Anne Robards

Sun 9am - 2pm

BEFORE I ARRIVED AT CLASSIC ROCK 101.1:  I was an actress.  And, yeah... I did get some work.  And yeah... that also means bartender.

IF YOU BROKE INTO MY HOUSE, WHAT WOULD WE FIND?: Wolfgang, Olaf, PingPing and Bopp:  A Shepherd, a Schitzu, a Norwegian Forest Cat and a Bopp.  Don't mess with the Bopp.

I ENJOY PARTICIPATING IN THE FOLLOWING LEGAL ACTIVITIES:   I love to be in the forest,  I am a classical pianist and I try to sneak back to Berkeley, CA, whenever I can.   Berkeley is still legal.  I love flea markets.  I love critters.

WHAT'S YOUR “THEORY” ON MUSIC?:   "I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.”  ― Albert Einstein

BEST CONCERT I HAVE ATTENDED:  YES - Oakland Coliseum Oakland, CA 5-17-91 with the original, the dangerous, Tony Kaye on piano!!!!


  •     Know how to improvise when the power goes out!!!
  •     When you mess up, hardly anyone notices.
  •     People want you to do well.
  •     Some people will always try to steal your light.
  •     Just keep playing.

FREAKY THOUGHTS GOING ON IN YOUR HEAD:   Wherever you go, there you are.  What if the world smelled like feet and your feet smelled like air?  What if the sky was white and clouds were blue?  What if your boobs were under your armpits?  And, wherever you go, there you are.

FAVORITE FOODS:  yogurt, honey and pepperoni pizza.

TELL US SOMETHING NOT EVERYONE KNOWS ABOUT CLASSIC ROCK 101.1:   Mark Hendrix practices mind control.  And succeeds.

WHERE I WEB SURF REGULARLY:  EBay;  CNN;  and everything do-it-yourself and paris-apartment.

TOP 5 MOVIES:   The Hurt Locker;  Barfly;  La Strada;  Drag Me To Hell;  Elf;  and I'm in love with Curb Your Enthusiasm.  Larry David is better than pizza.

TOP 5 IN “ROCK N ROLL” HEAVEN:  Janis Joplin;  Freddie Mercury;  Ella Fitzgerald;  Jim Morrison;  John Lennon.  And my Dad.


TURN OFFS:   Bullies