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Friday, July 6th


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Carolina's classic rock won a one point one looking forward to this gig out for a long time coming to town Simpson build this Sunday and Herridge park campus theater the weather's going to be outstanding. And got a guy that you know very well from this town you seem here at trans Siberian orchestra it's jolt poster accompanying with the whites say what's up like. Elite golf growth thanks Jeremy John. I tell Manhattan avenue back in town if I gotta say this is there I think the the first time that I've been down here in South Carolina for fifteen years and I believe this is the first time white snake is hit here in fifteen years. And your weather and how cool is that man out. Pretty awesome part of it part of it we got a new album on the will do a new light stakeout last week was a purple tour of the live album. And you're on tour with a last year LC did some work with the TS so when he came through here and then you're out this year with Warner who you worked with before. And that Jason Bonham experience this is a pretty good triple bill. Yeah I mean that's pretty great catalog immediately get meteorite huge hurdle it that well spells spot from just a bomb to start the diet and the great white their cattle are our. Orders got those great songs are really isn't right or you can legitimately you know every car that you have got caught Brock and I ought to come on navigate around and sing along feature night. Well you got Mick Jones was for a day and and that ban is just legendary with some of the work that they've done. And then your time with them in case there is there anybody you haven't really played well. Half rally that was just a short period of time I've never or liquid bill I shielding him no doubt but you know came out it was an honor that the work with those guys this so that she's a little bit you know they're they're a bunch of wonderful good transit that's. If it got backstage with all the on this tour manner as well as the land them and it really has been an incredible and so are a little. It continues of course the incomparable David Coverdale. Is just probably one of the nicest guys in the business and united. He's standing next to him when you win your. When your plan and you do you just blown away by his voice like we are. Yeah I mean David's son inspiration formula. For years upon bird's steal just you know somebody to learn common continued to. It just took control mentality of my career is now -- long line working with. Does Stewart heroes of mine and I was a kid you know it's it's pretty amazing there was a moment. This past year were those people per day and it was really just media David want a repeat of the birthday. You know if you would have told me it's. The teenager to look at it game over. That's right yeah I don't. So it's great. So wonderful I think you are going Boehner or hated it I'll have a good time. Now trust these tell you know raise stuff done in Tahoe is he's he you know he's. A mainstay in incline village in. And of course in the old grainy house in Reno where these two record. And the new place where you do a lot of the recording for white snake stuff that's got to be just a nice guy nice vibe to it. There is there's a band house out there marina that we call galaxy that's basically a beautiful suburban home met essentially banned guided and it just that they don't studio it won't go home to their home for the ban those very so. It's pretty funny you know you think of the neighbors or if they ever open that the as of our lives now because this looks like it is day and night you know Brady Bunch family living it. Yeah last time. Last time I talked to David he just had he just had breakfast who is the local sheriff I said is that just making sure that you can keep the noise down if you have a loud party goes well you know we have to take care of ourselves and we need to. Yeah. Smart Smart move so I was light on the road. When David these days you know back in the in the eighties he used to be a massive access they you know these days everybody just staying healthy and doing well and and one thing that you've always done when you've ever been on the road with the doesn't matter who out who you are out with. He always puts southern up on social media likes fourth of July you put some and up that we shared on our FaceBook page that was a nice of tribute to America and and we appreciate that. I'll thanks ma'am that was that was very optic you know I decide by Al laid out a person star spangled banner at net. Occasionally easy and I came up with bit real quick Reilly I think and that may be to take a bit I had probably all urged extreme addressing her package sent. You shouldn't do it third or fourth day. Armies or the National Anthem and also currently out of or counter that again that drivers that they're done undertakes by both the really elaborate likes. I decided I would put plain and simple I'm now on a but Q&A bit thank you for noticing as. You know game or. I I do love this country. You know we're probably than in the in the united. You know. Also offers much criticism as particularly at a wonderful country I think we do an awful lot to help other countries as well also Kamal we can't be all bad. Exactly manner especially when you do flyer on this great country indeed take pictures everywhere you go and and they get Tommy Aldridge is talking about him there's a legendary dude been with the with David for for Il wants. Yeah man Diego led in themselves he got rather than you know red beach is also sold millions alum and he added it's. I'm Brit I'll be of course that the outlook Arkansas aren't going to hate it quite theater Tommy was the driver were there you know Gulbis huge cities and only access service. Got an eight it's cool man you know begun with a battery in. And we got him got those like myself. Rick Taylor made from Italy Turkey brook where there were a little humor to the ground. I just kind of bringing enthusiasm. And you know I think the why not excited at all so yeah that the cool makes you guys go get on gurneys and while collapse of the funniest man never been a part of you know it is last. On the then buy it it's ridiculous every night usually at some point there's one of those classic if you'd love you Tony 32. Just glass and oversaw the you brought it into complexities. Oh I'm sure you know between Aldridge and David there there is there's some stories that are just below mind blowing and you just like going. My god how in the hell are you still alive. Yeah David mantle. Yonkers David Lowe would be Smart guy too. Last. Yeah I'll have a good time so you know and don't have yet that vote at all certain you know whatever that later on yet but some of the page you're cheap black march that's always really hello oh yeah that's brightly and there. Well that's what that's one of those albums and you just reminded me about it it was a