was covered so that it won't just fall back on them because typically have triple first fired our coaches. Not really players his coach is on the first part and veteran players vote and as. Because I'd left some go to sleep in our office and never go home at some kind of balanced life for the better than than others do so addicted. I think most as the personalities for a fact helping to try and I give the appearance. Those that work harder I think that's just their their mindset is that they are paranoid and wanna work hard and I think them. And that's not to suggest that because I heard from Dennis gray says before you vacillate if you get a good coaching staff and a good head coach who knows. Other dynamics of football and knows when to get you guys a break and when we get the coach is a break it can be your really really good thing and that's I think that coach Rivera. Just Drucker nice ballads and toe here with the Carolina Panthers because it doesn't seem like is super duper duper grind where you. Where you so paranoid about a job. Good words. How could it be. That. Cam Newton missing one play. In the game. For a wardrobe. Misunderstanding malfunction whatever you want call. If this becomes one of its seemed to me anyway today every TV screen every national show becomes one of the biggest stories in pro football. Because it's easier for the the mass media to break down what Ty he's wearing vs the turtle like that is for them to breakdown football. And I think it was stated silly because it it's one play in his first Rivera said not the first player he's done that but because it's cam everybody noticed it. You would notice if it it was alignment or somebody else that was on the field normally starting the game. And again it will do is one play didn't change the game he didn't lose the game is camp said so it's it's so overblown. And it's it's kind of irritated me go to the the weekly play Wednesday press conferences were Cogent and camera there. The amount of football to everything else ratio is like 1200. In terms over the questioning him what. People are interested in talking about. It could also people looking to see this a more diabolical to a story. That is something else that they're not telling you that's. That's what becomes interest and that's why becomes a must fans there so much fodder to it was one of left it just got to be more to the story other than the fact that there's. They dress you don't call off a uniform violation. And then as shakes and in his in his guess this guy he's gonna make sure they got punished to send a message to the rest of the guys that no one is above the law and everybody. Pastor go ahead and play. And the shapes us narrow and in the same landscape and the same range same weather if you will not but those are really good message that yes it is only want play. But bigger won't play. It's still the authority of a head coach who has his hand on this team and said that. One person doesn't dictate what I do this is the Carolina Panthers not Camden show not even controversial. It is a Carolina pair of the show as disease that bed just gonna Levy down and and do what needs to be done in a proposal camp. It's all salute the balls and it got it off because the Carolina Britain's Suffolk knows a great message and NASA misses that's met because. People wanna look to see. Is there more is there more is there more when god as a coach doing his job as an misses him and nobody's above the law. NFL teams he covers so tenaciously that any misstep any. Innuendo. Can be amplified by the press corps. So here's your business sociology right here Cam Newton is I thought had one of his better press conferences as a panther when he's talking about this. After the game. And he says that he stands behind essentially says he stands behind culture there that that decision was made cam except that he made a mistake. And so on would we move than Joseph person and nobody's I don't know of his manager he's doing his job but he asked the following question. Did you feel you were appropriately dressed. Okay now all of a sudden. Is this on danger Will Robinson there's a question. Asked by a veteran reporter asks is do a 2526. Year old man. That could be bad absolutely adore you know what I'm saying absolutely is a load that's loaded question it's very loaded because cam is meticulous. About how he appears and he's now is not like he showed up where and a hefty trash bag to arm. I've got probably has always got them that we go about that yeah. So you know I'm thinking what if he would have had a necktie on but what if what it would have been a boa constrictor tied in a wins or not. Yeah that would that have is that legal get a yes it's illegal so anyway. Doc get my point I guess is a bug can handle that well this aftermath is the right is the right responsive because he's saying. I support what the coaching staff is doing I support calls Rivera. And this does solidarity and the continuity in the chemistry and the trust that they have won another. Despite ten seconds I just so the fans understand what happened wasn't as you know she was out there a week date is that a lot of players on their clothes back to Charlotte on Friday in in that he didn't keep a tight. So just so people understand he didn't like Willy Nilly decide I'm not wearing a tie didn't have one in just not he was dressed well. So do was kind of and he's a sharp dressed in a way you dress is surely took us all right I'm definitely not easy it's something that is clean this publicity because he's. You really got to go and only comes drew scored high and I'll tell you I told you two years ago about one of his blazers the made collection and it just doesn't it didn't finish. To become the vice. Let me just. The tailoring this for us all jacked up guys don't know track has always my fault not his. Let me see would also like aside some else about I don't know we have 45 minutes