07-13-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Goes To The Wrong Wedding

Friday, July 13th

Mens Room Question: What was the moment you know when you were in trouble?


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You what you're about. Here is real. This radio program are simply. Trying to look. Let's send anymore. There's our. And he invited to join the party. This is the. The secrecy. It is done. They say. The radio more than. Times. They don't look at Arizona or 2862. Who. Along with Steve the throw hill. To Ted Smith. You all couldn't. Or tomorrow I com. Okay I remember a. Add jokes pitches the return of dead vs the FCC. Get ready to play profile list. What headlines and the senate today published emails everyone's favorite TV diver to play. Fact could get in there aren't here to go to the lone star state where a dispute over a reserve seemed to be purged movie leads to a stab at. Meanwhile drug Florida man attacks minions on boardwalk while in coherently black. Former reality star turned prostitute steals John's credit card and goes on a screen and is active stand up forty football's world is too big to climb a tree. And play plunges 21000. Feet all while the pilot base at softening on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. All that bad did a good day to you and yours all right we told you about. Who would be burglar North Carolina he broke into Golden Corral restaurant. He ran into trouble. But he got trapped in the bin relations as things got worse when employees turned on the stow. Value was rescued by fire. Now we also share the story of the Washington man who broke into inmates gave room unfortunately he could not see skate. Meanwhile our listeners it 983 of the cake and Arkansas probably familiar with the story happened right there in Fayetteville about a guy. Who was stuck in the snow. He eventually was rescued but no one's quite sure how or why he was in Missouri in the first place that's the part of the story that's a mystery. One now we have the story of Washington State we searched through. She had called libel won and explain that she was trapped the road and beat up in the trees and need rescue. But she was not stuck in the trees you see the problem with the pack of wolves that was circling the bottom of the tree waiting for her to come back down. Good times everybody. It's. Full of we always find ourselves on got a weird or bad situation there's a moment that you know things are about to go south. And that's the moment the release date with the pure adrenaline goes up and ago. Oh boy here we go live to a question is today Merrill we know you've been in a bad situation we don't wanna know about Obama took you figure out it was gonna happen. So today's question is what was the moment you knew you were in trouble. Big Brother Joseph got 844999. All even like the men's room on FaceBook followers on Twitter and instruments are live and to those emails to the men's room and men's or buy dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Fitch is your. True. Old dog head away they go out of a job number 2000. 862. Our we have Korea today. As exciting return of Ted vs the FCC is coming up right before we drink and toast with the shot of the day by noise for you know but it vs the FCC have you not done so well yet you can download the men's room app. And play a little you vs the FCC and we make sure to update that thing on a regular basis so you think you might have done every single tongue twister in there. Those are constantly updated when you get the there's a whole bunch of other cool stuff on there as well so devers is the FCC is on the way and we'll get to the bad jokes with Ryan castle the drug charge it to get bad jokes. As well and today our question is oh about that moment. That you knew that you were in trouble and it is the oh bullet so to speak we'll start with a historic moment you say oh yeah home drill in the and you know like our men aback and I don't know not have to go to hospital error that. What is gonna happen here. The kitchen staff a Golden Corral and mount airy North Carolina we're working on Tuesday. When they noticed that the smoke was not been letting properly be okay. And I don't know which you know about a kitchen but Steve did you basically explain. The ventilation system in the kitchen of a major because everybody has little bit stand above the stove or whatever village at its industrial strength and reason needs to be industrial strength and anyone worked in the kitchen if you opened a restaurant you know this to be true. You walked in in the kitchen is room temperature and and a once you turn on the bar owners and stove and growing all the crap that goes in temperature goes up upwards of thirty to forty degrees if you keep the band's off. The temperature goes up 34 degrees some partnered to put the event I am so the people don't drop dead working in Death Valley temperatures right so think of all of that heat. Didn't sucked into the event except now there's a duke who's been stuck in there and I'm telling you I don't know much about the story of the bam you're stuck in the event you don't want to call. Your reasoning you can get out of there are some more well they've turned those goes on he felt the amount he going to bear I guarantee and that's why start