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Tuesday, September 12th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. He's real. Miles and spread. As a result of fitting time for another round profile that's Keller 944999. Polo will play profile this coming up in minutes. And we do read your headlines on the way one hour from now the first quick check in my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working. So. Oh you know it's going on there. What's that his microphone those awards are you have to come and I've been I don't think any of those microphones were. Expanded from earlier all the microphones are dead yeah now the killing and the turn of the megaphones they don't work. This is well oiled machine we have now money you know I'm playing the melody while this is on his news is it good enough familiar place ridiculous Sox know that I had operated a 900 documents today computer operators in the one who posted anything that might have public if I forgot your birthday by the way I was I'm sorry apologize right valuable I was in the would you just said that I think that can't be true. Although my thanks to home Barbara if they don't know I kind of you know I. A tribal all the men are working nine out. How I thought Evan earlier right to build a verdict public health exam. Can't ads off of his own here's the fun part all right. Pete that is continued after a manager in Jacksonville Florida told employees that get in trouble if they execute evacuated more than 24 hours put it to execute it and I thereby our enemies retire at that next. You can edit catching heat after a manager in Jacksonville Florida told employees that get in trouble if they evacuated more than 24 hours before her ahead and missed a shift. What do you mean I'm gonna lose this job at Pizza Hut and the because I would not be here and there wouldn't tell backtracked on a go ahead and leave man. I'd go people are going to be ordering pizzas storing an evacuation. Yeah come off and I mean I just don't know if there's. I don't know if there's any chopper behind four. He never gave his bearing down you know expecting. So thank you. Appreciate them okay CNN both that a map that shows how many hurricanes have hit the different states since we started keeping track and 1851. Florida is first at 117. Okay you guys who is next at. Nearly half that many falsely either North Carolina or Texas dent in Louisiana. Miles you know with Texas at 64. Okay went from a 116 are hammered seventeen to 64 Louisiana is next at 54. And the north Carolina at 51. It seems while I would think they seem to think off the Carolinas all the time exactly. And now and I know. She's editor trying to answer the phone we send up a little Liberia and and you hear it. It's it's if you thought of as an ounce cup ball well now right yeah. Computers were called off the trend is there a little bit so it's a disaster. I think you're doing a great job we're doing good man survived we'll find a way any idea how anything works for the Aetna that really know you don't who have been. The mics don't worry you don't at least he's not gonna drop down box if you write a book that there are things. I'm about eight gap it's Eliot L Laura Hotmail are often they don't ever come back everybody here's something that we did not and a I beer and guy North Carolina cuddled. California dammit a man in northern California public cop last week after a 33 year old woman broke into his place. Eight have a sandwich and drink some beer smoke a few of the cigarettes and then got into his bed naked I'll arrive. Is he it's exclusive shortness of all right Jesse had a regular self and home and a that's exciting if I could join others food I at some speakers got sicker at exactly we're good to go back to undertake an act if if if if if if if if I just. How long was it. I mean he told the cops after he saw all this happened did he like golf it was Romans are passed out in his bed naked. Did he witness didn't just sit his living room while she was in years raiding his fridge drinking is Beers. I'll vote came home he gave homeowners the package. Tag is had been in his house okay it was on this front porch and a knife that have been in his house was outside should open the package. Then he goes there and I got some food have been disturbed while he's like so many Robby he goes upstairs and there's his butt naked sleep that is dam and not a (%expletive) bad. You know what she a 33 I saw the picture. And it. I'm going to go on a limb and say she is heavily involved in the drug trade. And if you were not it would be good and it. And but he is so it was almost good okay. Brad does what stuns me Australians are being encouraged to hunt and eat more kangaroo roots. Yeah because they're way too many of them about 24 million people live in Australia and there are more than twice as many came gurus. Was there any legal for awhile like don't shoot the national animal this is a symbol of our country and events that it is depends on the population but it's Australia to control the population by giving us your hunting season has a certain number it's supposed to bring in for reason mullet stuff is just based on. Population control so you don't run him over their car they don't you know they could they're still able to find enough food so right. In the rose to beat me. Pivotal yeah you can square off on. I released and me. Tag group of Tolstoy in the paper punches in remain on the he. Suddenly they are videos there anything. 