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Monday, July 9th

Emails, Your Guess is as Good as Mine categories: Death & Baseball! Plus What You Don't Need to Know and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. Listening to. I don't drink Intel's latest shot of the day your guess is as good as mine is coming out of the categories being death and basketball do your guess is as good as mine that's. I read the email that that. From the on men's room a men's room live doctor Ayman if you're at just joining the show we should point out. That that snoring you hear in the background that is often to gentleman by the name of Holden Holden now BellSouth show earlier and we finally got around to man in he has been asleep. Quite a while ground yeah. Periodically make sure they'll bring users I don't know if I'm almost jealous. They'll likely have a newborn Iraqi donated me a lot of you've driven. And this is the first I'm regarded tuned in to show that's a good to GE. Like there. That doesn't testimonials. Of what our show could do for you. These stress you have trouble sleeping at the flag. Holden doesn't get the night sweats. Fellows Shane welcome to the men's room. Coach a welcome to the men's room. The liquor or turn cars about Iraq. Jane let's go this low blood Saddam or whom. Do you believe has never aged. What's what do you know you have a person a friend who is it that this is seemingly never aged baby it's your friend's mom. Yeah this never aged. And as long it I knew him. My grandpa. On my mom's side. Never got a day older ever stood at its own easy dead now. In dead now there's the irony in his statement ever Hannity how to how to pass on. He had. It's such crap out of me and remember what it is to Dayton was going on dialysis. Look at OK okay this in this thing now is a one of those deals where he just always looked older or did he look I don't know. Mid old and never looked like you were rattled. Until you look Salt Lake he would but I think his plea to the earth at the well I was really young cute about Blake in its debt and neither neat that's the way you'd eighty content so. You know it's weird though you're right there's a really weird line OK okay they sell. You turn 65. Years old somewhere in there I used argued that the major majority of your list of turn grayer when every under you start to get that'll person look right. If you have an area that you can pretty well maintain that old person look the same exact old person look into me Lucy lived to be 859 years old and you don't look that much different than 65 year old person you look at about wanting my ears right when the door shuts you start to look like living hell. And he's I think I am right when he goes to only be outstanding gone it'll look like yourself like when the don't when it was starts to shut down on you you look like asked. But fortunately Knight have ads in you look you rescued all skinny. But but that that twenty years ago I was I and her family from a that. Now and same thing like I knew him as an older person already but he mean. I don't it's it was I was a kid he was alive from a point five their tournament you always days Maggie says I always retire if you go to him always looks in your mind this probably a good thing but if you actors like that like usually they can go back into I don't know those. This movie came out thirty years ago on an activist electing if you look at them and go. The amendments which were hair I forgot they look like roses Gelman Portsmouth where he got the end by Gran Torino yet brasserie you don't look too much different vowel. Like ten years later than he did they have lethal dole for awhile to doesn't mean he's always had little person look what he had dirty Harry have them like dirty Harry one way that was one event since he came only tombstone was held movie when he's in the and forget the don't forget it since the unforgiven is come out in my mind to something huge 100%. The same. But then there's like Rob Lowe who looks like he still OK but there's a difference. Rob Lowe obviously it was like some kind of weird sought to us like his is different his is different like. Clint Eastwood has aged he has to he's been too she's been dirty carriers old amusement Gran Torino years old that's it. Like Rob Lowe has always been seventy in stables and it's open right is stable and I those jeans that's wrong man buses we hear. A reason as to oral it seems have never aged here you go there's a guy named Dave Alexander. I used to work with a guy named Dave Alexander did all at W sealed you Morita and I. I'm Dave LI shows they was dale sorry for it that's from never yeah I he was enough staff Ontario Canada. And a few days ago he put a six year old McDonald's cheeseburger and Fries a balmy day. It's a journal about things started pouring in from the pictures it doesn't look like they'd aged at all from when he bought them especially since he put a homemade burger and Fries in the shelf next to them five years ago. And those are covered in mold and looked ancient so why did Dave have the birders sitting around. Well he says back in 2012. His daughter got in the burger and Fries and he didn't wanna eat them so they decided to leave them out as an experiment. But now he's moving so it's time to sell. Unfortunately for him on eBay sent him down to with a technicality. They see the auction violated their food policy which says food must have quotes. A clearly marked expiration or use by date. Dave's McDonald I don't by the way this has neither before it was shut down was over 110 dollars when he maple adapt to beat yeah. Want to listen. Why doesn't it mole. Random random random random random friends friends