WATCH: Jimmy Page Talks 'Connection' with John Bonham

November 10, 2017
Jimmy Page

USA Today

Led Zeppelin guitarist and all-around rock god Jimmy Page was recently selected to speak at the Oxford Union, an international debating society known for bringing in an incredible lineup of speakers.

During his hour-long address and Q&A session, the rocker spoke about how he got into music to begin with, as well as his time with The Yardbirds and Led Zeppelin. Things get particularly interesting during the Q&A portion of the event, though.

One audience member asked Page whether or not he thought Zeppelin would be together today if drummer John Bonham were still alive. Page admits that it’s tough to say if they’d be together today, but he does reveal that even if the band separated to tackle solo projects, he believes they would still reunite to play together at some point. He further explained the “incredible connection” he shared with Bonham.

But you can hear it all straight from Page in the full address below!