48 year old British man who was in Vegas for bachelor party got arrested after for swimming across the Colorado River right next to Hoover Dam. He would have been sucked into the turbines but all but one of them have been Arabs are happen to be off when he did it. Apparently he's the first man to do and survive yes and he did it drunk. So why arrest the man well don't turbine still isn't incredibly strong as what they said there was anymore on he's still would have been he would have been toast but. They said oh still impressive that he was able to do what he did even with a one term it is impressive. I mean there really isn't right it's like oh it's like but it's like present it's like swimming through it giants. Riverside pretty much stamp. Sister on the psyche one way yet to swim out you know the whole way across is trying to fool you it you've got the strength to do the shouldn't believe threat where is he from. He was from bread for Britain as it was Vegas use here for a user for. Bachelor party do an all American dream I guess that. And it and they didn't arrest him on his legs are so brusque that's the great thing about it. They did arrest a million resolute enough. Will therefore he was arrested just after her death he was no you Palin go right did I like all right I thought I'd let you go I don't know. Nice defeated according to breath. According to a new survey 36% of us have paid to go at least one sporting event in the last year yep 12% have body sports video game and I don't know. And 4% have spent money on fantasy sports. Now I am a I'm really close to do having done all three this year the trifecta I just haven't paid my way and in my fantasy league and harassment and threat as you could have done all but again I had no spend. It's been a lot of money for tickets. There yet today you do that you can happen. It has been invited us at. I don't spend any only the video games of fantasy and don't fancy it did just that price admission and then the years to invest in video games and fun. Did and finally after it was in most played video games. The fun for you can bet that the difference might get drunk. And finally I could limit for dale my theater was salt until about a when are now I'll thank him awake by not necessarily an hour from now as we do have headlines coming up one hour from now of course today though. The men's room. Represents. Yes he withdrew help to please tell everyone how profile this is playing a short ten miles that the simple game where we share with you real life news story something that happened right here I landed her. Or. And as you listen to the story based on stereotypes you believed to be drove people. And the decisions that people make we'll ask you what it is that you think makes the story the story. Hello I welcome to the bedroom who's this. On I've got them this is what you would speak. Pick a random calls hello and welcome to the bedroom who's this. An open tentative remains the only game is played dividend. Yeah that is outstanding guards have now want to listen this furthers your. IT TV carefully your life. And relax you know doing lie you're not dead like before you come out and I wanted to understand there's a reason why Tenet told your name's Tiffany and and we are terrified women whose names begin to liberty I don't know would reduce teen attack on two army Tonya got a scary I feel you'll drop and as Obama and Barbara. You are the woman I would expect this that we would scissors or punch I mean I. Only Hillary. Clinton I so we all know the video just that part of my trust god to athletic department team. Tim I know watching T Alexander Cora is not tense out Aaron you still between Dobson. I definitely know that millions of people but stopped in the middle of their jobs back on August 21 but wants the eclipse and this particular guy was no exception. Even if his job isn't exactly what you're going traditional one in this case at 22 year old guy in Kissimmee Florida. On that day he decided to steal call. But what he didn't realize already stole the car was that the cops were trauma and the reason we know bats because as he drove away you made a quick pit stop to a hardware store. The bio welders mass. So the could check out the eclipse and if you're wondering experts did say that you can use the welders massed along the bad shape global barker said so we