and we could figure out a way to work a little promo ran his friend the loser of the greatest show ever. There's testimony from Bolton. Yeah. It was. All the says we're the most riveting experiences he's ever had on the radio in radios never heard anything like it the men's room. John says it put me to sleep. All the says I've never felt so relaxed and listen to radio program is. Two thumbs up. In. There. And. And over our men are and we've clearly said that they hold that he's all right let me look. He's the sleep the when he won only people that doesn't heed the personal history and found statements are good are you sleeping. Like a lot. I will does he still I want it doesn't matter why did he won't leave he loves it when I go to my way like if you toss it to my counselor revealing. Due to. And that's why did not feel like ten US slid well you know some you don't know if you turn them. I happen to me recently on the web site nearest you that's who woke up to somebody will tragedies here have bike week we have to maybe go back to a party. They are. Aaron like a pretty good speakers like I am Marty asleep deck of this. I doubt radler as well Alice it was a reasonably clear that they told you I don't they act like you failed I would still be out. Hello Max welcome to the men girls. Oh oh yeah. I'm Matt automatic with just go listen we'll we'll bring the whole thing go ahead here. Plus he got how many hours of sleep you get a night. I'm between six and doesn't. That's it would tell me don't look at that. Between eleven involved. What's your last movie television program. Atlanta new television program for the last Y show you watched before he goes. On oh candidate and Lego and charge and a token I. Lucky you Richard heavily in the late night show us and then the job. Can't I did tag go to better leap out little guy downloading I can tell you would have been non Seth Meyers on Friday. So obviously after 1230 unity and I'm going to bed as early as I think yeah I and you get up for your job. Up for all the don't look at those four hold on you've got to go to the reason we ask how many hours a Dugas. More than Holden. I was side and half on five minute news I I try to log eat every night I've got I try to get a myself. There it's just what it'll mean I'm assembly foremost we will find an eight hour sleep I'm Iraq all the time has always been that way you know I don't know why do you think hold easily snag. And I knew I can only Morgan McPherson I used up until the kids mangalore could climb into bed and this is done dammit and they have no like. You take the populous US brutal hole and where every world why he didn't have a mobile it's even a little bit of I don't think I still like mesh shorts are some related to John McHale yeah and under his mass only hours of sleep the united. According to sleep researchers out of Penn state university. Modern life has gotten so stressful now. Do we really need eight and a half hours of sleep to be held possess hold in have found here's. Here's why all of the distractions. All of the distractions that we get bombarded with during. During the day. And are in fact making it harder for us to falsely wolf course meant more. Go back to sleep is that would hold them when we were I governor know that holds a stressful Nike me Darren. Nothing would prevent me from my desired sleep. Well. Up. So really we need eight and a half hours in bed to get eight actual hours of sleep. Now parchment you're quite right punted on average of thirty minutes longer than actually sleep. But if you can find a way to get that much sleep the researchers say they'll be really worth it. They say. That if you bump yourself up from CE do six or seven I. If you take that six or seven hours sleep. In you can get 88 and a half hours. They say you'll be shocked. At how high of a level. Your body actually functions and operates. I believe the man by president Jim little kid gives you don't have choice usually for 45 seconds and they need something you deal and assembly of all the energy. It sucks. But it can be done about Kathy comes in at least three or four times and I just a screaming and all night and together take your feet will be I have. None I'd be dead but I'm saying late in the more epic four robberies and around 6 AM the cab put it decides it's going to do and don't forget it's there. And now it's in the mood where it's going to attack anything that moves back and it's under something then it's almost fun and things about six clocking Mardy were low restrictions put that you forget that the cat is now sunk its teeth and claws. Through the comforter into your lives every morning and I know operating African born I knew a girl and had a cat. That like if you you know if you put your foot out the cool off yet but he did that all that would attack well that's a guarantee man that's a guarantee but I'll forget that when you step awful bread there's a very good chance that before ligament is under your bed in his prepared them. Still come your guess as good as minor categories will be. That in basketball and yes yes yes yes. Ten things that your body can do have you done I don't know what you don't even know and so coming up you're listening to the men's in my view. It was miles. Come here orgasms as good as minor categories death and basketball and what you don't need to know has attending your body does after you've done that is all coming up right after these emails in the men's room amend or live dot com. Our guys a few from today mentioning that I was listening to the men's room I just got off with a warning after I got pulled overdose speeding ticket. Could you please give a nice officer if they sandwich. That