November 1, 2017

USA Today


A new book on the life of legendary AC/DC singer Bon Scott suggests that Scott was planning to leave the group even before his untimely death in February 1980 at the age of 33. In the book, titled Bon: The Last Highway - The Untold Story Of Bon Scott And AC/DC's Back In Black, author Jesse Fink interviews Roy Allen, a Texas native who became friends with Scott in 1977 and got a phone call from him in late 1979 as the band's Highway To Hell tour was winding down.

According to the book, Allen recalled that his phone rang and it was Bon on the other end, who said, "Roy, I want to come to Texas. I’m coming into a good bit of money soon. I’ve had it: the living on the road, the shows, the drinking. I’m ready to leave the band. I’ve got to get out. It’s all killin’ me and I know it. I want to know if I came to Texas, I could stay with you. We could try quit drinking together.”

Allen, who said he was high when he took the call, admitted that he was excited about Scott coming to Texas so that they could party -- at first missing the point of Scott's call.

Allen explained, "(Scott) said he’s going to have to leave the band to (get) cleaned up, is what he said; he had to get away from it, the way he put it, in his words, ’cause it was killin’ him . . . There was something in his voice that it took me a little bit to pick up on and I wish I could have got to talk to him again that day. I would have done anything if I could have got back hold of him.” They never spoke again.

Scott died of acute alcohol poisoning on the night of February 19th, 1980, after a night of heavy drinking at a club in London, just days after attending a session with AC/DC guitarists Malcolm and Angus Young where they began working on music for what became the Back In Black album.

Bon: The Last Highway - The Untold Story Of Bon Scott And AC/DC's Back In Black is out next Tuesday (November 7th) and also explores whether Scott contributed more before his death to the massively successful Back In Black -- which featured the debut of vocalist Brian Johnson -- than has been acknowledged in the past.