history. How well the exhaust vent above the stove was blocked so the manager went up on the roof to investigate any quickly figured out what was wrong with a events as a person stuck to their guts yeah I turned off 59 year old Charlie walker tried to break into the Golden Corral before an open he got stuck in the event so he's actually pretty lucky the staff found him. Yeah fire department came. They rescued them and to make took him to a hospital and doctors checked him out and make sure he was OK you know he was off for them off for the jail for felony breaking. And Eric has happened as happened in now high point. I put North Carolina again and save some of the people that I've worked with and restaurants they be so mad the summer dread Brinkema. Now wouldn't even Vaz of their retirements are still. I think there's Jamaica yeah the last yeah that. And again. Our listeners are Rockwell through probably northern L that is I think that's in the B bus somewhere into our Golden Corral not a bad place the if your one of the situation Andrea just what is the situation is far your hero all right yes didn't think UN usually essentially everywhere is find a motel hole. Is great if you're on the road in your die from sleep deprivation write down but if I say hey man you wanna do is motel door to stay at the high school is. Old crowd ailment there are 24 hour diner that I don't urgency that I diner not but they place now a little thing. Although the Golden Corral used to be like you go any get a steak or whatever and the make. And if they ever this'll store and they had a couple nights where was kinda all you can eat okay and then over the years that she's what it turned into ought to know that I thought it was actually sit down play Soka and how did you users on Canon's nostalgia things like when I was a kid if my parents say hey would you take get a golden Guerrero I'm delighted I am excited. I'm very happy. As an adult film like again a bomb driving sure yet you're right absolutely it's the effect Bogut yeah milestones like that. Also the name of another arrest conference will be called and mentioned you like that is the best doesn't nights is a fast food joint that's right here you get this thing could progress if it's the folks think weightlifting he bit the bullet. Our goal drought I would bust I would as a Saddam place for you might meet lol a lot of sort of like anyone yeah jagr. Goes into times today abandoned a big boy either but I know I go back. He does regularly drink boy they're still big boards. I don't know with a solid regalia prior gray you know like to share its I know I can go back to the exist I don't I don't know that there have been due to operate right but luckily backhoe arm tied Howard Johnson fit GAAP. Graham found whatever job announces final day if I'm on bell go there after we farther up to us through it architecture fishing trips to read it. A man and a child became stuck on as a hard line you education chips. I relaxed the first stomach eight there is how long road closure yes I did dream team was playing in the original oil I think that you. And I don't think that's late in the resistance man who they used to be everywhere until people realize what was analysis Long John Silver's. A manager I became stuck on as a bloody thing alone don't refer you to get in there. Is that a great place all at 525 years our blood doesn't kind of general way I was decent library reflect the hush puppies and a polished up these huge. And yeah review they have problems unique video reviews of please do have been in two decades I think about I think the greatest meal I think heavy spot on the thing is my I don't currently 98 they've changed that cost anything or is this thing. Crappy thing patiently and I don't Alia was still able to look may have Redding and her husband I think there's times when you revisit things they're not quite as memorable tread want to do to hazard you may have the right was still also we will quietly and I remember I did try to between Uganda doesn't hit they were so great in May change agent thing you know your mouth got smarter. Or maybe go to with a steak houses what they give you state like got a metal plate yeah he thinks and what about the growth for the last it has the logo as restaurant murder. A manager I became stuck out as a blood again land over a bowl of gators on Saturday. The manager of the zip lines of the situation is an everyday occurrence happens fairly all the other repeat that again why is still open I don't know it's is that why you overeat date your pond and he says people getting trapped over the Gator com and as a black votes on the yes. Nick. Cut how Pina. So the man child were never in any danger there are any guide to Gator land are fully trained at that particular situation. They are about forty feet above the gators at the apex of the zip line the officials say they were stuck of those applying for around all just 45 minutes slightly longer than normal due to the way to man. He said wind gusts are typically don't blame for people becoming stock which was what was happening in the situation. Usually just takes fifteen minutes you know those windy the wind doesn't blow one he's dang thing was if you look at the pictures of what it normally Helio you'll only dangling over dinner this