Jeff Plate TSO

Thursday, September 13th

•  Jeff is TSO’s drummer and an original member dating back to the Savatage days.

•  2018 marks the 20th Anniversary of Trans-Siberian Orchestra ON TOUR.  Since that time they have performed 2,000+ shows.

•  This holiday season TSO will be perform 106 concerts in 65 cities.  The tour is presented nationally by The Hallmark Channel.

•  TSO’s 2018 Winter Tour will find them performing “THE GHOSTS OF CHRISTMAS EVE”ROCK OPERA which is based

on the group’s multi-platinum DVD and long running PBS fundraiser.

•  This year’s tour will feature new production, new songs and a new take on what's become a tradition for so many people nationwide

•  The show will include enduring fan favorites such as "Christmas Eve Sarajevo 12/24," "O’ Come All Ye Faithful," "Good King                 Joy," "Christmas Canon," "Music Box Blues," "Promises To Keep," and "This Christmas Day” among others.

•  “The Ghosts of Christmas Eve” follows the journey of a young runaway who, on Christmas Eve, breaks into an abandoned

vaudeville theater seeking shelter from the cold, and the ghostly visions she experiences from that concert hall’s past

•  To celebrate the tour's big year, TSO and Rhino Entertainment will release a new 20th-anniversary edition of their 1998 album "The       Christmas Attic," available on CD and digitally Sept. 28, and vinyl on Nov. 23.  The new edition of the album features                 “Christmas Jam (Live),” a bonus track previously unreleased on CD and vinyl.

•  As they have in the past, TSO will donate  $1 - $2 from every ticket sold to charity.  To date, they have distributed MORE

THAN 15 MILLION DOLLARS to worthy charities throughout North America.

•  For additional information, visit:

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Classic rock won a one point one you know is that Tommy year tickets go on sale for the trans Siberian orchestra gonna be the bus sykora wellness arena descendants of December 7. Always great to have him back for the twentieth here and I got the original guy mr. Jeff played the original drummer of the man in doubt howry Jeff. I'm doing great thank you I'll Mac today at twenty it's hard to believe you know when you end up hall and everybody got together over twenty years ago. And they decided to take this little cavalcade on the road would just a couple of trucks and that was about it right. Yeah I can remember there Purcell you're yesterday we will see you know how it appeared sort outlook it was a car. Under a small truck right there all want to lighten up our machines. That was the shallow I remember. I remember walking understood each but those birds on the open and I were just. Our stomach or not aren't we had no idea what to expect I was so it's gonna go and in the same period twenty or whether it was to openness and sensor remote Stearns is growing every year system than what happened. No I'd also speaking are growing media stage set up his two grown a little bit since did the first twenty years. You can say that we call the congress. When we try to trailers full lighting and sound than. It is one heck of a setup by Diana it it's your receipts here so Ortiz who production second cannot. A tie and it did it go it's like Pink Floyd needs to Lou and god knows who else you wanna throw in their because one there's so much stuff blown up it's insane. To the music is outstanding and of course all led by the amazing drummer known as Jeff played there's been banging on the skins and and actually getting paid to speed up things for many many years. Those who reported on. And Eric everybody should be so lucky night. I know right as you come back into town again a Hallmark Channel sponsoring you guys once again this year and of course you got the whole cavalcade of faint you get Chris who is the in this the speaker and also we the speaker himself you've got Brian hicks who's got an unbelievable voice that tells the whole story of Christmas. It's an incredible honor Chris caps lady and myself or been here for every joke you know show. Are we see a lot of changes over the years but the every illegal onstage with a lot sort of a great cast people. Oh at ten vocalist and regret deeply struck 8 eastern section that we that we acquiring every in every time that we play in which is which is called the vocal talent involved. But but with that talent onstage it's not it's not and completely opposite you know listen. Listen to clutch play my guys replies staged by that girls. Almost agents such as the treatment here. And of course Derek we'll it is always your Babin your music director for quite some time and he just puts it altogether and keeps everybody in lining keeps everybody Iraq and every single night right. Derek is amazing he does not look upon. You know he. Behind the scenes rehearsal getting every every you know he's in the right place or people know. And then also those would be production rehearsals to which. You know there's a lot going on the stage that we really. Cast member needs to be in the right spot. You cannot be in the way you Cairo. Later reserves are there other things that are going out there but there's a lot of work involved in all of it. Well and you gotta keep everybody's hair and in intact as well because I don't think there is somebody that's that doesn't have at least a shoulder length hair throughout the band. Yes. I've been fortunate on the closest one of the fires some caused by golfers so it's a good thing. When you guys have been doing this for twenty years on the road when did it come to the point when did Paul come you guys and say. You know we need to do two shows and then also how about two bans. So it only took first tour 1989 it was just savage shots. And here again we have no idea how this you received. Or the following year I think we had upwards so. Forty or fifty shown city and that's what I'm we were trying to do this war between Thanksgiving and Christmas. So covering all those unique and all the owners all that crowd that look at the time. That preserved he's known Justin problem by but that's where that you can sort of joking and apply. Did over the years just as cute so became more popular. There he is cruel and congress probably. But 2004 will be released. The last Christmas see those things really started to happen. We both were important dearest to him smaller Arenas to arguing had to sit and actually I don't personally know. Appears twice daily duties and it was like holy cow I can't believe what's happening but. It has not quote on our response question do occur are both just we were today than. No no we are celebrating her twenty year. Thought to whether that Jeff played the original drummer the original member of my trans Siberian orchestra and you know throughout those twenty years this stage show has just become. Outstanding I still remember talking with Paul quite a few times about. How we had this I gear we wanted to get this pendulum going through the air and and there and we just couldn't do it because it way too much then modern technology took over and he was able to do it. You know when when you guys are putting together the stage now. The age where your production team comes in into a major part of this because they get to let it all around. For those couple of months. Have you even seen a glimpse of what stage is gonna look like this year is it's a look at the surprise it Tia. No he's always a surprise to him honestly when we get to rehearsals. You know we we are starting to start working in the small room with the band and vocalist. You know get all that tighten back up and but I really do not see this mutual on the scope what is going to be in tortoise setup and here again over the years that he has those stages grown tremendously it's always been remarkable note always been a fantastic show. Last year Greg Hartley out by the and up are your results and our production crew these guys really came up with something programs numerous U ridiculous and great. And I'm sure whatever the school another insurer but for no other item that surprises as most people that first pitch at public that is also. These guys you know this all year round jobs coming up with something different social appear. Now when you guys actually get to get your feet under the safe so to speak is that when they choreography stars to work out that's when you start getting comfortable. Where the flash costs are gonna be where the pyre is going to be in where the lasers are going to be. And that's how long does it take for you guy who obviously you don't have to move around too much could you got a hell of a drum kit but. Everybody else how long's it take them normally to get comfortable with the set up. I I don't know. Those are all over two weeks yeah. We we have the luxury all the numbers are are returning so. Everybody knows the drill you know we really just have to kind of brush up a little bit on some music and some of the locals. In episode Sabah the point where we get on the main stage with that would also add up. That's where we're used to caucus because you have to be in the right place right time. Everything has to Arista on account correctly you know. Not just video of lighting but for all the effects that you mentioned is. Very very important for everybody to be focused and don't Nicholas or nick. One of the things too that the Apollo a's had the invasion number one. He loves to see smile he loved to see smiles in the audience as well as you guys do but he also. Had the invasion of making it accessible. To not only the band members but accessible for families to get to the show. And it wasn't that expensive but the money how much that you guys give back to every community from every shelf. Do you are on Apollo words I don't machinery used to these tickets reasonably priced. Because we do this tour every year. We were allowed him to come back this is currently here in order brings talent toward the show us. It it adds up so all wanted to make it all earth. You know he could bring your family to push on our programs popcorn and drink and still you know without without hurting here but I breaking your bank source nick Riviera. The other part is using the Serbs that we that we contribute over the years and on the very first look at that we so we don't need one dollar. Per ticket sold to date we've donated fifty million dollars or at bat across the country you to local charities CNET. You know Paul was always occur each state guy is in a big part of that what you are generous. So this is a small plastic back to the community helps some people are repeated and you know at the audience is also involved in this too you know for every ticket they're either they're contributing to the charity which is great. There helping out people announcing but you know some pervert caught up in that honestly it's a direct them there. Once they had tape already ten years ago when I started talking with all. That he donate every single year too when I shaved my head for children's cancer researcher on Saint Patrick's Day. And still to this day every year I shaved my head is now the family in the fail me trans Siberian orchestra still donates to my shaving and they had so I wanted to finish thank you for that you being ET is so family member. And especially original family members well but that's one of the cool things that you guys have always done. You've made it affordable you made it he made people smile in the audience. And especially with twenty years on the road you're starting to see some of those kids that you saw before though even those twenty years now bringing their kids to the show. It's unbelievable now whether this there are also mission was complete yes so timeless. And something that was apparently lived beyond all of us in any of us don't sit generations and and you're right on our territory though so we'll kick it into beyond that I'm in early 2000 more they're all grown up now. An article hoping and her own kids so let's. It's really worked out well. What we're looking forward to see the twentieth anniversary along with a homer channel to come to Bonser coral illness or ended December 7. Tickets on sale this Friday that Chile's gonna be outstanding we've never seen trans Siberian orchestra show. And you think just the Christmas show he's had known you might wanna hang out for another extra five minutes because. Then things start blowing up again and you have a second shelf. Yeah most people think they were gone after the first hour to happen. They don't. If we could step yet to come by your guidance. It's been incredible run the production is something that people people are seeing now where we're all very proud that. Looking forward to it again Jeff played the original drummer the original member of trans Siberian orchestra the twentieth year on the road looking forward to seeing you guys December 7 of the bonds a core wanna Serena appreciated friend. Yeah and took our.