07-13-17 Seg 3 - The Mens Room Picks a Fight with the Irish

Thursday, July 13th

Emails, Ted's Meat & Potatoes has American foods that the Irish hate! Plus No S Sherlock and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. Listening to. Enjoyed it tells coming out of the shadow today and the return of no as Sherlock in the meantime the game is big government debt Boudreau some of the comments coming and we have to question what is the largest internal organ in the human body. The answers deliver. All those people got the right and all the people on this June is a large store yes we sit in total war. In her mole org colosio the skin technically then is the largest organ on your body if you yet yeah I've. But could it just came drawing on the inside which frankly is really think creepy. Yeah deliver cargo that technically August LT luckily New York. Oh yeah I want to add what my organ also damaged pipe organ that's exactly. And organist. Hello Eric welcome back to the program. For our guy. Are you get your question I went to Great Britain is made of what three somewhat autonomous regions. Great great you click. Ireland Scotland and England. Where are underdog Ireland that is correct England Scotland and Wales a little lunch. What is we will have all the way out their welcome and actually my best way. Pay company and what musical group has received the most Grammy Awards. The Mayo. Is this big modern bands in the move film around. Rob we'll watch and you light a lot of this stuff. They have some of the stuff he's seen alive I've seen them live you have seen alive and you were disappointed. That those are your favorite band is more if you're gonna see this band you would expect to show itself to be switch and you do you do talk to direct you to. While Irish questions going on and he knew that Bill Clinton in preparation for the head checked in and run of Ireland cannot cook. All right the Commonwealth of the Bahamas gained independence in 1973. From what country. Aren't. But borrowed. Chama. There are a lot of Dutch islands. There was a burden they have home. Like any viewer or. So the hour but apparently there island delightful ball compared it was it. Your question what is the name of the main protagonist. In legend of Zelda. Link is good good Garrick. Protagonist or does not do it okay very good game is big dummy for 49990. Look I just assumed it was for a consult. Hello Scott welcome to the men's room. All are odd guy. His caddie so we're not over. Does go to the plug into the show's got into as far as the wiping his stand up pretty sit down. It's not sit down around the city. I was sitting. What NFL team. Won the first Super Bowl. Green Bay Packers. Not so good job. This list who was the second team to a Green Bay Packers was that Genoa the first to yeah then one Kansas City and then Kansas City. Right Kansas City played him first opponent a most of the Packers wrecked the Packers were noisy as he has what right okay. Right and then Gregg then Super Bowl threes he epic one with may have a name oldest people forget like the next year the cult or that chiefs won back. He just remember that as a first AFC they beat them the chiefs beat duke. Maybe the vikings wasn't the vikings to the vikings at a street there was bud grant there and. Loss for the white details for the builds walls for. I am going to Casey was flown town and there was bigger on you there next contest in red blood again how close Al welcome to the men's room. Oh auto. It's over not so. It's like that it golf course the left they did okay. A cult I gotta put a lot of how the regular McDonald's. You can look normal ice most emotional moment you get right now it's not anything like I'm sorry the time and I do little to do get. Yet it's. Don't act unless it's I would daughter on a check your order men make driven through. You know. You don't want him they're idiots that I do or not like we're vision that one guy and going after the goes three zone use the bathroom going to be standing up for sitting down when your wife. You never heard any ethics aren't you don't like a couple of years back maybe ten feet and it. Contract I think that if she didn't mean it blew my mind that we have aren't alone we are men of many now about a presents. You'll see me on America's Got Talent I want to weigh in my standing. I feel so athletic now on how well do it we're like come on now I think your calves are strong and act like he's. I didn't I didn't see it but I appreciate it well. Now this just segment Greg so you're standard. You know how to get your looks and grannies look man it georgians mortal football in the running backs on god to Bruce Bryant. You know what he slowed the Marcellus bullying Iran Iran is a grumpy and I. Back and Dave Barry Sanders who can run backwards and I cut to decide it's all a matter of technique to have your standard you know whether or not you. You slash we wore bureau Goldman's mode on the run and I don't have too many wrinkles back there. Yes so far so good premises. About a lot of things the birds are out streets onion and Tony you like it dingle Berry time. I. Mean then hey man I'm isn't really the real test of adulthood when you can pull off her underwear and there's no resident. I'm man enough so casinos danger masturbation America. Here is your question. What was the name of the passenger train service created an. No