there don't you know it's a great. Heather if Obama is definitely 100% brought you by the NFL's ticket exchange the only official taken exchange in the league. Where you get taken master verified tickets with the NFL's ticket exchange stem I'll have more rather talk we'll check in with catchy we've also got Ricky Proehl coming okay talk within another receiving corps how they're doing. Rather talk presented by mcdonalds and you're listening to the Carolina Panthers radio network. News and there's talk from Dubai moonlight as long as you are you give some relief aren't crazy about. Apple usually think of Carolina Panthers will for the shotgun if he's death. Today the direct snap back. Our wider splits two receivers right to left blitz on Russell Wilson. Mobile that the 43 SF. I've Boston fifteen. But the Seahawks 48 yard line. Where were beat up pretty bad you know. Have a team. Producers when you have got guys who still thought we are doesn't play well we missed a book. What the sun is so normal office in the first you know we're just refer to being right now. We still have season ahead of us you'll you'll see a stop fighting really keep firing keep her. Is he is paying. There's talk presented by McDonald's Allman. His radio network we just into the office of Carolina panther head coach Ron Rivera center talk rolls onto. Tonight and coach have you been home yet have you had a chance to dark can your doorway on. Pack a little bit at address. No I had no opportunity Yemen but you know. I'm getting back at 730 in the mornings a little bit of a chore but for the most part we all work to do. What did you do today how do you spend your time Oprah the most apartment we broke the game guy young enough to see what went wrong what oil what was good was the positives. Tom and then you sir looking towards our next game you know did the truth of the matter is we owe you surrogate ready for for San Diego and I like to direction we're headed. Talking about debt more in just a second because she told us on post game radio bit that run fits were problematic for your defense what did you see. When you look at the film frame offering. Exactly that make you lose you lose the gum. Sometimes it was over aggressive nature which which tends suitably you guys are trying to do more than they need to. And other times it was actually getting displaced so there you go big comes back tell you two guys doing their job and and trusting in themselves entrusting their teammates. Seem like on the radio every time we turnaround we were mentioned and another player. Al with an injury are injury updates are of course brought you by ortho Carolina. When time is of the essence do what we all do around here trust yourself and your family to the pros and ortho Carolina the web site. Ortho Carolina dot com so how's that help your football team coach. Well there's this it's a little beat up right now making a wee wee Reese a vertical more concussions or die guys are in the protocol we'll see how they are on the next couple of days. Tom. I think we got out of the relatively unscathed with the exception also Charles Johnson in the pulled hamstring so we'll see how he is when it comes to wins that. TV cameras last night because we have a monitor our move things constantly show blue key equally. It looked like he was trying to help you coach his team a little bit from the sideline know what was his energy level like last night whereas a manager Louis through the roof you know he's such a competitor you want to be there for his teammates and be supportive and yeah there are certain things you went on the game that he was trying to open and you'll direction and he most certainly do get animated when he thought a couple things that went on the gamer or wrong. You've played well we'll last night on the defensive sides fought so what Charles Johnson was playing very well until he got hurt. Come to realize what we are getting from from traits trail Boston's again coming it was a big interception very timely interception that really helped us. You know as we are going forward really I'm really really pleased with the effort we got out of I don't know Ryan glared thought he did a nice job in terms of his you know his his his chances. And I saw the young corner stepped up and does some nice things until there were early had to exit the gamer in the protocol. So again they're there are a number of young guys that are performing up to us to to expectations and and beyond. On the opposite side who distinguish themselves while they are what make you know that piecemeal office lime millions of Oaxaca I. Thought they did some nice things Teddy Ginn had another nice day as well. Mir crew also moves solid as ever. And and you know we saw Jonathan Stewart have this flashes his moments and you know again I think as we go forward. You know it is one of those things so we continue its continued development and really try to show we're capable of could you have found something in Tyler Larson. I think so I think he's proving himself to be a very the solid backup right now. I'm coming in than than having a place in a forest. He's showing his ability to that to. You know to make the call stood to put put us in the right protections are on the right blocking scheme so that's a huge plus for right now. People have asked us on the radio side I'm sure you as well where do we go from here what what is the head coach's view of that. Well for the most part make I think it's about taking it one game at a time obviously you know who we most certainly can seventh so temple own trend as we go forward. And you're surely see how things unfold from here on out. One early impressions do you have of San Diego in their club Kosher well I'd say whether an explosive offense that's one thing we know for sure and you know collision looks and are very familiar with their defense a style the way they play defense as you know having both