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Thursday, June 15th

We play the game known as Big Dummy!


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Cheers what you see teenagers and parents have been found if they went missing for three days in the fifth flags at a home. There's a small portion of mechanical that is opened the public but some have been known to access the other animals inside. After about a four hour search by teams and dog that you rescue. Most Gary do you think that goal. Well the fear factor I would think would go away after awhile. You know there's still it still kind of creepy that gathers there again they'll NBA bodies in there and I'm lost here. Right the six million dead body that I don't know bakery because goes away my. Well that would that would go and like you remember the doubles is made that you've done in the darkness got to go after while you realize that nothing's coming after you. You know you he drove the length of the basement and you try to run today that door after the top of the stairs there's only a small period of time that you can actually bring ramp up. And think oh my god there's a ghost I don't know what's going on your baseman Mike. And I'd rather be stuck in my very scary playing man got them data comes in for Keith. Great moment I had a mile dog Tigger RP. He was you know a telephone pole yet what's what's your dog might have but he was a Scottish Terrier with not a large animal. So it lived up to slay the entire company just telling him. One that's what they're not I reflect only a few weeks I thought that the Levy and his young team did you accomplish your goal their status. You get it done be looking like a jackass right now. But there's a lot of the there's a cinematographer who's in photographers National Geographic where they have a whole reel from nothing but animals who have. Oh yeah different animals like edited out when I'm gonna show thrown out there I am as you know left in the bottom of who's been entail you know stuff. Strainer. Guarantee they get a blue thriller. Yeah almost proved a lot politically that well you know this is not true if you're marking territory in the show it's a bit showtime repeat but the point about is marking territory. And I thought to myself the smoke was working territories it's also possible tiger and take a week. We could be doing both. But like Nomar dirt three everytime he do we otherwise why would a blip although with the yeah yeah like a dog like this squad downlink lead just two drops right now. And also the little area that all. You talk generally about the times I've mark match my territory. And whether or not they back. They reform. I don't even though he did. And everything combining a loose ball in the streets of some city it's McCain and you'll hear people trying to screen little girl bit. You'll tell exactly where he did this born to a motorcycle. And serious. Coach Charles. Grant and I'd hear this I feel like I'm give her clothes you know play that game like this is. I'm getting aroused my good hole plug plug it in their. Like. Is that fairly common chemical another. My man. Here. My whole had the better your routine now again. 200 Bolden over. He random people who like their confidence and move. Believe what it is beautiful she read them voters I welcome home my home home got a great I lost myself and that's. Overall are you and welcome to the men's room. But we laugh all okay all right and mostly your name like bank username and Verizon you can play another game play. I heard you aren't rewarded for Barry okay you're belt. Our what do you refundable. No but I Obama so the guy I'm very happily there Laura Bubba human life. Like earning a bill to race. And all the black belt around him and Orion golfer and a hug consulate and volley consolation I'm mr. science humor man thanks gentlemen and they Torrance as the bulls I'm home I'm home. Good god I'm not I know I don't okay it was based general space still faced outcome wanna continue. All right I get down to I don't know that I'll. And then it becomes over the basic human events and boom. They've still got mauled by post to put. There was a story about a couple had had sex in their seat during a flight from England who I beat that you could beat the cunanan and Edward now Kevin thank. Turns out to the guy has a pregnant fiancee and moment he was on as what it was bachelor party weekend. Seen pictures of them having such now I don't understand something about this okay so when I first heard about the story couple days ago. I don't passengers at such an airplane and I figured they were at least make an effort to beat street. It should be made very clear they're making no effort to beat street demand person won't leave sitting in the middle seat. This woman this is sitting on the flat bouncing up tomorrow. And the guy says to the people on the play. Today does anyone have a Condo. He didn't think condom what's the British life turnout among other developing a little rubber knowing though Jimmy had no clue what happened that I was I was slow and so it