clue. Connected pairs of confidence to. This thing got me. Famous spring root in Europe people only one midnight express. The orient express they aren't allowed no kidding me dude I mean like it's only train system and in Europe I could possibly us. I just thought it was the name of restaurants. Yeah our too many trials. Right. Catalonia. That the regions of what country. That doesn't sound too. I mean it's funny that's where Barcelona. I was athletic club it's not a lake community bars where they live at such as seen as a football clubs also what got movement. Right to be represented. They want it had been working heavy heavy on the Europe today saw may have been and Mickey what. Because continuing your ideal final countdown the country of which did sign of the terrible. The country of Liechtenstein has won nine Olympic medals but all of them or one sport what type of scheme. Cause at least inside when animals but. Yeah I don't. Most countries now. I'll remove him. I would Libya. Multiple choice question. Now there's an old wives' tale the says that a pregnant woman who has heartburn. Is more likely to have what type of big. That's good Perry we're told. I got it when it carried it. Oh you know. All right out of arbor. A guy believe it or not they say it's not the small white cells actually through a study on the Johns Hopkins University approved it. The lead both to. At least both to the woman's estrogen levels pop. So are mom your mom have harbor and III did you must not fluidity of your Brothers Asia Bure Brothers not period like that isn't a unity is busy. Yeah Jamal never complain about harper. Meryl and I it's us. An annual while you have you have a you know did you know I was like dude you gotta Toms yeah I mean you know when you I mean I chose to be legitimately terrible it it might ruins their hold my estrogen level must be through the route okay. You know the secret for a lot of people like myself and I think harper. Was like cut out. The bicycle. Pizza rolls about 2 AM. Because I felt that I have to accept it if it's half outlook toward look at a pretty tough but then got the cut off what he did did you think if you fail. Hello all get through it is then yeah. Standings well enough room. Oh debut so we're not sober. Now so we're all right James book in the show and James the first wiping you center staffed. For a fifth fifth fifth. All right we are tied if we are tied on the callers this as we speak I mean I'm 5050. On our poll. And even split over onto an arm and sitting still kicking butt is a real it's a fitting then would be in the in the low consumer you know doing the percentage 61%. Are sitting. 39% are standing there are true Americans to. Well follow the other number oh nuts what are meant to liven get their invoke some bulls stand and symbols it but they haven't comments that they just it. All right here's a question every character on the Simpson's only has four fingers on her hand except one character. Who has all of five when he's appeared in homered various visions and dreams. Who is this character on the Simpsons. I young. And train permit euros. Now they god has five. I'd have to identify the problems punched. Here. I I don't necessarily expected to get this but I'm sharing this there's blew me. Most of this Steve Jobs wealth he did not come from actor what companies do the majority of his money pumped. No idea. Billion dollars for the company and about two point one billion format and don't play violin for the which Disney bought Pixar back of your fellow. He got seven point 4% of Disney which edited Q4 point four. Billion dollars. Are true or false Mount Vesuvius. Smoke in other wiped out Pompeii in Mount Vesuvius. In Italy is still an active volcano threw orphanage. Called. I. Once you look you know almost always located. There are dormant volcano. But there's still the possibility of them coming back. Yeah well. There you go in the game those big damaging to go through them we are out of time. Joseph jump ahead Kevin out dead meat potatoes as American foods. The believe it or not the Irish football people other than the culinary was of the the world I'll find completely disgusting. As a way with a hedge Avalon with your emails in the men's room at men's or my back on you are listening to commands or radio network. Love big chill you don't have enjoyed the men's room Jeff on the way Noah it's July it's. We just decided as this because a listener suggested that he got into a fight with a girlfriend or an hour and an overall and are willing to do those are like our about it we'll do it and so far. Did even. As far as your calls go whether you stand or you sit the poll is still up if you follow the men's room on Twitter Edmonds or live you can vote there as well we'll have results were. Next time we play big dummy any comments on the wiping. Yeah the more than a few there's got more to we had this discussion about which way you wipe. He always told me that you would white towards the boys amused article in the mud flat securities video is got who won his job. So as big name is mud flat you're supposed to went back to front. And got this one I enjoy the I thought it was always you're supposed to wait front to back. What's so I thought that a white back to throw the ball to know co worker burned bright guy Shawn and recently due answers. When do you really wipe up to the promise and yet. So as