WATCH: The Beatles Are Releasing a Limited-Edition Box Set of Their 1960s Holiday Greetings

November 3, 2017

Attention, Beatle People! Remember when being in The Beatles’ fan club meant you’d get an annual holiday greeting from the Fab Four? If so, then prepare for nostalgia. If not, then prepare for us to hit you with some info and updates!

The Beatles are releasing a limited-edition box set of their Christmas messages called Happy Christmas Beatle People! The holiday greetings—which included music, skits, and greetings from the band—were recorded annually from 1963-1969 and were only seen by fan club members. But on December 15, just in time for the holidays, you can own all 7 records on 7” vinyl (along with the original artwork and a booklet insert including vintage material from fan club newsletters) whether you were in the club or not! (Pre-order your copy here.) 

Even though one of the Christmas records was worked into the video game The Beatles: Rock Band, this is the first time the records will see a general release.

Also on December 15 comes more Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band 50th anniversary goodies. The deluxe edition is getting a high-res audio makeover, while there will also be two more vinyl discs available.

Happy (early) holidays, Beatle People!