VOTE: Who Should Take Justin Timberlake's Spot at the 2018 Super Bowl Halftime Show?

October 24, 2017

So the rumors were true: Justin Timberlake is performing at this year’s Super Bowl. Not into it? We've got the poll for you: Tell us who should be this year's performer by voting below!

There are arguments to be made for all of the artists in the poll above:

First, if Justin Timberlake can perform again, then surely Aerosmith deserves the chance. Especially after Steven Tyler is still rockin' the stage despite his recent health scare. Similarly, Bob Seger is about to get back on track with his tour after surgery. If JT gets the chance to recover from “Nipplegate” with Janet Jackson, Seger deserves a chance to show off his post-pinched-vertebrae-surgery skills. The Eagles had a roller-coaster year sans-Glenn Frey, adding more tour dates following the huge success of the Classic East and Classic West festivals. Plus, Queen has an amazing Freddie Mercury biopic in the works, while RUSH is releasing the 40th anniversary edition of their 1977 album, Farewell To Kings.

Of course, there are tons of deserving bands, so if you picked “other,” we’re curious to hear your thoughts!