we will show me so I kind of sit down and thought about next I don't darn don't I mean front to back in my mind I visualize the exact opposite way but when I went to muscle memory. I'm scooped mid to back correct. Others ones that I do stone dead and people actually stay that way don't you need your cheeks to spread this is crazy as a man. Three people are just blown away by this. That is that area people are. Quite worked up about which way you white dress and whether an understanding or citizen you can vote now all if you follow us on Twitter at men's or live the poll is up for a few more meant Tehran right let divert your emails and a German men's or my dot com. I've always Derek Cox had a birthday I would say he needs to get his eyes checked to make sure his color match is good and to try to make sure his pain will stick but it's his birthday is let's just get him what to amp is that bro and enroll penis along with some wedding puke. Thanks guys that from JT yeah. Might not work. Had to crawl and broke in as this finish my son Michael's nineteen birds sales Albany get him a little kid faced sandwich at a suck it up cupcake thanks guys so much from Amanda. All of there's my son Charles per ticket to get my barbershop fish sandwich and a big only grow larger again thank you guys that from dad hears it. Movie borrow this and wins. She's done under on this. Television and reason he's still rather gays in the morning and hanging at noon. And not. Yeah. Elevated though I do is not beautiful daughter Emilia Emery Sanders a heavy 21 birthday today will be of great celebration could you please give her a big old bomb rant. And does suck it up cupcake. Thanks l.s been losing since the buzz days out from liking Christa Sanders AKA dad and step monster. Bonds or more tolls today marks my 101900. And indeed they wondering amongst man. What are your thoughts on the best place to get kangaroo birders Melbourne dead. Yeah dated Jimenez hit again in Australia we try to keep things manly to my advice flied out here. It's just strangle a kangaroo make a birdie data from. But don't die it would be a very good people do give a birthday shot onto my beautiful wife large introduce meteor show seven years ago we first start dating and we listen you guys just about every night when she gets home from work. If that doesn't say how bad ass my wife is I don't know what well let's knock her up wink wink within Allen think oh look out and some dirty Germans are pleased got his amigos that from Andy look go. Yeah all right delegates by athletic we'll both make a move where you'll bullets like a boxing glove. Not cheated and got gas. And they tell you come over time my general. It is there's a beautiful fiancee is Shelley now as Tony for a celebrity death wish you the best continue to tease hello Wii's followed by a little turtle sex thanks guys from angry Andy's. She we'll weak us. So I Zetterberg did about father in law Tim the machinist and regular original faced sandwich and some German talk from Stephen dead talking about the arts a machining bad for Brendan fish sandwich. Aren't funny you bring up machines I'm often referred to as the machine. But specifically like helicopters have you ever originally Blackhawk. I mean to machine is right up Ali knocks. And bolts screws. Guys never got a shadow but it is my amazing husband Greg's 26 times thanks to him even know you guys are since he has been listening since you started dating. Go real turtle sex to go this matching shirts thank you guys love the show from Kelsey. Guys my sister Chelsea's 28 today can you get turtle wax and Andrew Peters in the middle thanks from coal. And broke team as I am I battling my boyfriend Peter Carl huge fan of the show he mentioned that you do something funny. For listeners birthdays I was hoping that you could say happy birthday during your show that from Natalie did you say something funny for Petersburg today. Our pizza out of rubbed a taste buds with my pizza. Die and the mushroom went to the bar the functions that we don't so fluid into that but I'm a fun guy and he. Wolf he is flooded. Many kids are given huge birthday shout out to jock an awesome dad and boyfriend hoping given this week is as awesome I know we love to hear a barber shop fish sandwich thanks guys from Katie. And I again if this then OK so you know oh my god you run. Brother can dying and they said OK it's jeez and it's harder Amazon. I all of a visit Santa fish man's birthday today and he is a bitch don't play any sound clips Laura good season badge and upper Echelon bitch. After entrance. He was my fiance had a birthday one in three months from tomorrow he's 35 in his name is bill. Given some turtles X thanks guys that from Christa we listen to you guys every night in Buffalo, New York on WC a map out. They've rights guys there is my 39 birthday love the show me your number they wish with some dirty German talk from Wesley. Eyes that we look for broad system we find ourselves to biscuits made at risk. I'm a later would come home and they toured in the hole. Our guys here you go. Happy I got about a guy having having having American I am having had to end at a date is eager to EU bid to all subjects landing on your feet from great heights. Guys are used to do park core and concerning the man who jumped from the eight story of a building attempting to elude the police. You led briefly