game. For ten affair but that's not supposed to be part of the well actually you should expect all the all the gators kind of pulled together like well like you'd expect to do a movie era cartoon look at the look at like I'm mad at it that that's gonna happen now looks like people at a in the kitchen at a party. Right everyone go yeah you're okay food greatly on the stand around the kitchen doesn't skaters like the prepared if one of these he's that huge drop in income slacks and a what follows the moment you knew you were in trouble 844999. Cola. Hello bad and welcome to the bedroom. All own fat. When did you know in trouble. This blog somewhere around July. We're on so some native American meat tradition in our cultural beliefs as species shallow waters. The Chara just this minute too soon. And so last year our community here he was reluctant. Campbell River Canada which is. Pretty far back where Vancouver Island. And we're at and I don't know. And bass says it was a beer and two are all around look like action you know without the joke to attend a game like seven hours isn't just is that because the winds. All we have we have Nolan so bad there was always six let you know as and there are so I'll take them so slow in every direction. So. Would how would such as we thought would size of a canoe where you want. This seat this year. But fiberglass so about forty feet focus. That's a big well that's real it's a really big canoe to keep straight into the way. Well you gotta be early stronger. Yeah here has. And well we're vulnerable on and we're actually doing pretty good we're the first ones out there to be enough from the point. Well we're gonna make their first. And Apple's latest hit pretty hard. Anonymous tipper decided so we're told earlier. Let me know it's kind of hard to do much wasted in every direction. So we miss the point of the waves so our support in my outlook and exports. But another related action and it brought the slope brought up and it almost came down about what he moved out of the way but outweighed some dust bench. You dumb to follow foot boat and now Ed you at all. I mean have you had you and I remember having to do this and Boy Scouts and I'm there you know my but it never really happens and he never really have to apply practically in a dangerous situation but. How long did it take you to get that canoe over top of that over the other bulb in turn that thing up bright and get back in the canoe an hour. Fourteen minutes thousand. We trained for that every summer we pose certain march and we don't really socialized so that's pretty Smart I believe next week or so. An enemy as you know it really are you would Eagles now. Only a ditch you didn't make our day in America are you are sorry I got confused with how great college boys out. Sorry sorry. No I have a staff I would like I've ever done wrong here his candidacy myth like I don't know who was over time. Drew dreadful little if given a mile away and I don't know other to take a timeout it. If you don't like your ears IMF and help. But I like the great thing let him out for answers and then we armed that we go around there so now I'm and is forty for canoe these waves it returned this bitch over. I did it manager ancestors at some point that you couldn't do something easier. No I just think it's. The way it's like oh it's kind of easy for what they had to go through. Well but also to apparently not you probably had all of your gear in plastic back all so that everything O we have to. Elliott try today sent it up to watch it like you're entitled Zagreb after that they would get out of the boys auto 500 you know. The blood 500 pound well that went helps. Including right here noted program dog and realize that don't have that. I think he's quick dry underwear nice aren't they I would think you voted REI out of out of none of the drives and look Amanda do you do lose every year I can help you Allison. Oh and another thing you know those you got to talk about those eight we are portable it was called. The coolers at least he's deadly Geddes who gets what they slow in the water. I think I saw that there are getting better then they candor of the transaction and their bare resist him I don't want to do repairman and when you and you see your relative I want you to let them Al Heyman base and our traditions and and and I insist evolve great we are the equivalent of eagle scout hawk eye itself that's so we learned today. How did you did you got did you guys media has done that very heavily populated with bears in golf did you see. That's what what was the moment and if you're Carlos. Now the proud parents are I did. I don't author setup it's considered the rigidity in my head held could have its security staff that this kind of he's kind of an Eagles and police say didn't fourteen minutes easily retrieve this every year than of the Boeing must be heels gallop him I'll burn mild but then like I know you wanted to come out. That's that's the that's good enough for. You've got to live it yeah with the oh with a tradition ended it ended down by a broad all the better up thousands of years and I generations of my talent gap Bob always count I would that's landed what was about what you knew you're in trouble 844999. O'clock this morning that's a question that's. Hello OK welcome