WATCH: Gene Simmons Could Literally Show Up at Your Doorstep to Deliver 'The Vault' Box Set

September 13, 2017
Gene Simmons of KISS

USA Today

Gene Simmons of KISS has just made a wild announcement: He will literally hand-deliver a 50-year-old time capsule to your house for just $50,000. Back up—how did we get here?

Simmons shared the below video explaining what he’s been up to for the past three years, and that’s compiling a 10-CD, career-spanning solo recordings box set. Dubbed The Vault, the box set contains more than 150 previously unreleased songs written and recorded between 1966-2016, featuring KISS bandmates and other noteworthy rockers.

The Vault apparently serves as the soundtrack to Simmons’ life, which he will welcome you into with open arms. Rather, you can welcome him into your home with open arms. We’ll break it down for you.

The Vault can be purchased as three different “experiences”:


The “Vault Experience”

Cost: $2,000

What you’ll get: a Gene Simmons meet-and-greet for you and a guest

The “Producer Experience”

Cost: $25,000

What you’ll get: credit as an executive producer on The Vault and an hour in the recording studio with Simmons and one other guest

The “Home Experience”

Cost: $50,000

What you’ll get: to hang with Gene and 25 guests for 2 hours in your home


Looks like he’ll hand-deliver the box set no matter which “experience” you choose, so you can’t lose, right? For more details, visit