Wednesday, May 23rd

Jeff Hammond

- Two-Time Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series championship crew chief for Darrell Waltrip in 1982 and 1985

- joined the NASCAR on FOX Broadcast team in 2001

- played football at East Carolina University

Coca-Cola 600 – May 27
59th running of one of NASCAR’s crown jewel events on Sunday, May 27
Test of endurance for both man and machine as it’s the longest race on the NASCAR schedule
Race will be preceded by the largest Memorial Day Weekend military celebration along the front stretch 
All (5) branches of the U.S. Armed Forces will be represented, including Blackhawk helicopters from the Army at Fort Bragg and F-15 fighter jets from the Air Force at Seymour Johnson AFB.
Eli Young Band will perform the pre-race concert – Free with your race ticket
Coca-Cola 600 has a history of producing first-time winners (David Pearson, Jeff Gordon, Bobby Labonte, Matt Kenseth among the first-timers and last year’s winner, Austin Dillon).


Kids 13 and under get in for just $10; Tickets for college students are just $25

Adult packages for the entire race weekend start at just $79.

Tickets are available at or by calling 1-800-455-FANS (3267)

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Coming up this weekend we got a Coca-Cola 600 and all this week I'm giving you a chance to win tickets to Coca-Cola 600. And what a better person to talk about the Coca-Cola 600 in the best Jack man of the business talking to Jeff salmon now why Jeff. I'm doing great you are I'm outstanding man just dodging the raindrops and hopefully we get a good one in over the weekend because as you know. There was a great race at Charlotte motor speedway this past weekend. It really was the main the the first camera in this aero package with the cup cars. Really proved. That he can be made to work coming up I was really pleased with what Paula I was Almeida must say the entire time from the open all the way to the end. An incredible right CNN's. If they support decide to come from this it's the idea they ran it in the Indy racing Indy a year ago yeah I was up there but that. Was totally up blown away how it will well workday here had reservations about Charlotte would have a launch right away. But it it did prove that debris an incredible rights. It was a great time and especially the way Kevin Harvick came up well there was so many different stories in that race but of course the major story Kevin Harvick. What is 86 win of the season. Yeah I think this team I mean they they've got it figured out I had a chance to topple Rodney Childers prior to the right post Saturday night. And he's about as relaxed and loose in the first thing the crew chief but these guys are doing a fat fabulous job. His driver is given in gradient good engineers are are able to. Yet the call they need to get what he's Colin really solid rice is making great adjustments what matters the most that you got to realize. He looked strong in the very beginning but then he got back in traffic in the struggle for awhile and they worked on the car more McCarty made great cult. Late in the right that they gave. Given the opportunity to get close to the front and he did the rest. Target with NASCAR cup series champion crew achieved for Darrell Waltrip accords. And Jeff Hammond and you join NASCAR and fox broadcasting team back in 2000 wind. Do you think back from 2001 to NASCAR today how much does the sport changing European. Oh gosh I mean is almost day and night I mean all the things that we still have a common we race car to go left. I changes so many different rules. The way we we run the races I mean this so much about our sport. And it's. Our basic exchange it really had. Well we're I think has changed too especially for the pit crew you being one of the best Jack man in the business and and one of the still best in shape as I say but you that they're big story did for the crew has been the the air guns. It has they had this new. Basically tackle the problem NASCAR then yeah it seems to actually go before the storm on the right society and they get their guns issue detailed. By NASCAR moloch for a structure like they give it to Egypt today in that you give it back giving him. It has really. From the east teams a curb its and a lot of weight just leveled the playing field they've also found out the at the fallibility of this new. New product because the Japanese the first time they've gotten into a NASCAR style. Of impact bridge and if it's really it's it's it's had its moments during the course as say and so far. We'll come of this week in the 59 running of NASCAR's crown jewel events and probably the one it is the longest race the 600. And we'll see how those in those air guns hold up this weekend but. It's the test of endurance win this race not only for the the pit crews but also the drivers and 600 I've gotten a couple of weeks ago. I get to date twelve laps around the track in in one of the super sweet cars and got to drive. And got a 250 miles an hour but I can't imagine doing it for you know 600 miles. Now I hate it really is it's. When you think about the fact that. They were an all star event the other night it's it would run at night. Now we're going to the focal 600 in the majority the practice will be done. And the daytime. The deal would drop the green flag will go from day tonight so. They challenged not for the drivers and it seems to have the car where they're very attainable. Keeping up the right track temperature changes. And the mental focus that it takes to run that racetrack as aggressively with the speaker will be run and that's 600 miles. It will where the best the athletes that we have in this our sport dale. Surviving into the night these guys will look at all they can stand in. We're up by that either of them mentally and physically as the toughest and he's got the best car as far as