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Ozzy Osbourne is Interested in Making a New Solo Album


February 13, 2018

OZZY OSBOURNE, who famously mounted a No More Tours trek back in 1992, is back on the road for the No More Tours 2 tour that will take the legendary singer around the world to play for his legion of fans one last time.

Ozzy is quick to point out that the current tour is NOT the end of his performance career—just the end of touring, hence the name of the tour, which started out as a play on words dating back to the original 1992 "retirement tour," named after his then-current album, No More Tears. Incidentally, that "retirement" lasted all of three years, and Ozzy has been on the road ever since.

But what of Ozzy's plans after the current tour ends? In a recent Rolling Stone interview, The Ozzman spoke of his desire to record a new solo album post-tour, or at the very least, a handful of new songs. He mentioned that he's already got ideas for 8 or 9 new songs and that it's just a matter of finding the time to get them done.

The most recent Ozzy Osbourne solo album was 2010's Scream, and of course, the past few years had Ozzy and his pals in Black Sabbath performing on their farewell tour. Although he has been waffling about whether or not to record an entire album, Ozzy has offered that he'd maybe do "a couple of songs and put those out." Rock on, Ozzy!