stopped at the hardware store bought what was mass because he do. Credible or not. We want to see the eclipse would put her mom he looked up from the sky and nothing cops moved in and arrest you didn't even see the eclipse them and he put on the mastic grabs that. Now my question is do you believe that does but clips all the car thieving man as black white Maxi or Asian. I'll I'll go up. No blank. Then you hit nominees are you talking about the game. I just wanted to Hume. Welders and mean to have that knowledge. But I'm alive I think of wielding as a white profession but I do. You know it's because there really well I think that either of us have ever seen Twilight Zone today have that knowledge of knowing that that would work you have to read it in a scientific. Look I give the wanna go they say this on the news threat. Because they did they definitely. She'd twelve or whatever or darker so right I mean those welders I guess the way but at the news covered it for him and he still car is stolen car we come from watching steal a car he has no idea they trail with the common man as improving the sentence like yeah you're under. I just never seen a welders mask slip up and the black do you ever would not surprise why what have you no matter what welding might yes I. I have two friends that are randomly just welding now just to kind of do it. I mean that it feels really why he does there is picking up welding kind of for the hell to me welding you'll like granola they're concerned that the person I'm of them. You'll black final answer. Okay we're gonna find out a few of black light makes the or Asian next. That was the tee you're listening to the men's or radio network secret. I went. Snap profiled as we head of Florida and other cops are hot on a guy who just dole look. So they were on mr. But he was on his way to see the eclipse the one thing you want to do along the way it was stopped and pick up a welding mask which community 7-Eleven so that he can watch the eclipse. However when he put on the mastodons right behind them and they basically Gupta right there and eating get a chance to see the once in a lifetime experience that's. There unfortunately it. Make a little the whole thing and it feels so good and yes you did you see this guy was. Black white makes you do when you were done hitting on me you decide to stay on black anyway. All I am I ran and I came out Massey. The puck behind Jack. And operate an umbrella or does not see the eclipse yeah I thought it was quite teams you might quite simple really pump. Fourth they get all the home but once you go welding mask directly to immediately program that is why isn't it here and everybody was I just. And some really excited. Yet there are a lot of really really really excited to repeat this I didn't have a hard to tell him that it happens in other countries like I've often I don't. So now relativity don't vote minister average TV time would dare. Because you're pathetic life. Inclined to countless hours in front of a talking box and the men's room presents. All right so the football season has started. You might have seen a little bit the news about this guy is this guy's name is Sergio dip. I Sergio dip yet VI PP. You know now as I say that I'm probably seeing a Hong but it can't be any of the dip right DI VPS yeah depth at the board dip. If you earlier now he's good he really appease a year earlier ours. Hard to roll when heated debate. Did my name is that in and Sergio dipping. So. You know what I'm just gonna start and I'm gonna play you the audio because he's caught a lot of heat fort Wright is him on Monday night foot. Quote it's a pleasure to be good you guys here on the field remote closed just watching. Both events tells the from here and watch him now on the screen. This diverse city in the background is helping him a lot tonight quarterback at Colorado. Back in the NFL. Not through broadcaster was a bit tight when you first see it here like all right that's pretty bad right. So two things number one the guys he's super nervous Beaulieu and then route to what should be inducted. That he generally works on ESPN deport basin in English is his second language do I get a pretty good. I agree dumb English is as far as a brought you know there's just smooth the way to go right he's nervous it's secular and I. I didn't realize I was as maybe approval or kill them today but you know what he basically federal as Byron happen he. Yep and out cleanly watch the video get them into FaceBook page but also the links there you can watch the video then you can also see that he had some fun with it on Twitter. And then he put out another message that was just wait. It'll look like how English is my second language I was real excited he's late. You know he's Mexican bit you know he's like he understands how massive NFL is. In my in an inept football games he was it was a lot I'd attack on upn in and on his natural language