Paul McCartney & Steven Tyler Perform 'Helter Skelter' Live In Las Vegas

July 1, 2019
July 7, 2017; Miami, FL, USA; Paul McCartney performs at the American Airlines Arena.



Paul McCartney was joined by Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler on Friday night (June 28th) during the first night of his two-show stand at Las Vegas' T-Mobile Arena. Tyler and "Macca" trade off lines during a particularly hot rendition of the Beatles' 1968 "White Album" classic, "Helter Skelter."

Tyler and McCartney have been friends for years, with Tyler having performed selections from Abbey Road during the former-Beatle's 2010 Kennedy Center Honors tribute. Their daughters -- Liv Tyler and Stella McCartney -- have been close for decades.

During his recent solo shows, Tyler has been performing a medley of Beatles tunes featuring "I'm Down," "Oh! Darling," and "Come Together."

Steven Tyler joined Paul McCartney on Friday night at the former-Beatle's Las Vegas show to perform "Helter Skelter."


Paul McCartney was inspired to write "Helter Skelter" after reading a music weekly review of the Who's "I Can See For Miles," which was singled out as being the heaviest sounding record ever.

McCartney's competitive spirit kicked in and drove him to write, by far, the heaviest song the Beatles ever committed to wax.

McCartney's live rendition of "Helter Skelter," recorded in concert in July 2009 at New York's Citi Field, won the 2011 Grammy for Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance, marking his first solo Grammy Award in 31 years.

Aersomith's contribution to 1978 box-office bomb, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, was their rendition of "Come Together." The track was one of only two on the soundtrack album not produced by the legendary George Martin. Instead, it was produced by Jack Douglas -- who only two years later would be behind the boards for John Lennon's final album, Double Fantasy.

CHECK IT OUT: Paul McCartney & Steven Tyler on June 28th, 2019 performing "Helter Skelter" live in Las Vegas: