Paul McCartney and John Lennon Met On This Day in 1957

July 6, 2017
Paul McCartney of The Beatles

USA Today

On July 6, 1957, John Lennon and Paul McCartney met for the first time. McCartney, then 15, remembers seeing Lennon, then 16, playing with his band The Quarrymen at a church party in Liverpool.

As NPR notes, the pair opened up about the chance encounter in The Beatles Anthology documentary. Apparently The Quarrymen played The Del-Vikings’ “Come Go With Me,” and McCartney was impressed by the fact that Lennon clearly didn’t know the words, yet he got by in a creative way—singing random blues lyrics instead.

After the show, McCartney played “Twenty Flight Rock” by Eddie Cochran for The Quarry Men. Lennon was so impressed by his musical ability that he asked him to join the band. McCartney accepted the next day, according to Lennon’s memory in The Beatles Anthology.

So, playing songs for each other during a chance meeting at a church party one hot summer day may not sound all that impressive. But then again, The Quarrymen eventually went on to become The Beatles after a few additions and band changes, taking the official Beatles name three years later.

Here’s to The Del-Vikings and Eddie Cochran for inadvertently bringing together one of the greatest bands of all time!