was so British it was it was the most if you all have failed I saw a picture better than us right I don't know how you know he's there at any. King yeah jungle they just met each other they got hammered on the plane and they started now on each other and you know I mean he's. He's a pretty jacked up duties apparently a ladies man according to the story didn't seem I got to file what is it. He had shouted. Anyone got jelly and it's an alien I now. Belmont that's. What I want to get a little thing and angered about the fact that. Who does them a dirty tossed out enough blow pop yes donuts the best friends. Happy bags with it and Alex. Yeah yeah here's Mac O yeah head cheese no no monkey ball now pound cake. Yeah butter fingers. Noon and they'll give way. It is due to cancer or old Indian summer sausage yes or no luck for the book mark but you know banana muffin yeah. You can watch video. Shoot 62 black woman who Ballmer and restaurant restaurant fighting whatever pool and here and will be commentary. No from the friends like Paulson kicker O from the yeah yeah I don't on how. She always thought he did that we know when wagon. Three and whatever they do is black women available screamed and at the end of scream they reference a deep fat. And a bright doesn't go away if you hear all my garden going out why why Jake there. And because of the finalists what joy or pleasure or joy affair with a why would union like it's it's you don't know if they're happy to do to woo. No boots and conclude that it moved the story behind him in the days pulls gamers is like oh no we haven't I heard it was scary yeah. I think every candidate if and when general goes to stream is that yeah. You know I want evidence of this watch the world go for the if you'd like economic. Hat I haven't. I did another and with the what you. As them. If it's a black beauty Passat yeah black beauty sleep through the door with a camera but anyway I gonna realize that you were you aren't going to a guy and he does woke up again realize ruthless streak and other developments out of. Now done men's room legacy continue. You what sure love to hear is real. Trying to look. Offend anyone. Invited to join the party. This is. All gathered in secrecy. This is the the men's tour. They say shake your radio more than three times. And your. I don't go out and has done over 2626. Alumnus Steve the draw hill. CJ it's bad. Limbaugh. Had a large car. Do Aaron imagine a. Definitely it was really good big done okay. Did you meat and potatoes it's a food fight digits no Sherlock is back who danced to play profile list. Plus headlines read your job today fumble was three males in everyone's favorite. TV time it's spectacular in the draw I knew ago Gene Simmons does seem most Gene Simmons thinks possible but he claims he owns your hand. Meanwhile Fox News admits that fair and balanced really doesn't go with their news channel break. Car dealership offers almost manage job he turns it down if he makes more an hour on the streets. They made all what is attacked by a rabid raccoon but she's not going down in defeat and an animal rights group. Rescues. Pigs they were free on an island with in the ocean. That. Is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. All have good good good day to you and yours today is the day that we play big dummy. The game show that rewards you for your stunning ignorance and here is how it works. You call us we spend the category real. We. In the category will. A question from a capital. But here's where big dummy separates itself from her averaged more reputable game show up we will continue to. To ask you questions into you get just one right because as always we want you to leave here smarter than he showed up. Now today our biggest dummy ever it's actually a two way tie the journal locally generally in the equally lovely are represented both him. But both of them dug deep and found a way to answer nineteen. Consecutive. Questions wrong. Can you do better well of course you can give us a call and all we go on big dummy bear contessa. God no big dummy call 844999. All alike the men's room on FaceBook follow us on two under immense survive into those emails to the men's room at midterm buy dot com you're listening to the men's or radio networks. I was jumping so we have great foundation number two thousand six hundred and twenties based on these are extremely seriously had Jim announced Disney details. Here's a food fight today we'll have some different would you try food options in those most of government of Libya with a hedge shift. I'm last week by the way on our men's room poll which we do every day when we play big Denny we asked you which your favorite sport is any surprises on this one. I'm guessing myself couple of the ball well we we said no no specifics as far as America well on our college ball number one absolutely baseball number two. And soccer game believe it or not at number three. And today a miserable we figured we wanna know your favorite chain restaurant. And my favorite chain restaurants we won under the restaurant that you