WATCH: Happy Birthday, Tom Scholz

By: Maura O'Malley

March 10, 2017

MIT grad and Polaroid-engineer-turned-Boston-founder Tom Scholz was born on March 10, 1947.

While his background doesn’t exactly scream rock ‘n’ roll, he and Brad Delp didn’t have a hard time impressing Epic Records with some early rock demos. Fact: Scholz shreds.

After the demos morphed into a good chunk of what later became Boston’s first studio album, the band was formed, and we were given a classic.

In honor of Scholz’s birthday, check out the official music video for the lead track off Boston’s self-titled debut album. Easily their most recognizable song, “More Than a Feeling” embodies so much of what classic rock is. Check out this cool flashback below.