from Montana had bill yelling give your fish is as camera that per share. A first guys that they say that anybody with basic middle class resources could do what we did. And this as far as helping out. A couple years ago we started getting to know homeless man we've encountered and occasionally gave food in cash to eventually. I started hanging around his area and getting to know him and learning about homelessness we became friends and Michael in the brother that I never had. Then he got sick at a serious infection was in the hospital for a few days. During that time these social services department was supposed to find a place for me to stay once he was discharged but. Because he was now the woods and the inflation was still there the department did exactly nothing. Didn't even talk to him. Hospitals going to discharge him right back onto the streets and I knew that if they did that it would not be good. So I finally got angry enough to do something this is insane we have an extra room and we let him move there. That was a year and a half ago uncle in the game a member of our family he has enriched us in more ways than any monkey counts. We've been working on getting a cell taken care of he's had some financial matters and have been dealt with says he's getting steady work. And removing toward the day when he's able to get his own place and be self sufficient. So I think I can safely say that I'm responsible for him being alive today nobody special and I want the accolades and stuff. I'm just an average guy got pissed off enough that a bad systems loose on the radical above to see a lot of other people get equally angry. That from date as my story and limit our as far as the worst heat saw 132. Degrees in Kuwait. Just a couple weeks ago and as far as your MRE's they all still tastes like ass snow amount assaults Tabasco it's gonna make it better no way. I'll stay flying as that for Mariah sure way to make those good. Now they have a right like did you gotta think in all the years that that they've been handed out and Murray's you've had millions of people try different things to make a better image. It seems universally agreed that nothing works as it really do you ever hear people militaries that well one of them had Eminem's. I mean think about and you have different ethnic look everyone bringing everything to the table to make a Murray is better in even street dogs don't want. Couple of avert their quest guys Kenny ever they show up my lovely awesome wife Heather she would love for maybe you guys too if I have the dirty Germans talking about more stuff and concurring with the each other things bitches that from Troy. I wouldn't. It is moist and the teacher. I will defend Morrison you know it's fifteen. Should be making their kids. Read most. Yeah. In doing it almost doesn't know about subordinates most sophisticated missiles she keeps who's gonna get back into America's children need. Guy who's my younger stepsister k.'s birthday today hello little kid fish sandwich and a drop the beat. Any Joey chestnut keep on rocking guys that from Michael. Probably. My girlfriend Reese they're not very happy to warning for a bird taken humorous side gonna cupcake followed by a bong hits. And some dirty German talk thanks guys love the show that from Angel oh. I. For you both of them smoke can ball become more so it's an election. And maybe after a few hundred miles from my flesh were sandwiches to. Arizona's and I have a bird down to Jeff who's 47 middle losing your show for a long time getting begin get a big only broad Digg and thanks GAAP and. I. And our guys in her birthday shout from Baghdad he has 51 years old today and he would love to hear some dirty Germans talking about brewing some beer. A much appreciated love you dad and happy birthday bad from Haley Johnson. Yeah when look at India I know I spoke with double the badly provided them to be. God and a lot of things make use of to be careful when you consumes. They called me a member of these people. Guys assay and islanders showed that is arbor day 62 years young. I would love and if you would just say happy birthday. Another question do you have a shot glass from Norway I'm going and good did you one knows bush request just they had a birthday song thanks guys that from Denny Denny you know. Good night. Sharkey yeah yeah we do not. Have a shot glass from Norway known and if you wanna bring us one hill we'll tell you when a government Maria we'll take it and happy birthday to all right guys here you go. I mean yeah. Have you had any love. I I can't thank you to you. But today I'll let you share. Bronson but then there are also available through news world fame on men's line dot com and other fine retailers. Rule. Was a lesson this thing. Boot. Him try thank you for answers under real oh league. They uncontested online for your guess is as good as mine so we get color and I'm right now 844999. Although we have your guess is as good as mine get an appearance against first down for a few extra emails guys. A loser for Massachusetts here. Some losing your show on network right now and you're talking about those Baja qualities yeah yeah our holidays. Don't know you guys have heard this term before. Budget appreciated that out there we call those drug runs. At that you don't want that in Boston they call them drug drugs because let's be real nice out there right see someone on Monday. They got drugs engage listen man love the show that from Jan listening on WA AF Boston's legendary rock stations in your 100 cigarette about that and at the time that I wore those frequently. And that big fat pocket an affront as a guarantee there's we'd an appointment and everyone I knew