Coverdale page album and he is just some of that the riffs on their UB and hello to term players to you say you're damn self with. With us some great solo stuff and there's less Owen was thirteen which is who you gotta get it. Any is you here's some of the risks from Jimmy Page and then having Jason Bonham on tour we idea that's just going to be a kind of a cool deal to. And then mentally it was a really nice guy and eight interview this fumble while I'm in the best. Led Zeppelin band that ever burden in my life I mean it's it's crazy under the same artist does her ridiculous jobless. Arms sounding exactly like Robert Plant another guitar players. Just. Either amazing I mean you sound exactly like Jimmy K we've heard really really cool. Well if you're gonna be if you're going to be as zeppelin tribute band and you've got some lineage like Jason does for God's sakes and he beats the hell out of the ground just as hard as it bad. He does that mean you great drummer. I don't remember that on Long Island. I'll see steady note some of that type I children from local Jason had a period in order which is pretty funny down there are based where Michael Devon White saint spaced letters actually to her origination Bob's mom off here so we got some guys Chris Frazier played some reporter actually sort of like smoke in the are so. You know we have some substance he built in that anybody you know pain of this argument. Where you know your guys are I'll guarantee that job. I tell you when you every time you guys check into hotel and they see all three you all three your bands come and everybody's at the hotel room. At the hotel places just gonna go all hill. Oh. Well yeah it yeah that that's pretty much of the light from the touring rock musician. You know a lot of strange look. About this strange looks much ran well and. We're doing this weekend we're giving away tickets to look at to renew and an all ladies weekend we're giving away tickets to rock of ages which is coming to Spartanburg in a few weeks. And you have a lot of history where that production on Broadway. Yeah I wanted to guitar player for basically the entire rent New York so it came in. They didn't put up a small run of it and LA and it really cut out of it say Cilic who we can then they decided to kind of bring it to new York and have a crack at taken at the broader so it started off Broadway ran for a few months and it was evident that they're gonna give it ago. You know hatton had enough money behind it never sang it brought Broadway and we ran six years there so on me I I played that show for over six years. Pretty amazing dobbs thankfully during that time I couldn't so about two at night ranger Raza that the time enjoy consider an orchestra and so I kept me go on and I was able to keep my in my career gone better essentially have to kick every day for six years are pretty amazing experience on. When I get I did you talk about all the time that you weren't whims last time USC took time for yourself and took a vacation you get a chance to do that. It happens man happened on the gig an idea that in this is not too bad out here we're basically you're unfortunately. So you now may be five on some that we explain you get. 23 days we can't. In all honesty that I used to edit work and Jim or might try to get some other music done or south of sorts Sony plans somebody's. You know records not NN. So I like that they've been hit the only way you can do it these days and you know you gotta just. Shell had the proper respect that job you know a lot of people think it's unique you know career in music partied on it yet you do when you're colonel director. Somali you treat it like that at all. All these days many can't in this dressing with a tour in the grueling. Time on state a lot of people think it all you don't need to be in shape my ass you need to be in shape when you're on stage could you do a lot of moving around. And letting let alone go from town to town and and the days of access or just you know I'd like you just said you're gonna die. Yeah I mean as good as the years go by and you can't find it can carry yourself there's no question and you know the true test for me with that as always transcend your darkest UH as the week he goes to show days and you know yet the signing line it to that that we do it there without them at the beginning of the day a sound check I mean you're basically going all the way from yeah 11:11. AM until about 10 PM. And eight and you know 22 and a half hour shows later onstage so by the time Nadal in those days you do three of those in a row and you feel at your sheet or Peru access. That's pretty much when you know whether or not you're taking care of yourself and aren't there. I tell you last solo album I talked about. Trans Amir anniversary last solo album thirteen which is outstanding got a getting get an Agile poster dot com. Is you got a couple of guys in there from my trans Siberian orchestra and two legendary names of any of peace and Tony Franklin. Yeah thanks so much man here Russell Allen who the China Japan Yorkshire and made mine. And it just got a photo blue actually cures which has a inertia as well so those two great singers and we have received Tony Franklin and under sure. They keyboards sides so. Basically it's my finger on the classic rock and help me out what locals saw that I get rid of you know and I wanna do it like my best singers stay in rocket I can't validate. And so clearly it's not a decision I regret now and I'm proud of the Al knows Assad may. You know looking forward to. More musical endeavors like that in the future. Well I'd say we are looking forward to us seeing you back in town in Greenville, South Carolina Simpson bill heritage park amphitheater along with Jason Bonham you guys with a white steak and if you've never seen white snake before man is one hell of a kickass show. David's voice sounds exactly the same in and of course is you know he's he's had a lot of trials and tribulations with his voice through that one period. But his voice is stronger than ever and if you get a chance the weather is going to be perfect as an outdoor venue. Go see these guys and of course for a you know very well you've seen here in town quite a bit. But I jaw I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule and dude it's gonna be great to see again. And also great to see play with a white steak and I got to ask you what is your favorite white snake tuned play. Ideology is lucky to play any of them and I only go there honestly yes. I'm about to be part of it done yet and we can't wait to rocky guys so they're pretty come on out and I'm sure that it does not Iraqis for quite some time. Did look at Ford's or did you bucks here enjoy the former white snake and Jason Bonham and Led Zeppelin evening open it up for the show appears zeppelin fan it doesn't get any better than this. Besides says seeing page and plant on the stage but Joseph appreciate it pal and look forward to see neon sending out thank you so much.