there Bob week. You might recognize from ESPN he's been there for years also outside the lines Robert to the always pop a literal Bob Bob Bartley probably. Even put a thing out today that was just like hey listen man like I was doing because he got covers a lot of soccer stuff do. And he was like look I try to do an interview in Spanish in Italy last twenty seconds Friday give up and UK. I don't really speak enough Spanish that he does like. Let's let this guy who's kind of a little right I wanna think he's only 22 hours he EZA young cute so but it was very funny but yet he was. He's getting dragged as the kids and. People are busted on the on the play by play of the game and I. Yeah and I might hit I forget her name the woman I was on the game I liked her. I thought her voice sound a kind of cool and exciting Rex Ryan jackpots that's that that was the negative criticism I heard was Rex Ryan. Yeah because you don't including a Tony Romo heart I mean I guess you did pretty good job on that it's always been pretty raiders soon tightened gaming gets heated. Mean he's fun. Elegant I think he'll give back to the person ourselves the war when he first started he's okay and when Troy Aikman first went to the Booth. I was like Jesus cried this guy is so bad in they had him and Joe Buck who is the opposite of excitement of assault these it and actually not bad bad the government listen. Which is amazing that I don't think Joseph I think Jim Nance had Phil Simms for an hour here so I'm not a bad human are they do women underwater you know and they brought bill hello. Worse. Why you'll it's the best models. And OW INS down yet I thought she said good Rex Ryan to me just sounded like Rex drying. Kinda acting like he's doing a book color commentary whereas I think that's what he's doing right now. Yeah like I don't think Rex Ryan is long for the broadcast world. He much I think is the possibility to get better at whether or not you'll council to do would implement don't know when I think Rex right now along the broadcast world I mean like I expect him back and magical go to they that they are okay are. But yeah I am totally into one broadcaster probably give him. Well that was still think Tony Romo made a giant. Think about like how much work he's and put Nancy give via via the good broadcast and stuff where it's like RJ Cutler had retired. And he is kind of like yeah whatever happened at pains to. That Jackson broke out of over like what kind of shape are you winning is they will likely have a quarterback Favre to be the best shape and depth. Account and respect and that. It was Italians see him out there is Erica. And Jay Cutler is an easy I think an easy person to kind of make fun of as far as he's he's performance on the field where it but. I have to imagine off the field it never seems like he really gets too upset now he's just deliciously eternally miserable. Or is he just eternally chill. Either that a's got arresting bitch face. I was only two players I don't I yeah I probably because I've heard from other players and he's a decent guy but when you saw on the pros commerce is on the field easily. Did they think also what a different Jay Cutler didn't think at that James Cutler but. The other players' abilities he's fine there's a kind of a funny guy which you would never think about watching for commerce and I I just thought so what does he led dopey face I'm like okay. Is resting bench space is he camps working at this this is starting to read them. And he's got hot wife is as good as famous that's the Smart man. You have a program current Internet at least in its another issue people have this NFL season. Is that the chargers who used to be in San Diego. Have now moved to Los Angeles. I love off Scott van pelt but this is basically to Scott van pelt having a hard time remembering that they are in Los Angeles now. Got a measurement they're saying digger using all this try to focus on the competitive fight the schedule I called them the wrong name it's gonna happen oh yeah I'm just gonna apologize. Dark Los Angeles for collectively San Diego had won one game J. D. Durbin doesn't defense only once had Denver lost and one who wants to San Diego went to San Diego. This trend continue through these three point games a set against the Los Angeles for a fifth of the chargers to a Port Angeles you can't let. These things happen to you. That's just didn't write the hypocrite I didn't miss it in that's gonna happen a lot like how he does it. Yeah because he's you know you a lot of bright Ole polled growth slowed or gold or through walls Lendl slightly elated to fight went army demands an op art about God's other than the greatest team of the greatest years but. I mean the fans in San Diego came out and they they still into the games knowing that the team was leaving and they. It's a great city you know they were always supportive of that team it's just it's just the