if you're right drug roto is very accurate. He's the only reason I never smoked any medium ones because I was a child. Fortunately everybody everywhere and including me every right right evident that some perfect and so we on the beach and no one no doubt. A hole until as a last week for since then you presented us with the top ten status Disney songs of all times. Atlanta this is a reminded me of a line I heard on the TV show friends that I still used to this day. One of the friends asked Chandler if he cried when Danny's mother died. Chandler's response was classic and one that I love to use when someone asked me about a sad Disney movie his response in full sarcastic tone on the yes it was very sad when they stop drawing the deer. Makes you guys could still listen to podcast every day your longest listener ever that from Greg in risers down Maryland right outside the ball more. PS had some of your sausage. Sit out to me from my daughter's high school graduation party this past weekend it was a big big guys that nice and very good is this all by Greg he's been one I'd Greg for now he's got another I thought I had a male and a sale. Of the little self at the royal faux. Right now with the gullies which reference to the hoop. We have glass eyes at royal farm yeah right there on account that. The law also for royal farms will keep an eye out for him. On who's started on fire a US air force survival trading group started a one acre fire has steadily for 36 hours putting it out along with about fifteen others in the United States Forest Service. Also during a 500000. Acre fire in Oregon and California. A burning rabbit ran across the fire line oh cool wind is chasing killer to keep the fire from spreading. And from god who is in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan wasn't gonna do in the upper peninsula mission failed what do you do up arguments being Canon carries Barack manage wildfires out Tara burning rabbit well I. Now have Easter. Policy we got here a good evening. Was a firefighter for our rural town earlier having an issue with the arsonist setting fires when he was setting on fire though portage jobs. After sitting close to forty of them on fire he was finally come because he mentioned to his girlfriend that he was setting the fires to impress her and she turned to bend. But a couple weeks after that. I some kids who were stealing gas from cars and neighborhoods at the can of gas on fire because they were smoking while carrying the gas can cheat and try to cigarette in the case. But they. Did it right next my homes gas meter but the fire out but the pain was burned off the meter. Love listening to you guys. Believe that was from my KGO in Portland I'm I'm just curious what. What vibe does a woman give all you really think to yourself that way to a browser based on what I've experienced. Is sent portal bodies on fire and and like this is the way to her heart and say yeah but it would only do they view faulted that was a good idea. Paulson as a on the polls well listen on kgo and my friends' parents on vacation senate get together by the pool their one of those portable campfire devices again look like a big walk yeah yeah I poured gas on an excellent pool in the catching my pants on fire so panicked. I threw the can of gas in the pool on top of the cover. Catching the cover and water on fire just as I was jumping into the myself open access and it brings back a certain scene out of Apocalypse Now coming up from the water to water being on fire just it's just a fire water scary want them. And finally. This is my fire story starts of fireworks in particular bottle rockets are being fired from an open hand. I decided it was a great idea to do this while driving so as we drove around drinking Beers and firing bottle rockets out we came across an abandoned vehicle on the side of the road. A window in the vehicle was opened and I was lucky enough to shoot a rocket into that window we had a big laugh as we watch the fireworks explode as we drove away. Well you know driving back on our way home and discovered the that lucky shot chop to the window had ignited the car into a full fire. And nothing was left to the vehicle but a burned out shell and melted tires. Moral of the story if it sounds stupid you probably shouldn't do it that from T. Coming up close. They've got would you don't need to know ten things your body can do add to the other person is time for your guess is in his mind. Isn't easy in place he would get access and online from there they pick one or two categories and and it's up to them two ideas many right into that category before three strikes. And you're out who is our contestant I played a big game. Hello Obama welcome to the men's room. Oh wow. There isn't is it Vaughn a bomb bomb and a car alone and BUGH. AF. The letter and did you. There's got revived. Other categories RD ten that most likely ways that you will die. The ten most likely ways that you will die and menace from the a WHO. Which is the World Health Organization. Took all around the world in and then we have the top ten best cities for basketball fan. What type category you Olympic they're on your guess is as good as much. Finley today. So the story goes while it we'll have and everyone no one wants to think about the ways that they pulled off. Well thanks to the magic of statistics we bring you the expected and most unexpected most common ways to die. The date on what you can dive from comes to us from several sources. What primarily seen National Center for Health Statistics. The National Safety Council and the world how World Health Organization. So here we go these are the ten most likely ways that you will not. When