go and not a fast food place not necessarily place it would have a drive throughout the latest your ass down were you would sit down go in and eat that's a change and who's going to be a lot of questions on this like. Is Pizza Hut restaurant twelve you can go in and sit down and eat yeah. Imagine Jane that you change California Pizza Kitchen you can go in and sit down and eat. The dominoes by my house it's takeout and delivery only son archer had been no where you are even though there's no way out and usually needed you can sit down and I what I. Any restaurant is. I'm looking cheesecake or we win a chain of a good look he kept saying look look look to us properly say they're still liked you don't know callable guerrilla. There's blazed a remote corner called steals got married you should go that's not a change that's one woman's place and she has great meatloaf until you go aluminum if you go move if you believe he would go nuts not what we wanna hear it if these are commercial on television that says you know baby back baby back I mean we are looking for a chain restaurant for a follow up care. You're going to a chain restaurant tonight forget I yeah regarding Red Robin you and our own Michael. That's a chain restaurants we understand the chain restaurants and that's going to be our man straddles that's it. What is came and originally from Tampa this whole huge bullet. I can help flag like I'm Manny is rich he. Mike hog might help reality you know just all in all empires sauces a Maine and you move so fast Internet condiments sweet potato John McCain fire saw will I camp fires dozens incredible it is it is almost like ranch mixed with barbecue sauce enough fanned 3 in 10 o'clock I don't think I've ever had are real quick. Mike cross the line must come on what's the Robin with them why did you get a check yeah. The guys they have like clocks and spoke lead with a club and the clock it's like what the and they're good fanfare a contender I don't try to target not OK you know what. In using their buffalo player he's a wild mane he did or didn't care tires aren't right and it was fantastic as well okay living on the edge too far miserable today your favorite chain restaurant. And it done again head hey you know they it was our first contested race play again hello Alan welcome to the men's room. So good to Abu Khaled favorites chain restaurant forest. God how does their Red Robin and then I remembered just have to act Joe's crab shed. All right and I named my pants aren't Joe's crab here helping a been a Joe's crab shack are you play a team sober knots over around. Totally over or I welcome this totally sober house tonight your first question is in multiple choice question and and those don't today animal Kingdome. Think I've for Joseph lobster I'm sorry if only you know we're gonna have a 101 of the club right now it. You're projected to commercial I don't know are there been one of the rooms in them I mean you that. I gathered sports event so okay 200 woman ever even mobile are your. For multiple choice. Wolverines chip monks or Amir Katz which one of these is more likely to kill each other than any other mammals almost one new person and these are killed by members of the same excuses. Or worried. Intimidates the don't like the south side of and fans comments I have other animals looked at humans being more humans kill each other and animals kill us. Oh yeah for sure yet but we're still pay Alan if you go online right now I Joe's crab shack you can join Joe's catchy club and get a free appetizer. I Nags Head a little bit. Exactly right in heat like almost a part of that that. The founder of Timex watches yeah actually pick the name a number of his father because father load breeding time magazine and and usually what household product. Paul. I Don makes sounds like to be something cool floating around what 83 to arm and he whistled to him who's on the particular product. It ends with the expose them to lenders. I. I was due decimated deadlock came up and running no luck. Or is a pervert like master critical you know if you bought anyway and of Kleenex and and something weird going on did you realize that are great to time I get a Joe's crab Jack failure is old they wings and crab stuffed mushrooms and crazy good crab dip along with crab nachos. These are you saying hey this is crazy good hitters that the main events and you crazy good crab dip that I. Just hang and they've got a hell of a menu right at Joe's project here. Turn towards our goal burns who win the masters have to give the green jacket back after year. I do don't they are. I don't all of all of her. This is given back away as we talk monitored and you did look back at you can keep a four year in your closet after retirement. They won't put him in the closet but then you can Wear whenever I do good when you this note you almost have to Wear. Is basically the way it used to be so I should do Tulsa like liquid I don't know that you put that jacket on when you don't commit with a jacket on the heavy jacket they know you're coming when you walk again. It's like you just become king of the room for a minute ultimate aunts one of those things. And I had met Jackie Q where were you there I don't Wear forever. Aware for a year and then give but every time you show while Boehner you get the word. I had some friends that had a green blazer they bought and first shop and when you play drinking games or your team won you got the green jacket. I got really waste of one night and did the fab four in a little coat and ripped in half. Chad and so huge fan yeah you. They've done and everyone's fun what little jackets who is our next contestant ready to play the game. Say hello all I didn't mean a couple of hello Paul welcome to the men's room. Each EG oh wow. Most sober now for over a are absolutely no no. Well what's your favorite chain restaurants. Cracker Barrel Cracker Barrel army unit to track your barrel what do you Cracker Barrel you don't get it seemed an eighty nice goal. You can't can't. I'd go to the ball there's a question. Before Hugo Boss became an international fashion company. They made military uniforms. For what army. Former spring. Unfortunately we cannot keep. That is correct on. Yeah Google golf Houston open about whether or not he's most social life. No one knows the 997. Peninsula because the company. It's showed up on a list of Swiss bank accounts. They had to admit like today aren't regularly they were all tailored and he looked good if you ignore me do they look good. They were horrible people will look great doing and they look fantastic committing atrocities. For perfectly. And it. Well let's just you know people mostly due to address the drug you wonder if you're look good you're good right well. I don't know if you're a overjoyed if it all right here is this if I could hit the fact that there's exceptions to every rule. Is now a lot of really did well dressed serial killers of their most like look like our Ted Bundy and when that guy North Carolina it was like Connecticut beer and stadium and about in the backyard you apparently very Islam. Yeah but some on look. We didn't. They did not go running in daycare himself had a good idea problems and like evaluate Jayson but I'm gonna. Any book that was good old Billy are almost while good looking guy yeah hang out noting I'm going Julia but yeah oh yeah bella that's and so did. Some zero don't look like look I would kidnapped you because frankly I look like supporting kids that he. You know I tell like a lot of dungeon of sharply out. And our my neighbor I would dig up his yard jewels to make sure they call your real big time give the country fried steak biscuit and greater. Law all. You do it really not quite. Good MS in management understands. The big commitment when you do a lot of food and love from. I dared to question the first ever comic book convention. Of all things an owner to want to know this or already movie infantry first ever comic book convention was in New York City in 1964. And the very first person to buy a ticket who was a fifteen year old kid. That kid grow to be the author of the game before his books stockings once was the kid's name. And still lives or brother or. Other people screaming at the radio right now. Yeah I. But that is great dude road game I don't know I know I know until you're really weren't just got the wheelchair and that's how he wants you to remember I don't know we'll check. I can't remember my name remember reasons that men and we'll lose I don't do. And looters had no Hillary Clinton and mark my. Doors and. If all of you think you're not playing corner of the sober team that would be a hot stuff on today. I don't know even drink stuff. How old. All right. Who are two months could have way more divorces. And any Obama one of them is August. Out here today basically designed to let families enjoy a nice summer before dropping to become residents. What is the Obama. Got the got to spring got an extreme for now I know like after after Valentine's in that window doesn't mean I say we are again those 20 marks that a boy immortal horses and and yeah. Miles or try economics they say all of it's just one of them is basically people who letting the families enjoy the summer Greer recollect go back to school. We hate you so what would be a remote. Yeah I think it. After another big thing if you'd like to celebrate. It news. But specifically for went to divorce so we'll go old humble more spring. Miles or dragon art pony thing engineers bring mark. Does say daddy day march. It's Mark Foley does mark. All right well our manager about a problem is this he says they patty's day it is march in a reason why it's hard to believe it or not. People wait until after balance Valentine's. Yeah yeah hi I've got to just enables you those rights but eat what he says thinkpad is they have and whenever a red storm I liked him. They do exactly Saint Patrick's Day you know I. I gotta do I now she's. But I'm not a lot out there there are many years that we've agreed you should there is big W as our next contestant ready to play the game. Hello John welcome to the men's room. All up on top. I'm