on your feet first would you go directly into a former role. Where you break your fall and then roll it's a technique that to me for months to master without injuring myself but it's what you do if you wish to land safely from a great height. That from Jamison the parachute guy yet this dude was trying to get away from the top man I don't think needs to empower core not only that. Let's say here I guys retail wise strangest human encounter worked as a manager in retail for so long it's tough to tell story but I got one. I had discussed Morales working with and she was fairly attractive I was digging listen she was thrown those signs that she was enjoying it too were sought on. Howard was there for well over an hour we're ready to close the deal the sale not the date. Cabrera to the counter she still smiling and making eyes at me wow this is awesome. All of a sudden she cuts the loud as part of our heard this thing and make good sailor blush she looks me square in the eyes and says as much better feel good now though. Then pay for merchandise and left. That from sergeant 603 and thank listens on WA AF should have been your woman and Alice get out to California hey maybe I'm wearing down. My love life partner on it now. Now this one from this went from 98 rock. This is in my stored in my dad's back in either 8485 he was it today in the California. Medical facilities prison. It is the here that he met the one holy Charles Manson he was in their for recovery after he was lit on fire and Acela San Quentin. They share arts crafts classes the facility were Charles is making a raggedy and all. And in my dad got talking and Charl sort of Obama signed it but has since been lost but according to my dad. Charles was incredibly quiet and tend to keep to himself probably do the fact that the time. There was a one million dollar reward for his own death. Anyway thanks for everything you do I listen you guys if you're not what else forget here who have more. That that that it does that does that this is my strange encounter was a good 1000 security guarded a high rise in Rochester out. I saw this woman on camera puller skirt up dropper pennies and proceed to drop a big old duke on the side of the building on what to confront her and out came the racial comments I'm white she was African Americans you proceed to our toward me yelling slurs and picking up sticks or whatever is on the ground. I'm doing my best not to laugh. Because she was obviously high on something fishy Matty you from guessing some good math why joy why didn't matter to me who bundled building the police finally showed and took care reform that that's my count her love the show cheers guys that from Glynn. And that Canada. Big wad new York and they will get a daily does say well that's an actual play Derek and Venezuela is a candidate it's Canada Canada limited I can't and got the day what would have been it's got to mean Canada and and eat you up. Matt it's made of dirt at my age he has a great racked I don't know probably not. But candidate look at emotions are here in Washington State I don't know why we don't have a reasonable amusement park. It pisses me off my new drugs even contributed the pretty candidate who puts the park I don't remember what is called ma'am but we were got an off or my parents as wanted to shut us up. Fairly short drive do we went there and agreed to do we should open one. Live flags tell you can bet I'll I think we just did ask one less slash path we are the best rides over John Rapoport gear out five black eye. Don't know as Sherlock and we'll drink it tells with a shot of the day but first I Intel. We're. Good. OK okay. Now generally I don't think we think of the Irish or the English. Are basically anybody from that area of the world is like huge food people. Now held up the culinary experts of the of the world I'm breaking any ground they have towels they have there isn't a final minute after at all. Right so apparently though you know like we say the U there's no Irish your traditional foods like everybody looks like there's not a pet food culture. But apparently a lot of people feel the same way about America. That we don't have a huge food Caldwell when you call stuff like donkey sauce and for a little over a couple's drug is not a donkey solves. Well I mean look into at the end of the Daschle and rated quite limited it's that you know ours is a country full of immigrants so that start to a lot of our foods are just from other kind of thought I would still say that American barbecue is very much an American without question yep yep I was like there's other versions out of my brother say Asian barbecue at all of our review but they'll say Asian barbecue but even if you say American barbecue you're talking Texas barbecue Casey. Now lose Carolina. Look I am partial to Carolina style barbecue but the vinegar base pork store tonight. You have growth on the East Coast. But I think ideally Kansas City probably has the best of both were they do they they cook with beef and pork and yeah I heard I announce at a powerful muscles dislike is I know mortgages is no port indexes. Dude road running from him it's a few hundred. Rebecca Quick part of the program Donovan put a doberman groomed Gordon belittled or trying to be vegan. Yet man got to try to be fake it hard to what Irish newspaper. They they publish a list of American foods that