we do your guess is as good as mine as immediate as many right in the category before three strikes and you're out. Okay what is your first guest here on. How you will more than likely done. Also obviously. You can't shoot. Answer is number two on the list that is correct. One and seven people around the world will in fact. Die from cancer and if you live long enough it's almost as certain as death and taxes. That your gonna get some former cancer in your body. Although new treatments are coming at every day cancer is still responsible phrase significant portion of human deaths worldwide every year so cancer. One in seven and number two I to what one. Oh. About like analog Mamo literally or some of them were mosquitoes pass the room this is my guest. I was gonna say yeah automotive accident. Automotive expect. How far I have that is correct. One and 100 people pass any motor vehicle accidents. It was probably one of the most dangerous things any of us could ever do on a regular basis motor vehicle accidents claim about fifty. Thousand American lives every year. Yet another reason Wear your seatbelt is just in America alone 50000 people die every year in a motor vehicle accidents. Our Niger to produce their bomb on your guess is as good as mine. The ten most likely ways Jewell died no strike so far. We're here in America and we like the food food that might if you are almost all the good stuff heart disease. Heart disease is the number one way worldwide to you're gonna die one in five people around the world I am. We'll dive from our diseases widely regarded as a leasing leaving Gaza detrimental it is only rising. As. Conditions such as diabetes horizons that contributes to that. I pray for three months. On the ten most certainly ways you'll die you're on fire here as far as death you got this thing nailed and he's open to grim reaper. Are right identified laughter. While all the mold of Jack. It could I don't know if they'll Jose maybe. Some sort of fires caused by. A mosquito like malaria west Nile. Again. Now don't know how many dogs are usually Nimitz as I know Larry that is counting on yeah I think you're reminded there's also infinite there's also accidental aways and you did motor vehicle I drive but more so than just diseases a seemingly. Thank following. It and tripping fallen. Yeah no baby choke man a lot of choked. He has strong. I'm tired I guess I I guess we'll go to maybe you know actually help all workers don't believe you know workplace injury. Falling down as the number seven way to die in the world. While one in 246. People died falling down why you might think the falling down can never be the end deal as you walk a bunch of class. Balls are seriously leading cause of injury related deaths among seniors in the world to your money firmly fine. Falls down and on the bathtub growls of death is falling down right right now they didn't have heart disease in the meantime whatever but that didn't gel yeah that'd kill blowing downhill. All right now you're on fire. You've gotten more out of the ten most likely wait. Worldwide good so our home and what you do duplicate. Please. Bush and our. All. Ages nonetheless. Forbid lose saying guns pneumonia. Drowning. Heart attack old age that's. Heart attack or heart disease yeah if we're gonna look for is exactly. You'll say why it. Yeah. All this is around the world not just gas narrowed their assault by a firearm you're likely to die a good way that way and you know when you don't say and one and with the need to have a farm to see you sad now because there are many countries for drive primarily Europe where gun ownership has been out water and restricted. Gun crimes they're fairly low. Other countries however Africa debris America act today make up for all that places like Brazil Colombia. South Africa Guatemala and the United States of America. Yeah thousands of lives annually due to the problem of assault by a firearm that comes in at number eight are right on. You've got one strike against Japan and so far out of the ten. You have 345 your halfway home on the ten most likely ways to the other suggestions from people drug overdose. When you go to suicide a movement that from the medical accidents. Go to that I am fortunate probably isn't in my BM and. Yeah I was gonna go with it was it overdose. That. Shoot our home well not all we're overdose. And most likely way jewel not the world not in the world. You have to have things over those sun. All people said you gotta like West Virginians. For the content or how about the of starvation and war allergic reactions these are some suggestions coming. Natural disasters irony unanswered on I was thirty. Oh the third strike outs always out my bad okay am I in this kind of there. Just like there was joy just not admissible at your money on our Steve are OK so on here you go on the ten most likely ways to die around the world. And number ten net. Natural born. Tornadoes and floods tsunamis earthquakes and it's only getting worse as far as mother nature's wrath and are likely that I natural forces number nine. A fire or smoke. AT got correct assault by firearms seven was another great dancer and falling down six is unfortunately suicide intentional self harm. National suicide hotline by the way is 8027382. 