Nov 4, 2016; Sun Rise, FL, USA; Stevie Nicks performs at BB&T Center.


Stevie Nicks Delivers Inspirational Mid-Show Speech

April 12, 2017

Even at the age of 68, one of rock n' roll's queens continues to sell out shows with her magnificent voice, and dish out some words of wisdom for her fans to live by.

Confidence can be a fleeting thing sometimes, and Stevie Nicks recalls a tale of when she was in her early twenties that helped her shape her future that we all know today. "I believed I was going to be a huge rock n' roll star. I was 20 years old."

"I want you, in this crazy world we live in right now... to believe in your dreams, and to know that you can do anything you want!"

After a roaring applause, Nicks joked, "don't make me run for politics!"

Watch her full speech below.