coached there. So it'll be our television you see you know if if those things hold true. When you get back come will feel good to be back down. Plus and I can't wait to get Roman they'll throw my feet up and they don't. Guys thanks for your time like this we appreciate your. And so coach you with us tonight on the radio. Our broadcast roundtable which are about dear brought you by Geico the real value in car insurance is two fold it's the kind of server she get and it's how much that you can save. Geico has been sharpening both sides of that still let out for over 75 years. So help me out of this okay equally Coolio Addison Coleman Mayo Andy Lee Michael or Charles Johnson Darryl were early. A good football team and they're good enough we got any of those guys feel like there's just some of those off sort offered this. Top of the head atop of mind that are on the injured reserve and none and and you were dinged up last night or were inactive last night. Know that that's a pretty significant list right there. Pretty significantly this stuff I mean you know it's theology as we say every team together injury special late in the season is now expand out but what is so widespread. And it's affecting all the different position groups. The doubles partnership one position group and all the position groups being affected by it is it is difficult so it is not impossible but it is challenging when you have a situation. That's challenging and they'll receive a more challenging is in and out just because maybe defensively. And so that echo what coach talked about is that seeing guys out of position. Amid this was not have a look a little acutely there are all as snared. What Charles just there but when you're out of position that's open to talk from academic standpoint that's that's that's different. That's going to academics or football and now you just put yourself in position to get beat because you're out of position. There was some discipline lane violations that we had that really. Beta and and and just didn't Drummond that we got by the Seattle C knows this is just not forty Sutton put 33 points but you know the Carolina prep there's no way. However bid out of position. That list that you read about those guys not play in their and the guys who did play who out of position that really excessively is something that could then. Minimized and so you got two things just that's really militant gays have been a really good south. He's the defense so one player out of position are missing a tackle we had bad you'll be set. You guys out of position bielsa guys missing tackles and just you know and not executing the chapel basically stopping a play and a bugs I thought they were a little bit overzealous I thought that guys were trying to go encompassing. There was some plays Ole miss in positions and and a people there was some plays Wesley guy. He's taken the wrong angle but he's taken a raw egg could lead to easy as a electrical hole shot that he's gonna knock the guy we just put. No you're not gonna knock him Bob did you go to gonna put everybody in abide because you're pour angle let's go to calls. Ten people to go ahead and chase the ball does what ten people chased a ball. Just based on an angle to angle could have been easily change. We saw that all day long we saw a shoestring tackles so stand up to make the tackle those things is something that we hadn't seen since Atlanta Falcons. And that has to get cleaned up it cleared up if it will get cleared up because I thought that was much more of over the anomaly this something that is secure to the Carolyn groups. Got a couple questions today on some of the affiliate could a calls it that I was on about should the Panthers shut it down. To get hired draft picks or should they take Lou keep putting Kurt Coleman and preserve them if they if they're neurological link cleared to play tell them that they're not going to play these last four games to save them. For next year the asinine nature of that was difficult for me to to keep my composure. I think usually you know like the word last night and you can go in and stolen out for yourself love that stuff and you you know. That is absolute foolishness to won't care always by November's I know got their word and I know I thought so but this actually is foolishness between good to minimize zoo as a football player and that wanted to be out there and do what you've done all your entire life. Which is going to play football and playing the pilot so. When you do when a name position groups you won't name radio affiliates and what did. Show host knows just sort announcers to sort of water cooler talk I'm sure in and panther nation some fans are are thinking I get a dose and jockey for high. Traffic so we'd be telling the players then. Is let up off the accelerator so we can get in better position to get more guys to come in and take your job exam doesn't work that doesn't work that way Nelson doesn't. When the Panthers win. You win thanks day after cancer victories a dozen original glazed. For 99. At Krispy Kreme hopefully they'll be some of those in December moving forward so they do have moral but check with Ricky Proehl coming up. And more talk from the guys here in the clintonian institute of broadcasting studios. This is rather talk on the Carolina pander radio network. Yes oh yes mixes of gear up here Richie tonight. Charlotte zone Time Warner Cable appreciate. Watching and listening in our show tonight so. The players. Get back we we got back last night and it was. Not our night was more like out that it was mortar admit I was late for work at a self. That's a deep into the day we were today I would straight sue NBC and every one home how strict NBC and cleaned up over there and whatnot to do it looks. Every living thing has a molecular clock in and sister Katie in rhythms are well known. So will our players more. Nimble with this kind of thing because it seems