55 number five motor vehicle accidents summer for accidental injury. Three strokes to his cancer and the number one way to die around the world believe or not as hard as. And stuff yeah heart and all of those. How do you wanna go. I gotta figure I don't know what you don't need to know has ten strange and extremely creepy things that you did not know that your body could do after you've done. As coming up next you're listening to the men's or radio network. Come on drag and tells us Saturday is most reliable first. We're full of useless information. And do you have far too many brain cells not to let us kill you. So Lyndon here on the men's room shares what you don't need it now. We better not say well armed paranormal movie winner of the bill and you find yourself wondering can a corpse. Really just sit up and screen. After it is a dead you know that that's impossible they can't really haven't I guess what lo and behold it a year now that actually can relate cap industry. And yellen have noises and a masters event some said before like make you sit up at streak there are some incredibly strange. Be things that your body can do after you die after the heart stops beating. Oxygen supply to the brain is cut off then look no glucose stored or rely on twelve nerve cells die within. Three to seven minutes. Three to seven minutes leaves plenty of time for some really spooky things to go on. Sense and haven't right such as George digest of system appears to go on temporary limited believe or not. So here are some things that are kind of creepy that your body can do after you die. Number one you might find this hard to believe but believe it or not. You could have an orgasm. Upsetting to true author Molly Roche as a brain death experts name's Stephanie man opposed to mortar and organic. Post mortem orgasms were a thing. She found out that if you. Electrically stimulates. A nerve of a quarks the sequel nerve while simultaneously delivering oxygen through the body through a bit later. A dead body can achieve orgasm. Why would you know back even LYY you know back because they've done it and they know how they've done it and they know what they seem to know that they did it won't assume ruled that even though the recipient is technically brain dead you can be brain dead and still. Colonies like yeah okay I was weird man that only that but you can receive a death erection. These are the incredibly that's my punk band in strangely at the rich or everybody knows that mouthful clerks they're kind of you need to violent deaths such as hanging or be heading who. Would require that the person was killed while standing upright or at least leaning vertically. These in history. Are referred to as death erections or in a biblical sense Angel lost. And occurring because of an exerted force plays the spinal cord which had an involuntary response I don't did did you have been and yes if you're wondering it is accompanied by discharged folks sol why. Yes dead man's semen that's right solo project these are ten things you might be shocked to know that your body can do that you guys are your your flesh and he could turn your flesh and assault. Those or it was buried in the 1880s called the so man. Because when his body was discovered on the fan on his phone to transformed into old self as water and alkaline it seeped into his casket. Activating that soil ended up old so we soap fans there all also your body can reflex when your dad. You're seriously you can raise your arms straight nearing the drop of it across like positions of basically if you seal or movie were so raises are armed. Cross of like a mummy yeah that's holy cross and make fall. He's ranked. Odds terrified. How long after that happened. They get them throughout threes and it's. Resentments that he does also if you're pregnant guess what you can have a baby when your dad. Continuing pressure of abdominal gas. So you actually give birth of the baby probably won't opposite but I won't get the hell out of all right here's fell more obviously you can pee and poop. By the way your brain doesn't know you're dead people who suffered cardiac arrest he came back to life. They were called awareness of what's happening in the room from detailed conversations everything else in they see light you know what's going on you can also moan and groan. Your body can change colors. Any decapitated head to me since its surroundings. According to a 2011 setting attacked us scientists are studying decapitated mice electrical activity existence severed heads. For about four to six seconds. That explains stories told by veterans who claimed to see the looks of grief for sorrow from over the faces of friends who have been the captain. He's he's gone much donated nothing really during club and have a mated to drink intact. Do you read. It's just. Go ahead considering dance dance even throw to find out nortel's. Yes indeed and today we chose a nineteen year old man from Bismarck, North Dakota. Name another city in North Dakota that is not forward. Those the two I have the state capital I trust. Yahoo! thing. Now Grand Forks and doing what the finger and away last month or armory when would you Michael Rampage he eggs twenty callers on school parking. Now police were able to give them license plate from surveillance video they tracked him down and he was charged with a felony. Because believe it or not meant to do 3200. Dollars worth of damage with the eggs to at least one regard but anyway we're toasting this guy. Because the eggs demand name is. Benedict. The rule not Benedict the palms and we have senator I'm a legacy and eggs Benedict. The man whose name Benedict wouldn't you know old found a way to commit a felony that. With aids Politico or 3200. Dollars and a fan congratulations. Benedict Hough living appear to Antigua. So important move to Madrid this booze because we think it's yeah may not act all the the tongue indelible character Barney in art Tommy's. Down the whole grab their zone now. It's not color not an online right now for low profile as a 44999. Alone. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.