politics of this is the potential for money and everything else but I mean that it wasn't like San Diego wasn't selling out the state. Well I think another thing to a granite iPad stealing this theory from count cards years ago but like I think sometimes when you lift it. In Southern California. I think he got a lot of things the weather's so now we have this Malia beach like I just don't know that sports will ever be used Paramount. As like living in like up Boston or New York Chicago green you bet he's cold winters yet. Yeah just summer but then after that lake BC sports is what you have to rally around threatened U colors are little outside Risley great San Diego it's like. Go to the beach I mean I'm just visited Orange County. And I was all fired up to watch something and only the day and it was that we never watch a sporting event that joke. We rent a beach bar genre and battery Theo mr. Kim a San gritty battle why laughed like. Yeah I'm sports are now but you don't care and that's the thing to wait Davis's game or you know what do let's go to the inspire that in San Diego's pension. Again was one of the you know better and that's stadium with a dump it to in the mission and vision again an effort and it it still be there. I it's a sports is obviously a contest one of the greatest contest that happens on a daily basis of the United States of America is of course. Jeopardy. Yet there are arguing about that hosted by Canadian. And the very Smart Canadian when my favorite application have a nickname like the beeper. It's the beaver cats your best I'm sure he would be delighted I know for years you've been called me I was two back but that on the leave now you know call me the beaver. But on the whole storm juniper trees bolt blew over. Yeah I mean like what he's not working on the show which added a couple of cocktails who's overly miles through though not a Bieber was there a term pat. You know it man you brought routine is tidbits the whole party. But there before. But let's isn't a very Canadian thing beavers won't shore. Well actually better what would you addictive. Compete. Team. Homeland booted. We'll go blue group that backs the Dexter and the best and expect I think you ever wondered how they come up with the questions Lotta people have mean I have the answers for. Can do for putting in the form of question. Premiums answer it's jeopardy so if you're gives in to a putting it in the form of question I'd feel a Duma comparable. I I I I'm not try to do that okay. Like how do I enjoy jeopardy which are in even a form of a question to GAAP editor of make you mean a real question like do you have a questions are made. Or from her. If they don't ever directed his and you have the answer definitely do it solely up to do it is when those so they do that Dimitri you it sounds like you're asking. OK did you I don't know I got I got I got some. A writer chooses a category category can come from anyway. Maybe that ad writer I heard an interest in fact her decided to build a category around it. Or are they just came up with a cool name for a category. Code how they played does you just pick one thing and you. The only got to write what five questions at determine which one as the hardest which one is the easiest and doing. He has. A the writer then send seven clues and submit them to Weiss who's the head and as you probably know they're only five categories or five clues for category to basically they have one to throw away one beekeepers and capture. Like one of the clues this subject. Two way it was just covered recently I am. It's after that the category get sent to the researchers is their job makes for the facts are correct bubble basically. They just got to make sure that the question only has one top Oca yellow dissidents. Right that is when they when they do mess up they come back feeling alright all you Tim the 200 dollars there we found out that blah blah blah is in fact the correct answer that rarely happens. Is there anything is lake. Is harsh Cilic when they come back and go hey turns out you're right we're gonna get to this point to yes how could connect. But went to that comes when the Bieber comes back and goes hey man. You're off on that one right now how you want to track. A bit of fight we're taking 800 dollar things. Yeah ad goes on in the looks on the faces of one thing about jeopardy and and are all coaches keep testing them. You know will Portuguese dreamy young you danced jeopardy you keep it depth. It appears nobody throw your hands a funeral events around so when I got back from the break and like ode to Edward sorry use said what is the Renaissance it's actually rural home. And now Virginia 800 way and they put the camera on him like you know how hard it is for this person that drew the campground. Not to just mouth like month you don't like that if you're so good they're mavericks have to hold it together facility just lose or draw back have