quote they would never be clear head of these tell good. Search. Ruby. Didn't I don't like root beer. Why I love to lags well I don't know why do that in case they remember overflow that's different okay. I'm only to middle way and you begins at the root beer and root beer float detail but it goes global Vanilla god damn sure why they lament flow right co new look the jelly sandwich. I guess is your peers for you miles sweet thank god Monrovia problem yeah man Revere last night for dinner real nice they'll strip and Palestinian leader who I love root beer occurs I doubt that would be aggressions marked up. And that's that I don't like distances are okay let's hit it I try I know I don't let let me try and I don't I don't like it may try to picture at the root beer don't you like about it. With takes Arab and it's just an opera may not let you pull off that beyond Redman muscles aren't all of beer will the herpes don't make you cool. I forgot about you. Ha ha I don't know if I'm gonna did you regret about a you know what if for a couple weeks several beer taste Lewis done weeks fantastic totally one year when you eat that thing like you legally cast the way like you can. Whoever gotta love it if that's what that's what could what the big day so good I know why don't they like brew beer but it did they had and I think it tastes exactly like cough medicine. It doesn't believe it is maybe assert governments. Because I don't know that little girl and has grown up I would been down that. And I don't know. Here's the problem and that the medicine they make for kids now is so freaking delicious my kids just tried to convince mile circular migration we created a culture of drug addicts. That is my head up to the world is a great days like oh we added it was jet black thick is after all you would stifle call for a month. I'm tired I'm an opponent and how to never you know vitamin growing up with the didn't look like Barney Rubble dogs and I'm ready let's go. We're now. Coup eight out now that's stupid they say make your drink from powder admitted knowing step with little pay off. Little petty and it's great wolf that while most Americans do like him. That's alone. And not the race's start never races that well that is terrorism. I I've been working alienated if your hearing McGregor say Kool Aid I'm just assuming attribute racism and a high number eight day boom. Deep dish pizza. Right you ask why they say why are you gritty it's upside down that's a solid point data the Irish but they're not known for their pizza. No they're not saying all pizza there is saving the deep desire because that is deep dish right they put lake everything down. The ingredients sometimes early and there's exhaust on top yeah exactly as observers mechanism I don't like it Zeljko must've like macabre increased alight. I do I lifeboat and I'm just saying I can understand with a deep dish pizza defusing the Latino and that's why you wouldn't do it discusses both the ingredients are upside down in messes with my head because normally I'll eat two to three pieces of pizza and that's what I always think of getting you wonder what he's. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich after you Ireland again this is the list of that's. American through the Irish say they would never eat from an Irish newspaper obviously they say here the US. The reason why don't say a minute let people know it's not crazy that you don't have a certain look to simulate I put peanut butter on everything. Nearly two yeah. We're so. So no room to I don't go religions eating ice there's like it's ridiculously sweet it's typical when the last time you soak never went out like eat right yes that's at the verify. Snoopy Sunoco a bigger container. 60. They're talk I think look I know that our past and. There and it's got a greater new bridges low but they don't write bailout the Pentagon to many as Brandon both. They say they say look if they are top Israeli special we have a nearby now right no special bitten. On I diplomat a little early I don't know if equipment ipads crispy or else they are. I give us the list. Of American foods that the Irish say they would never eat. For generals for its credible in sprayed cheeks. OK I do. I'm not a fan of myself but I don't have to think if you don't live in the state for its common. The idea that rendered products rays of the camp. It's been appeasement and yeah I might break a Matalin well look I'm American and she's at a can't freaks me out. Miles on the need a favor from OK I'm would you go full blooded American right here either top Jason with a group here aren't stick it to these Irish. T think freak out that is good. Never thrill list sloppy jokes. All. Right out the Irish simply say here what the hell is sloppy Joseph based at. That is a fair question and if you can but it is still lives in the US the right question predictable and pro tip though did your dual core member are due to a sorry Joseph you. Book coleslaw on top. Public Marcum and one can't you know I will say this I lack. I'd like really the only thing we did growth fancy in my house who we were always manage people. Yeah and Soledad and we should really mad and. Thirteen. Pastrami sandwiches. Hamas and Ireland why they said there's too much meat for one sandwich so they only had one at Carnegie deli too much meat well I think generally when you get a pastrami