John is over now it's over. So yeah. America can would you favorite sit down the chain restaurant. I thought it paid three I got three daughters birthday I have time yeah I'm. I. Like it well worth the cut off on the free kids what's the age. I have what it did. I. Nine and it's all great in my in my older it gets right there. I would hope gun club and what do you get when you that I I mean I know how good you go there for them and is probably one standby I think you'd get the oh got the birthday big graveyard thing on learn you know you're. If your parents do you have that one meal you'll get at that place that you have to go through your kids will shut their mouth. I hear is your question. Australia. All spreading our it means southern and what language. We believe. The basement okay. Relax. No longer work for laughter. There early and landlords are short. I saw shorter ovals they had like a consortium led your miles Petraeus. And they get a kiss that because you can think that that's unlike you Linux kiss you are gonna. Made it harder question let's go back history John Wilkes Booth. The man who killed Abraham Lincoln he's playing down assassinating both Abraham Lincoln and what future presidents. That future president decided not to go to the favor of that night because his wife frankly did not like Lincoln's life. By future president on assuming that might have been the current vice president that is incorrect it is not that is not who whoa not my decision that he that's what I assumed ought to look it up broke quicken among all we're going to do just jam it is good future president this guy he was an important guy. Youth it is an important individual. He was general. Work. Probably don't regard them our but I already believe. As sprint away. Clinton's best thing is both practical Lincoln invited. Grant to go to the theater and it'll civil for the student journalism is. Look man you are why is a good lumber it. I don't it's never cheat that is a made history with his friend he has never lets us know hey how long leather and the president who merits yeah I was due. I mean mean moment but yeah I mean or no I think they'll also child. Yeah so I don't think she ever kind of got out of that if you just. Well. I mean you know OK and here's the thing you know why I look look at. It's the president of the United States right yeah he's asking you to go and sit with him privately ripped into the Booth. To the theater and seeing you know my wife can't stand your wife yeah that's the conversation or have think that's. Yes what's different when you're the top general back red day it would be talking than it is good deal when we came here every different if they invited you into Meebo like. These do who went to relax don't do I know I like what about you and yeah yeah you don't stroke and that's how the conversation went miles that was. Ladies and an old enough phones but to save the day no ma'am listen I need guy company of the thing man I don't wanna go matters regularly go you know why he won't will pay. Grants them brawl. You know go to back. Normally we rocked the stuff to go Boudreau wanted to go to lawman Ahmad don't know there's no. And I thought you would think with a friend right now and another pass let let let. If Bill Clinton let. He's president and Ted you'll come on down once there may have been a great time Brigham Hillary to be fun I know she's the fun police and doesn't like to have any thought the we're gonna have a good times and my wife can't stand it can you imagine having that conversation of the United States. But he surely you can call ray ice in the gold Bobbitt. They'll do all right arm to map in my car I'm glad to risk a straight up rich man with a machine they season. Added that the Buick Open he can he's dead right. Ma a Pontiac. And I had the right at the ones alive is what we talk crap on it. Thanks to marry Hillary why guys out I was grant's wife do like I still hate to veggie good and I realize you're the funeral here's a jello mold married. Bump you break it had to be awkward I John question 300 newsreels and by the way all those conversations truly took them. I learned a little more depending we're here to help it the first two books that included photographs was published back in eighteen and 43. What was that showing pictures though it was a joint Richard move mushrooms. Mold of algae or nudity. Most throughout the or algae. A lawyer Dick about 1843. Colin Muster. The first look at photos where. I didn't even know. The camera I wouldn't have been written here isn't included in the that is and I think our. If they're visit Niagara Falls probably not it was algae. How old John it's up next are we gonna true or false questions for. Penguins have needs to rule book. The fact they're what Obama did all. Second almost from basically the blocks are you. Also under all you developed yeah. I think dead mother and run accident that these guys walked three dressed in the sand on I don't think it yet at the the thing and answered Batman out you know twice culpability but but the New England I guess he believes that it doesn't about the events of that segment. I don't know what's working in my head Brody got a really big belly airline blow you transcended. At that invites kids to your knees because of your belly I think legally I should be allowed to coalition they have Batman and his three tracks in the snow. But through that bad sex offender wanted to keep it can't think above and dragged him. Portraits and so it. Multiple sources not a common path that he did it and didn't. I'm mobile for every ounce of water you drink berms zero calories 15 or ten pounds. Every ounce of cool ice water in the future. Byron. One plus. John mobilized and indeed take a quick break him anymore big dummy John played for teams over the table restaurant doesn't look but listen time Kevin and I hope it won't come until the nine W guys. Yes I got hair man hotel that morning Miller who got a breakfast and I hop was as perfect and you leave your drive or you had I had nine million pancakes and hold the David is being done it a bigger designate for Ford 999. Cola more with John coming up your listening to the men's or radio network. They joke you know have a gentle men's room. I actually John. He lives. We're just tells go to shouted down the days on the way and the return to know as Sherlock guys I shortly if it's that shortly dilated and it was apparently for my background. I an image and David big dummy. Seventeen you Osaka and we have John on the line he's playing for team sober and John you are working on question number of core. There yeah edit. It into people who sue rocky three co stars woman final match of the very first. Russell you deal brother. That it of that fire her mobile look at how old are. I'm 48. Mighty young girl up our big girl what a whole lot of key here though he dug right above or like recording of the done. Well it. Why all the rose the most journey to go to southern folk won't watch and rocky three would you will which ended used to get up as a kid to give everybody an idea. They've dumb idea now would mean. Korean Port Authority is about free. And Morgan stands at my dear dad series they did guy might look bad when Google's hundreds and when you wake up and I went out when he darling now. I work out are great ticket short and over here. Don't got former some of your sure is growing up on the front in Europe at 3 o'clock and more easily call what time did you need to be outside and what is it that he needed to do. Eric Dane broke beating dogs to judge Goodell then. Beat in the cattle. Getting they moved around getting getting everything done the more editor at school. John King John your. If both the highest crane your feed off. 555. And if indeed he's the highest you've ever Putin about it. I have not had to do that yet I got it myself but I doubt they go let us know you've proven by the moon on the height it. This important urge you to go bulked up there with you Justin did deserve to buck it up there. That that the operator I I about died but a lot at stake it got a big foot site period of the Gatorade bottle and grab bag by the Atlanta. And thank you walking your own dogs yourself. It's a crusty guy climbing down from Ukraine and he's got a trash bag on these go through good chance to move America and the and again there it I know I don't record what they're doing it you know Auxilium Anheuser I don't know of the number I ordered Kobe doesn't drought that the body that slips out there down on the street below it. Or base a brass. All right your next question if it goes the first female comic to be cold to the stage. By Johnny Carson who just don't own TV show map. I'll back to world do. Just your own TV show now just India population is older than you'd think she was counted on to outgun Joan Rivers and you the past without the good news America. Carol Burnett. They've been on the show I'll let him do stand up on the net New Zealand dollar decimal hey come on retirement. Go home and I think you know what you normally do dumb and oh yeah well it's horrible it's another did you lose fat yeah it's our fault. No valid ticket bread sticks that I did that they thought I won't matter one way Gigot prostate you've got a dangerous bag Obama Graham and her business. Should just been reversed again. In our children on is not Rosa GE G daily sit com for awhile like Rosa and and now she is thought she micro lending. Mean yeah of people like her talk show hello but later I am illegals but one thing that she doesn't seem like she's been around them. Drive which is he has got an arm like Kathy Griffin's been around him forever to. But I just like her old. IIIBI. Got a bit of a. Ariel. Madonna who almost laughed while more quick one thing about this you can get it. What side dish is the most ordered item in US Russert. Oh you know the early exit from France French press. Our eyes yeah I think is six questions for the crowd to get around right in the game those very drugs. Good to back it doesn't come alive 844 999. Cola 844999. Hole more big dummy coming up. I should many news continues on the men's room radio network.