a rule would do. Weaver. And everybody hates those stamps still other shows until. It is man. Right you could mean you can watch every night and end. Hello I'm not get five question Andrea. Also I didn't realize that basically only four categories academic life style pop culture and workplace. As much as sub categories within Nokia but all the matters branch off though the mother soft of jeopardy. Yeah exactly. The writers I checked the categories includes one last time and it look here's the most exciting thing. The six that tennis is last minute tweaks in the bosses including executive producer. Alex trip back who looks over everything in gives notes. Believe yes busy one thing I love about him man. He's reading clue for I have no idea that was talked about for alls I know there's no can't get cancer but. You look at Madd in its way into accidents like he remained the lake he nailed it when he reads. Yet you don't like he feels that he didn't know easy work but but then I also thought to myself he can be running a con to the could just be the fact he has no idea how to say it but because he's the beaver. And we trust him however he says is is how will's. Yeah literally my Buick are nor dose it has some sort of boom truck and nick at the top stand right we're going to and I'll tell you sort of give us were directs it. Yet in your right is so that's stuff you probably don't have to learn to back day. I'm sure but he wants to know what it is understand it you get that like when he delivers a clue when he delivers an answer it's like I notice. Yet a dorm mate but he might laugh but he says he's Lil goes sounds like he knows I think he knows me it happened in I think overtime. And a Potomac so I think over time the more we see out extra backward realize what a man yet. Malware overplayed I do like to make Diego and all the way how old is seventy some years only does that. Yet you feel like you go to outstretched house in Canada. It's a look at of course. And Nike Joba would back him yet he's hunted down and moves earlier that day here that we can David you know weapon anything of them is like be in sixty years nominees he's quite a bit older. Yet used uses almost that's as a boomerang. Brent Wright all the space they got a birdie come right back windows live. That would pretty cool I believe that's about it keeping dramatic like smokes up a hotel room of the Fed John or anything like that enjoy physical. Anything that. Now I mean I just. The ball into the believe I assume he's Canadian three joys appear. Yeah that could be just stereotype. They legalize their water type but I do believe he enjoys being. Yeah I don't see the smoke and weed out. I don't know just. Tennesseans like together be elect would you be surprised you Kennedy smokes all the time. Now now and it was our home via Detroit pal of ivy Carter era keeping him at say jacket along I do love it no god know how real fortunately John you've been backed I buried there in November cordial as far as being people but they're completely opposite people don't ever get there I'm totally different people. You want to hang out with Rebecca Barr. That's Ajax I'm not so sure Lou I think say Jack I would hang ultimate bar at its group of six or more. If he's would you drink with you're gonna find out what it is just you and I am I think you would get upset that the conversations quick. Based on the topic that based on his deal in my office of GAAP based on some things you cities. He's an interest. It always sounds like some random dude is gonna say Jack McClinton. Funny I always thought an ATM sound like someone a Wisconsin thing hates him. Eight Dion. Miles I know you're excited for this I am too. Curb Your Enthusiasm is coming back now relatively soon Larry David of course co creator of Steinfeld. And creator of Curb Your Enthusiasm. The show's been gone for six years which. Honestly. Doesn't sound that long I guess and then I realized someone goes six years wasn't like I was of the keys it six years is a long time. Yeah the Larry David's back I do in the publicity tour trying to get now people checked up so he was on Jimmy Kimmel talks about some of his best and worst qualities. Save your best quality in general. But my best quality is that. I'm a great person to break up what. Oh fantastic. No histrionics. Brazil is seen you know. Everybody's afraid to it to say it it but you know budgeting Larry. I'm I'm so sorry that I just. I don't wish to see each other anymore. It's. Home. How did an agricultural. Visit on the terrific mourner. Really late when they got something somebody passes away yes I'm not very approachable more an arm okay. So sorry about your loss. Don't go from Delhi. Coming up don't. Click what is your worst quality while we're on this this particular subject not go to hospitals. No really good notre bad business on the net hospital ball OK terrible visitor or sit out. Why. Because I cannot