to the men's room. Tirade all the time. How are you guys. A wonderful our UK. All I am doing great I'm stuck in traffic and they got all right what do you guys aren't good what did you do when you know your drivel. Oh my gosh well. It right to do it I went whoa wedding. Now I'm powerful and you go to the wrong way in the senate up. Eagle to new all look at what it I was the food. Now in it and whoa way in Washington you know like a little one horse town I had in every time I had ever grit country that cannot I only stop one church when I wouldn't do to a wedding there I would let. I don't right where that is so I went there what are the I'd bet at the same date and time. Only. The white church. And they know what getting married in our way. OK I know the odds are better than I thought wind what was the moment you knew that you were in the wrong location. Windy it they started the don't it can't beat us. Turned out it was not my brand. So it took a valuable long did you notice the eighty mutual friend so well. I knew nothing. And then. They burn all the wedding while she went a little crazy a lot of people didn't want to go to the wedding now he would never really met room else's times. You don't brokers Eleanor Jean and her hat and that they need to where she'd marry into that. Jaycee was marrying into a family of goat groupers. Okay they calories or go to both rovers what does it Dario like Joseph roper officer Eric so it's. The biggest problem. We let our wedding present at the back of the church I had a little. Okay. Okay. Now what was it was again. And you know something's gotta sorry I don't even remember I'm the girl loses another bruise on her registry ams I'm assuming. Absolutely and we did it Debbie expert action now that we've missed the whole wedding and we got to get back. So if you did you go to the table snatch it under risk of. Earth's. I split you know I had may go with me at my plug wire and that my other Catholic that it cannot actually double I've got a wedding she only got to the got to meet. We're not even our president back there and we're not different in the wedding just. Hang on a minute and just. Get it over while yes what they do they compound the problem I have been their receiving line at the back of the church. Oh we can't just slit her out and grab art is in doubt now we got a got a hold the camera eating life. Really congratulations. Oh you had this whole thing is if you look. I pulled my brokerage sheet that I can't do that okay you grab the present I it will create this diversion out and I'm going down the line and they are. So great you barrel. All eyes. Oh my god does well in our experience that the islands and did you get to a unity at the you do get the reception you get Boozer and food and other new judges that did all ceremony. Oh we had reception. Earlier correct wedding eventually and had been there and it all made up or it and we had our president but I had to hit grandma. And hugged the bread like there was no tomorrow and you know. I. Heard jury think and wondered yourself a of these people still married. Beads they often wonder who that help those guys on Radio One the couple attended the wedding and they never saw them again leading to conceal these it was like we need to find out who this is they started talk nobody know hoping her we like it at the reception always we'll try to figure out who the says and you never showed the exception. So there's like a street deepens. They ended up thinking maybe. You're somewhere else any people that our country wedding he'll present. That's a reasonable to resume gap is your city people's on the president's address at the veteran enough front and the car all circumstantial and my words that lag yeah. She got a hold of that president I you know I got beat cool. What are well you know you're just walk out and dropped the president alone apple did. Not mention Cheney are learning. The. Oh my god it's like heist he's this crap eighth minute to our OK. Okay. Married I don't my day is I think that that's the most exciting thing I've ever heard nevertheless yeah. You know and what was the yellows the moment did you know that you were in trouble 84 point 9990. The library calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. With smiles and thrilled. Here's my jurors and now organized in Washington. Received an unusual call right around lunchtime on Thursday. A woman called to say that she was thirty feet up into a tree. Near a local campground with wolves hovering at the bottom and waiting for her to come down. The research student said she'd been surveying the area when she saw the wolves the trees seemed her best possible escape. Deputies sent to a sister were told that they could shoot the wolves on site if they were still at the tree's base but apparently. That was not necessary. Aid department of natural resources helicopter was actually able land and save the student. The local sheriff says his office is looking into whether the wolves have a did there. They have the oppose future threats to other people wondering in the area I give let me say this. There office is looking into whether to go more than it did in the area maybe there are just they're on vacation. I did it flew in for a weekend getaway into the campground I just hung out ma'am but now they're back in Arkansas now hanging out that would tell you bigger share please don't waste anyone's time doing that. Let me ask you don't do that weighs in relation to its worst you're the woman and three and thirty feet above the walls you know you're not going to climb down from the tree that much is understood. The bulls to their three days earlier from three to play I think we all agree you're not coming back to him or. Here you are with your incredibly fat father and you are dangling forty feet above alligators or data world unusable. And now I think there's other Dubai because that's. You might think you're safe here via I. You're at Dieter world as they call it in Florida she understands engineers around you but again still 25 minutes that you're hanging there and frankly. Just because our engineers. Doesn't mean you're not gonna snap and fall into the water to go would you are on a lot of care be yours and harness on us W free. Why archery is eternal and I told them man you collect any deal world there's employees and she's just as good looks are so hungry bulbs underneath the I think definitely you want some company I get that I'm saying as far as what I would feel is more secure if I mean atrocity is a blind and only he says I Gaza goes wrong but all the time. Or ended three knowing damn well I'm not climate that that's why don't I am good burglar you always need to come prepared with a pack of pepperoni to pocket. Man this is down to god truth I don't care whose dog is obviously our. They've always got time rupees about where you got pepperoni man you hard you are in anywhere at any any animal protect an area we've got I am a dude has baca Baltimore my younger days but he had this massive. Massive doberman and he'd only had it. For like three or four days you found on the street and get this thing it liked him and did not like anyone else so he's a leaky to go to his place. And I'm like man I'm on my body we don't think wasn't. We're gonna open the door nurses also is like Albert go dogs award. We opened the door this thing comes charging Williams claims are legitimate gripe. Think the monster like great animate like how'd we get them. Beyond light bulb goes off we took a little bit of cash we had a ball to a Safeway the wasn't that far away Bob pepperoni bought it packed a pepperoni and pursing a day or so the dog. Kind of knock on the door about the dog and turn this into snarled and doing what it does and I'm like man. I do not want to on the south today and comment. He opens the mail slot there would be some temporary guys. How much you gotta be kidding surreal was it too now that oils Wagoner told. A tale my lack of big government still have a daily total but it's it's. It's been a little more patient like okay. Tell me what you can let it does yeah it is that so he was smells like you there is a little farther back the dog goes back to get it we opened the door and basically it's like Hansel Gretel. I'm Megan has always been mall as we walked through the skies house dropped pepper like three feet underdog each time. Opened back door for the rest of covering up there the dogs and on the bachelor and the we handled our business. We do not let the dog back there and all was fine but the guy hey. They do about the dog and we said no and he said why because we said at that point. We're out of pepperoni. We're not opening the dad and nor does it. When I saw saw a dog this morning and he's trying to scrape off his muzzle. I rang out and yet inside I actually think that the people as a walk by the dreaded Nittany in the days under discuss that's why you have a muzzle. I have I'm. That's on solving anything but the illiterate group as we went done there flows the moment you knew you were in probably 449990. Knew I was in trouble when I saw that I think I could bars in your daddy gotta say they used to deploy U where Mosul the free throw take over the space there. Hello re welcome to the men's room. All are on the need. Our age so there. I was twelve years old but at billion opinion was and still speak and ago brokers. What worry Mari how old are you anything you connect him with the goats. I'll list oil OK why what was the purpose of this exercise. I get so out it okay good and bad explain aren't. Stole it here I AM twelve year old kid been element in watching goats. And like any other kid out by yeah let's go get to go to at the end so I'm going to ban. I get to go to out it was and be real easy no problem. Why go to get Glasgow. And or and I knew I was in travel. Is gonna turn around anecdote where had to torch. Yeah so we're running Jordan a little running towards me at bell who. Both current and toward. I didn't like it are started running well a little bit I know. There is aid Bob Dwyer share time. That had one single strain and it is about or sort tall I expect that share which would not I would. Oh yeah no and. I'm not a amber knows I'm not so easy to notify the Maxi you're out in the I live. Oh they had just a sense. And hospital. Taken part that it it's an analyst. Can you see all right now. Oh yeah okay got a taste finding a perfect it's a good crowd. Doesn't know that from girl and Posey knows the moment you knew you were in trouble before for a 9990. Look. They should many things continue on the men's room radio network.