like these guys can sleep till noon anyway. Yes so will they be okay. Yes it is pretty quickly do you actually pretty quickly and it's part of this is part of your job I was say some of maybe the younger guys who have not going through. This West Coast East Coast thing but if you've been in the league. For number years. That doesn't bother you as much because you know how to go I think it's your risk animals have been better to have the Monday night game coming out of this trip so you have more time to care. Yeah and yet not bend in the road sense of going to Washington the justice David had a home Monday or something I'll know how much you look at all that would seems that there are teams again. Stuck in the short weeks and they got to travel it would New Orleans got to come up to our place obviously I don't Wednesday to play on Thursday so mean sometimes a schedule is is a bigger factor than it is in other weeks and don't forget this some advanced scouting this going all through this. And they were charged anyways so the coaches staff is not. Totally unaware they'll have a game plan ready only say because they are even thinking that and other in the advanced. Before this happened so they've really gone already prepared with the so that Connecticut and where. Doing your former if you throw a little bit less of that. Fascinating guy he coaches to delete receivers. That are his son's he's their dad he coaches the Carolina panther wide receivers. So will all among the questions we'll ask him is does he think that. Players take coaching differently from coaches that played the game at a high level. So we'll see what the RP degree Ricky Proehl has to say about that kind of thing once had their talk continues. Right after. These messages. Who they're talking. Promise you fly forward and find a great deal on your perfect Ford Lincoln connection today and your. Carolina Ford dealer AT&T. Mobilizing. I see open. And all for the and corolla. Let go home 210. You have elections draw. News these printers sold recently Bollywood doubles Obama and Caroline. All time favorite sons of former number. Oh currently wide receivers coach Rick when you're in your jobs slugging it out coaching these guys that stated day do you ever have time to stop and think of all that you mean. It is to this organization now. Just. I think my stuff I think about how blessed I am. To be a part of this organization and to be a part of the the receiver room just have the ability to. To share my knowledge on the things that have experienced over the years as a player now as a coach and try to pass that information onto region. These young wide receivers when did you know you wanted to coach. When Marty Ernie called me and asked me if I'd be inch today always you know and never to be honest they can never thought about coaching. Never knew what it entailed com. Towards the end of my career and I don't. You know I knew when you're in the league as long as I was you young guys look. To you for answers psalm on the field off the field. Financial decisions. All kinds of different things that come up in. When NFL players that people don't really realize tour players don't realize until they come up and down so you know as I it. Played. Became a leader became a role model to some of these young guys and and I enjoy that role. Towards him in my career in. But again never really thought about being a coach until morning Ernie called me and asking for a new interest in this in absolutely. Duke players Ricky take coaching differently from coaches that have played the game at a higher level I think you have to. Ask them down. How they you know I know for me. I respected and all the coaches and coach me over the years. I think you and coach. This is looking for me Henry Owens who played for. Years. And has tremendous amount of success. In the league I think you know when he tells you talked something non. We're gives you a technique. On this particular route it. He probably has more credibility because he's done he's been there. But I you know a lot of these coaches they've they've been around some tremendous athletes and they've learned by watching. And nom understand what it takes to be successful so. You know I think I think I do bring some credibility because their place for a long time I played with some great players and and they understand that and they respond to that. Talk point three keep all our guests all apparently talked tonight. You're watching some some tape breaking down some film earlier when you get a home from a game like we did last night. Where do you start San Diego or do you go back and look at what we've just done. We just we we make corrections I mean obviously wasn't. One of our best performances and so we we went back and watch C game last night and you know looked it graded out of the sky and and what they need to improve on you know at the end of the day in and our room other than ten and we still have a young group and they're still learning and and they need to understand. How to keep fighting you know we've had some success the last two years and you look at Kelvin look at Philly and punches. You know you realize he got to fight through tough times and and you learned tremendous lessons. Do these tough times and and that's what I try to bring as a coach and so we go back to watch tape and look at what they're doing due course of the game. When will have a successful and not have success well can you learn from now what can you take away. To become a better player you and that's what we'll do. Wednesday when they come back. No losses and wins feel differently to you as a coach than they did as a player. It's not even close I mean there's so much harder as a as a coach than they were planning and the reason is. It is for that reason we're here right now I mean. We flew in from some Seattle got and his 730 you were watching the game and it was painful last night is more