depend. For the good if they do know they would die before I got there they don't want to look at my. They think that the prevent. Also I would mention is kind of funny that he cities with his best quality was easy easy to break up with that feeds like that why he took this break. Yeah he's going through that divorce which you wrote into the show and everything. And legislate yeah like that's my best quality is that breaking up but it's also when he talks about morning is that every culture you have a funeral you gotta bring food. It seems that way yeah I think if you're close to the family and you know they're going to be because duel with they've basically. Wait I don't have time to do stuff and here you've got enough on your plate HBO sit there and discount. Take it and then yeah I misunderstood bags are Woodruff really in the bucket of chicken and everybody is obsessed. Used to bring booms are made my bamboo. As revenue this day my grandma dies everybody up eight LB yet necktie. Right up back there so that's not an airline ticket item of the day your grandmother died but the thing that bugs you. Is that a hermit has got to got to know him. And you never had a man Scotty again. Yeah we'll never valueless and this. Just plain evil may from a up the street right this could you got me an opponent. Thank you Delaware person did parenting coach TV time with dad we've got to headlines coming up with my god you are listening to the men's or radio network. Timely and Swiss smiles. No I see what's happening in the real. Hi Eric Golub debrief does not happy when new ordinance through the city over the quotes you know clapped. Meanwhile thieves steal a U haul which ends and the stealing of the dead relative type of thing. Michigan did not allowed to keep hubby so he gets got into his mom they woman and a Porsche who shot a homeless man in Tennessee was not acting come at a man fights for his right. To marry as laptop it is time for your headlines. It's kinda hits. It's its peers might cause Arianna. Tehran. If job story in New Mexico a pair of thieves made off with a suvs telling U haul trailer behind it. Yes to be was bound from Oklahoma headed for New Mexico when it was stolen and down with a in the same city. Apparently when the thieves stopped and open up the trailer they were scared off by the loaded casket inside and ran off. Dead dead bodies story offered funeral notes that earth a little bit. Of practice for it. Yep I've really a U haul trailer and help. Blog I was not first to expensive. We'll be out of the ugly side the thing I read was it was. But the husband wife won't say it was the wife's father died. Who aren't they adamantly task and I don't know. If they did a funeral form in Oklahoma City but he wanted to be buried in New Mexico like I don't understand it but like it. Yeah it was it was the woman's father for a number reasons they were dragon dance and you'll that's true they are gonna bury him in New Mexico. Think that he's a threat. Provoke the gone wrong in Kansas City a man proposed to his girlfriend a four years on the foot bridge of the pond at least park. He made all the right moves digger I've got to walk out of the pod got down on one needs pulled out the rank. Shortly afterward the ring popped out of the box bounced a couple times and fell through the slats of the bridge and into the water. They spent the rest of the day and the next day with the help wood about twelve people scouring the water and even a metal detector. But were unable to locate the 3000 dollar damn man have you seen that photo no. It looks like a fake photo of her body in this little par I had over the bridge trying to get the ring. I got left right I mean it almost looks fake those looks that that really happen. Let's violations that sort of bad seminary in June yet mavens have you heard like click around two things then plop into the water. Again this is that it around is all muddy and murky down there's nobody could actually see any thing. And friends at the event. New ordinance in Washington State is facing a backlash by the employees at its affecting. Bikini Greece's in the area are fighting in new order ordinance the prohibits Teresa from wearing clothing that reveal shoulders midriff or the top three inches in the leg below their butts. Com they're fighting the ruling by saying at the local cheerleaders would also be technically in violation of the ordinance. Why. Can't bear to promote go there now doing. At different headlines and had money on the idea of her funeral cynnex down the return of who Sox last profiled as a McGregor tells once again with a shot of the day yes indeed it is all true rowdy here for now we're back tomorrow so until then. Police do what you do best. And for elite this. It's day beautiful. The men's room as the day before a live studio audience wardrobe makeup provided by the Manchester limited. Their presentation knows. The man truly feel that way.