sandwich at the big fix and I'm sorry I don't have a little tiny averaged about three that got him sent would you also know people who ordered those images and withheld or doing get extra bread and but nemesis that's Carnegie deli but I think generally don't you think pastrami is a bigger Sam to most hitters and I go across the street near one of the senate. But I love it because the idol because there's a lot of men in particular to find out this. Well. Pumpkin pie well at view no way I see you I'm with you Alomar the man they say in Ireland pumpkins are purely press that it keeps. And means just reluctant red big pond concedes that with your delicious little happened for you guys that would have them pumpkin pie like who hates our pocket pod. Okay what are they brought us. Well glad you asked what they brought out and seriously as far as the world of the Irish would have they brought. Black putting. Okay he sausage machine from cook's big are cooked pig's blood. Yeah I don't involved MRI I shepherd's pie all right that I made and that's against. He's too much of course. Fried bread. Driver it's huge year that's breadth fried in bacon fat team that's clever and I probably pretty tasty. Trophy Irish still. Most things that the Irish made great I think they put the word Irish had it right Linda packed with you know yes I live in California photos Cyrus do like OK I opposed to fan Ireland but. Tell them today and my look pumped him. And everything else. Thank you had Jeff not only for the information never for the root beer and the delicious take it to twelve fantastic yeah coming up food drink and we will close with a shot of the day the return to know as Sherlock is coming up next you're listening to the men's or radio network. He's true it was my. It's those admitted they shot of the day is on the way to a first our own Steve the royal Colmes the globe next excluding first stories with headlines it's great. And I'm. Umbrella sharing startup loses most of the some Brothers and she knock 300000. Of them. Umbrellas early intends and liners man no one is going to return to understand. Patients whose emergency surgeries are delayed. At higher risk of dying according to study hello. Jarrett rock. Gave you did know before the study if you need an emergency surgery but chip away apparently that puts it rest thank you for stoning. Texas judge who admitted to using Ecstasy and marijuana and sexting her Bela is suspended from the bench well the monkey's uncle. Sherlock. JEZ admits merits and beyoncé Wheldon built on a 100% true. And no. And should not. FDA he says agency must do more to stop abusive or buicks G oil liquors are you kidding I cannot believe that notion. Sherlock. Study finds that the Internet is still full of able spring LA well know. Sure knock on our principal were event. Man who mailed severed finger of fate Obama and marijuana joint I arrest facing federal charges. Sherlock by the week I don't tell. And did you witness even the DEA says nobody has ever died of a marijuana overdose play yeah. And show I'm good it's a good attitude during attack. Deserves to be ready. Men's room no. It's just the way news. Pray that it isn't as usual we had is entering this game. See the draw will find out who were toasted yes indeed today we tells me is Harold Solomon. Of Marietta Georgia all you need to know is that. Tara what sort chick filet drive through about a week ago and she tried to get the discount by claiming that she was a federal agent. Now mostly plays against cops and firefighters to discount if there in uniform shoes and plainclothes solicit sorry we can't do it but. Instead of paying she parked her car went inside and talk to two different managers she started swearing other kids around. Finally she flashed a magic claim that she'd blow her cover indeed killed if you voter uniform off. Most of wonder Verdasco so she called the corporate office and sent her name was Asian some. And clay mature for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Well the Georgia Bureau of Investigation eventually confirmed that she did in fact not work there and shoot immediately arrested she's now facing charges for impersonating an officer and disorderly conduct. Had to pay a 7000 dollar bond to get that into it. They for a discount I'm a god in check for crazy chicken thing which meant until they charged eighty dollar ninety dollars entered into right now. Scope the fact that you but what ends its ultimate editors and then called corporate. Again. For a chick fillet sandwich. That is affordable. Yeah I mean that's crazy she she was all went and she went completely and Alexander and I can do it stun print money shall park your car goes and posted to defer man I cannot believe she called corporate what's the discount on this man out of its gotta be the greatest discount reverend community at half price for still talking about a chicken sandwich and the chicken sandwich. From chick filet the delay is delicious but it's not expensive it would only happen a chicklet. And I'll Q seven grand in the hole barrels of out of the race. But it does about AAA damn good sentence report the mood demonstrate this boost because we think it's yeah. Me OK so over the long and around the world to Barney in our tummies down the whole lot of zone 9844999. Hold but hold out. There's just many things continue on the men's room radio network.