painful this morning watching again. And again I must sit 23 times. You know individually and then as a group with the offense Solomon and talk about with coaches but. Players it. I didn't realize what a coach went to as a player you know you come they come back they get their car they go home to their family spend the next day and a half. Off you know kind of I seductive bruises relax and get their minds off. A football for 24 hours and rest and we'll coaches we got to get right back to it. Major corrections in Seattle on the move on San Diego has its own it's a quick turnaround in the end. The losses are so painful because. You don't get to get away from it. Good worse double more bushel you go because I street John. Where is your group right now in your mind a relative to what this group is capable of. I'm pleased with where they are. I feel like I can do they haven't even come close to. Tell us in the ceiling. You know Kelvin is coming off an injury and I'm pleased with his development and where he's coming but he's. In my mind he's not a 100%. In where he was his rookie year and to me honestly I expected. I think I think he's just gonna get better and better. I look at punches he's still learning humvees are tremendous athlete with a tremendous upside and he's still learning he's this things that he needs to work on. As well as Calvin any time we get two big guys. You know did you tells of the row they're so used to physically beating guys in college because of their size and strength and and on this level. These DBs are technicians say no had to force you to the side line they know had a too long to squeeze you to Wear their help is whether it's a linebacker safety and and when I'm trying to do with these guys it is teach their release is teach him how to create separation. To use utilize and strengthen insides and then down. In there for work at the top of the stamina and that's what. They need to get better and that's who we continue to work on and you look at Teddy Philly can person bird guys who are quicker and faster. We have to learn need to utilize your speeding and had to be patient at same time and it's exciting to watch these guys grow in India and look at what they have in their ability what they can become his receivers in and believe in them and get them to believe in themselves and what they can account. Push too hard work. You've got a great job with the last question for you Ricky you've got the sons of play the game and are very talented. The coach them like you do your your pants are players come. More on them to me honestly it's easy there. Harder on your own kids and and down. But I'm proud of them. My youngest son just got wide receiver that's wide receiver and can Charlotte. Because Alston did a couple of years ago and they work hard enough push them and the beauty of it is now I can take you step back in and they understand what it takes. To be successful and then I can coach him now have to kind of get on them. And even down as far as you know when they're not working hard because they know. Have to work hard to be successful. Maybe they'll be in your receiver room here one day have become a cool have a platoon patrols runaround. Thanks for what you do thanks for the class you UB geography appreciate your time appreciate and thank you. That's a good man right there you probe. Well and let me just as this are remember going to some back in 199293. Runner and a time and for you pros always been a dangerous receiver went over the cardinals this he was the guy that we says okay watch them an immediate rush he's got to move the chains so. We got to make sure we don't want that to Wes Welker type guy. Is it an incredible route runner and another thing I'll say this Steve Schmidt has benefited probably the most from heaven or Ricky Proehl. There's no doubt that Steve Smith sore from working and learn how to go ahead erode so many different routes to come mission that catapulted him to. Really kind of star status in the league respectively. Death because of what we're controls though and she's same thing what Benjamin. Clinches and Eugene you know dooming. Great players don't always translate into being great coaches sort of have a guy who played him with seventeen years he's in the league. Started Wake Forest as a star there and and continues as a coach to be a rising star in those ranks. You don't see that because. You know Ron Rivera is kind of anomaly where that is well but you seem to most of the coaches in the league did employee NFL football. So maybe even played really college student at a high level so I think it's impressive that he's been successful all the different levels of what he's been able to do. Images as quickly did you lose that that's he'll see how well he runs a row he rush moves clean. Beautiful Ralston only viewing the dust is no doubt about that scene at first. The best third down receiver in the league we recently did a number yours with absolute. Crystal ball is raunchy by Jack Black men's skin care the locker a favorite of your Carolina Panthers listen to what I'm telling you right now it's it's. Don't make this more complicated than it is your husband your boyfriend her son. Christmas stocking Christmas gift wrap him up some this Jack black and then watch the magic happen through a few Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and zag and does that got to find an ad good like Jack Black dot com Nordstrom. And Alter this us. Had their talk for all of that they Carol if there's the radio network. Talk continues moment Carolina tenders radio network can. I do and it may figure out who's. And arts through our staff in here the length Tony just to broadcast. Gals do a great job. Deserve Ginny brown our talk and on this trip about mentor ship he was telling me about his mentor. A Dave brown moon who passed away very tragically I think he was 53 g.s are you guys. And when you Jean talks about his mentor it's it's kind of neat it's humbling in a way to makes me think. Mentor ship among men I don't know about women because all I've ever been is a man moral void and all I've ever wanted to be is that. But among men mentor ship outside of football seems rare disease that older. That either the mentor is too busy or the Minty is too stupid to know that he doesn't know everything and needs to latch on to them. Yes doc into the docking station. So. I guess where I'm goal with this is I'm not really sure but Ricky Proehl seems like the kind of guy that if these receivers. Can wake up to the knowledge that this man has there is he'll help their careers in ways that go way beyond. Fans are flowing and you know those that he's an all time he has a long interview. The passion he has for it is get part of it is his abilities but there's a passion that comes through in the way he just talks about his love of the game his love of wanting to. Pass on. To his pupils if you world that information not everybody is willing to you obviously as a coach that's your job and so forth but you can imagine him if he wasn't an NFL coach. Be enough practice field somewhere helping out middle school are those kids and you do that Eugene obviously inept at the high school and I feel the training membership levels well. But you'd use does is part of who he is as is part of the fabric of what is of. You know and also you gotta have like most. I learned to slow time ago make a mistake on my house trying to fix something have a neural tube. My next door neighbors Ohman got a roach who's gonna have a right to choose the right job would a lot of guys who have great chose to go to do the job because they have great since. And that's what Ricky Proehl come that and that's what do mixer ship comes in and that's what we can get and look command that I should we judge you and did you run to draw at this did come back right here bought him up or give in but double fickle government triple fake police yourself. It really maze of the because just because you're gifted and just cause your past and just because your bid for just cause it could cast a ball. It doesn't mean that you would get open. It really does it and that's what the minter ship comes insult you definitely right. Do latch onto a guy like this ever remember him saying it would cop. He talked about cup tomorrow we will get a guy car right into his room Green Bay Randal come in to Brokaw. Ambivalent the red cup rushes what does that have to read it cover had a season he's that you guys solicited and or talk about. I take stock away your Ray Brown I take stock when I Ricky Proehl Gus who plays put such a load time if they tell me something we'll just what. Tom doing it because I know they know what they're talking about. As their fans I think should benefit from running. There opinions about different players through the same kind of filter because it's what it is for example. If a team adds. Roman Harper Charles Tillman Jericho Cotchery to it. And fans just look at all this guy he he's his best years are behind Emery lost his fastball there may be more going on than just the contributions on this. That is a great point make amend it a point well taken birth because they vet these guys and they put their Iowans say. Can this guy play receiver Arabs tackle defensive back here and what I want more my team and every control says that they guess what I'm over. April in terms of veteran players do you know when you do have a attrition what you have right now you need guys in the huddle and on the field line and people upright yes no and how to run an offense to run a defense because. You do coaches all the time around you but not between the hash marks on the fly with sore during a huddle against you we take a break and we'll come back with a final thoughts. Her right after these messages from the people bringing you panther talk from uptown Charlotte. This moment Carolina Panthers radio reporter. Four games left for the four and eight Carolina Panthers up next San Diego. There are quarterbacks and one Super Bowls that aren't nearly as good as Philip Rivers yes what. Things come to mind for you guys when you start thinking about San Diego Mike McCoy their head coach former parent or coach and also of their offense. I think it's still rumors still rivers has always been dangerous enough always say the policy clinic is Philip Rivers when Abby was doing it and diagnose what he doesn't get interceptions he's one of those hard guys are read enough he has like a Obama. Unorthodox throwing style motions until they came out of NC state I don't care about is always had that and in this Kirk Maria. Bernie cults are had this same little. Lazy look and feel that it's hard to get your read on and so he's a guy that I think is deadly accurate a guy who's extremely confident. And a guy who knows the academics and football and we'll go through his routes to progress from one to three and make the right decision he's the most there's been on the football film I've been. They are balanced because nobody Gordon's turn into a really good running back in this society you're SN touchdowns he's not commodore for a thousand yards rushing so you can't just stood just watch the passing game by. F Philip Rivers you know one of those species has some good teams rewrite kind of the best thing about San Diego normally is still present the Lucas never missed a game and NC state and he's tough he's played through some unbelievable injuries. In his NFL career are we got to go but we won't think of them Wendell Byron. Amy Erica we guides Justine. Thing. And they dom dom dom de fairways are better. And and our rest of the gang is all these folks for Eugene furthers this is Mick you've been listening to. Panther talk on the Carolina Panthers radio network don't look forward to seeing you for ace. We'll know more. The flow from. Carolina there's radio man.