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Tuesday, September 12th

ABOUT RON CAPPS:                                                                                                                    

-Driver of the 10,000-horsepower NAPA Auto Parts NHRA Funny Car for Don Schumacher Racing

-After more than 20 years, Ron won his first NHRA Funny Car world championship last season

-He’s the No. 1 seed in the playoffs this year, which kick off Sept. 15-17 at zMAX Dragway

-Ron is a six-time winner already this season, including here at zMAX Dragway during the April NHRA Four-Wide Nationals

-Top speed in a race car is 333 mph


ABOUT THE NHRA CAROLINA NATIONALS:                                                                        

-Sept. 15-17 (Friday and Saturday feature two rounds of qualifying; Sunday is elimination day)

-First in the NHRA’s six-race playoffs

-Top 10 drivers in each of four professional categories compete for points toward a world championship

-Every ticket is a pit pass, giving fans the access to see their favorite drivers and teams up-close before the race and between each run (comparable to being on the sidelines for an NFL game or in the dugout at MLB game)



-Friday tickets start at just $25 (Friday) and $45 (Saturday and Sunday)

-Three-day ticket packages start at just $99

-Kids 13 and under get in FREE with an adult ticket purchase

-Tickets available at or 800-455-FANS (3267)

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Carolina classic around one of one point one love this time a year because one it's playoff time until he's back dizzy Max dragway got on the on the driver the 101000 were our NAPA Auto Parts NH RA funny car. From Don Schumacher racing we're talking mr. Ron caps how are you tell. Rented a truck you know you gotta be stoked to be number line going into the playoffs man. It's Gary and I talked last year about this comedy here and we were clearly the point just like we did this year regular season. And just get ready for the play you know our countdown as much likened NASCAR chase where. It basically ticket thought gen they resent the point so we had as much as. Gushed to learn to keep points a few races ago and at all gone so it's now a ten point increments and that's about as much as capital around the competition are not on Sunday or break state so it's going to be tried. Are you going to be a tight one to union and you got everybody this baloney you got Robert hi Matt Hagan and of course Jack Tommy. Courtney force and of course the old man himself is still love to still pull him down the track he's he just never gives up does he. Now jump sources he's one of the kind and you know that that's what's great I guess about you know. And in years past I've been at 67. In points and love the cannot delegate recess because they're pulling your leg back in the competition. Yeah which entered championship. President elect forest the only struggled early in the year but they're running good now so. You know it's going to be tough system nude chicks gracious. Three in a row and we get a little bit of a break but it's six races for championship and not. We squeaked out last year and now Republicans backed up the cheaper camp. Bigotry champ Richard Serra. Well how long did it take for that to setting in that you're actually that champion of the funny cars. Like we talk faster it's been 121 years now twenty years trying to limit championship. And by car. And finally do it was. It was done and Bret as you know almost and Texaco and parachute came out and we clinched it and and an excitement started and so just like Andre and it just somewhat or get my whole career. So it was big and not. You know retarded or bossy and just enjoy it and not go back to work and energy she won six races this year record highs so. Had a great achievement not to kind of show that we want to chip to chip through it and. Talking with pro Ron Capps the violently NAPA Auto Parts and they Terry funny car for Don Schumacher racing. Coming back to the Bellagio of drag racing drags Z Max dragway September 15 through the seventeenth Friday and Saturday featured two rounds of qualifying and Sunday's elimination day. It every day is just all crazy anyway and when you get in there. Is it kind of relaxing for you to coming into Z Max dragway because you like it so much or is it just east game face every single day. Trying to bolster its its unique and no. You know we shot Friday it's going to be eating debt that nourished. And I'm IL senate Indianapolis cup we spoke more butterflies they're bald eagle flight around our staff and that. It's just it and can't and had a lot of pride honor and I love that kind of pressure so. I love the fact it which is basically you can't mess up this situation now and you cannot have a bad race and and expect a lot of championship last year. Believe we did not win one race at a great. I think we want vibration very rare suitable we want to chip to chip but that one on one race can't adapt and we just their consistency. Final round select final round in just. Take all the little Portland because and so on that matter what you do it on anyone champion of the Trojan. Willing to do with a top speed of 333 miles an hour is bald Eagles don't thinking catch up a one got the fans can catch up with these you guys especially in the pits. Because every take it is the pit pass and this is the only sport. We can actually get down right next you guys and chat with the guys and also your team who is outstanding to begin with you tear apart the engine put back together every run. Yeah that's what's great about me I'm Mallory oh drag racing we we. You get down right ready action I would joke the people and it's like in golf backstage or rock concert. In the gold out front and be a front row watching. The band played signed on backstage together. Or even something this is ridiculous. Stone silent but you know all of a pro football game he and I are. It's crazy so it's it's under Peter actually at the stand to come up for the first time especially NASCAR and they're just not used to that so. You know kids thirteen and against free on the show they're really a really good deal to buy a ticket and not. I haven't had one person ever leave the drag strip and say man that was okay I'm and they believed asked and when the next races and it's just it's fun to interact with a cap cents. I had a buddy of mine it took he is deaf friend too easy an extra weight last year to what you guys are raised and of course being that you wouldn't think you and enjoy peace he said he'd feel the vibrations are long and made him come back good he's gone back again this year he said. He can see I can hear a damn thing but I can shares held feel it and I tell you when the ground shakes when you guys take off his outstanding. Yeah and it's so under watches or actions we had Dillard Jr. I'm not a lot time it finally came out last year brought his his wife finish at the start and Ryan. And the watch or read actually somebody when there. It's chilly organs inside your body move it around and the vibration and then just the smell just hit it you know it's sensory overload it and so many different ways and not just these cheap part of the racetrack you watch cargoes Eritrean pattern. 35 miles per hour in three and a half seconds like try your lies and not tart explained some villages seen. Yeah it's eight you gotta get into this thing you've you've never seen one of these things is this is the time to do it it's coming up September 15 through the seventeenth the Bellagio of drag lazy Max Treadway. Mr. Ron Capps is going for another won a world championship ended I hope you get it don't forget kids under thirteen are free. I take its three day packages starting just 99 dollars and you can get in their right now 1804418045. By fans. Or hit of the Charlotte motor speedway dot com. Who do you think he's gonna be the most competition or since its recent everybody your competition. Yeah you know John force is suggesting that come alive here last year racists. I know say that the championships and through my teammate chase and Donna Johnson Jack back and try to cap this been like teammate but. You know Sunday comes around. All bets are locks itself mono mono so. You know you could handle it at number ten. It's the charge championship its its chin. Unbelievable teams and drivers so. What you happened. Can't wait to see a Manzi Max dragway Ron Capps always a pleasure to talk to every single year. And I hope god next up my tie. NH RA funny car world champion. I love it or Ron have a great time almost season.