endurance of the Carlson. Would you tell you see the way everything's changed especially the pickers and everything like that and I'm sure you can give me here in probably the the best shape did you still getting married and and. Around the car a little bit. I feel like Nokia and Sierra Leone and now all how I'll go out and I have a a crap that crucial to open mortal cult hit destruction are trying and we trying pit crews that are actually trying to could we develop. New talent pool pick for a pit road and every now and then I'll jump in there and I'll do a few stops just to say hostility and so. You know I can do. I'm not a fan at least they've that would these new impact reaches its kind of little the Plainfield a little bit I think I could still do what about US 6072. Well I tell you about talk about in shape people we always salute to military the Coca-Cola 600 and the gang is Charlotte motor speedway. Is gonna how do themselves again this weekend with a black hawk helicopters. From Fort Bragg also F fifteens. They're coming down from Seymour Johnson air force base and also. Great music to the Eli young man's gonna be doing a pre race concert free with your race take is to ticket as well. You can find out more information at 180455. Fans or Charlotte motor speedway dot com. But do you got taken for this is this weekend's race because. It always is you know crapshoot especially when you get near the end but everything's gonna be the the the best shot to win the 600 this weekend. It can be real hard not to put Kevin Harvick at the top of that list whether they're right and as of late last doll Saturday night everything so would have of that site designed so that I'm here. I feel like his crew. And his crew chief right now there there are so intent. There will be a definite threat. Come you know standard at least Sunday afternoon Sunday night. That you can't you know deny the fact accomplish. Even Jimmy Johnson. And I think more importantly when you look at some of the guys that we were almost there and run it really did like Al Larson. They're all going to be a threat. But when you think about a couple sick about it being so long you are to think well maybe you know a first time winner to come out of that that you know David Pearson Jeff Gordon Bobby the money. And back into the little forget a possibility a year ago that Al got their first we end. Until all the races we run and so I'm sitting there thinking well. Chase delegate might do. You know you just used you never know what you want to maintain a story says because. Did he was Saturday night he may be a surprise so. You've got about the ticket I mean there's a great great and nothing else this for the military show for the band itself you know I mean it into the happening you don't wanna mention this week and I'm telling you run out shot most big waves for you wanna they. All day Sunday can see everything I mean they've got souvenir treasurer they got a lot of things have around a racetrack and stick around in and watch. I mean these great athlete and not only on pit road with idol will these race cars go ahead. In fact I'm going to be doing a live broadcast of their two to six we broadcast live with a classic route 11 point one. And it's always a blast to not only hang out the infield and see some of the great people. But buddies the respect and the honor of I do and and off for the military this weekend. And against Charlotte motor speedway and they're the folks there have always put on one hell of a display and is probably the largest display in the southeast coming up a Memorial Day weekend correct. India has been and it's about say you have been. And they go on this racetrack since 1964. And he's actually a lot of races same a lot of Coca-Cola 600. They always put out an outstanding pre Wright showed weakness and greasy ears that don't. You know all military basically it is gotten I mean just better and better and better better and what. A you know a more appropriate. Pre Wright showed they do honor the military who are honoring their fallen comrades on Memorial Day weekend I mean it's it's incredible and it. A promise she I'll try real hard I wanna come bouncing back and you know it's chicken which you boys are on the racetrack probably Daryl Sunday afternoon and we'll look. We'll commiserate a little bit we'll talk about more stuff under indicates that we. I look forward to a man if we wanna find you on Twitter I really funny on Twitter FaceBook and all your hookups. Hollywood yet. Hollywood yet but tell you Khatami on everything. That's pretty much yet. And done also if you wanna get cannot talk about cheer you talked about a year your pit crew schooled you gotta go on how do you get tech if someone's a listen to this thing go how like getting to some like that. I have to do is just Google are yet Google paid instruction and trying to get short. And not pick retraining and you'll get an opportunity to fire throughout bird mortal who rob besides NASCAR tech. Rather the middle of the bunch erased things not too far from Dale Earnhardt junior's expand the operation so. We're right in the middle of it if you're interested in trying to become one of those. Superhero we have on pit right now they'd we have the ability do you have UV that opportunity. Well the size of the guys especially when you first started I in the pit crew to what they are today. They're held a lot bigger. Well as a matter of fact we're in the in the process right now talking to young man who played center at Florida. And it stretcher to Carolina. And probably 86364. Went about 300 pounds to hide there are a lot bigger than they used to based and a whole lot quicker and I have a problem and it's sad to based. Donnelly Jeff Hammond and I appreciate your time looking Ford senior on Sunday and yet we can find you on Sunday eleven to get back on the air with us. Okay we'll put.