Charlie Watts

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The Rolling Stones' Charlie Watts Reportedly Ready For The Band To End

Meanwhile, Keith Richards promises new Rolling Stones music!

February 28, 2018

Charlie Watts is reportedly ready to call it a day.

The Rolling Stones’ 76-year-old drummer has revealed that after more than 50 years manning the kit for “the greatest rock and roll band in the world,” he won’t shed a tear when the group is no longer together.

Watts shared with The Guardian that while he loves playing with his bandmates, Watts wouldn’t be bothered if the band said “that’s it … enough.”

While Watts is prepared to say goodbye, he admits to not exactly having a packed itinerary after the fact. Watts’ only stipulation is that the band walk away on good terms, with everyone in agreement that they’ve had it, rather than ending with an argument.

Meanwhile, his bandmate Keith Richards recently told The Wall Street Journal that a new Stones album is in the works.

In fact, he says they already “have some stuff down” but “it’s in the early stages.” In 2016, the band released Blue and Lonesome, the blues-covers album; however, from what Richards told the WSJ, this upcoming album looks like it could be the band’s first with original music since 2005’s A Bigger Bang.