Fact: You Can Now Earn a Bachelor's Degree in Weed

October 12, 2017


Northern Michigan University has a new four-year degree program, and it could make a great student out of Fast Times at Ridgemont High’s Jeff Spicoli. The groundbreaking new program allows students to get a marijuana degree.

Sounds pretty dope, huh? Students on the Cheech-and-Chong approved academic path aren’t just a bunch of stoners, though. This major is no joke, with classes in accounting, financial management, biostatistics, biochemistry, organic chemistry, and genetics, to name a few.

There’s already a “Cannabis College” and marijuana certificates in existence, and schools like Harvard and Vanderbilt offer classes on marijuana law and policy. But according to the Detroit Free Press, NMU’s program is the first of its kind in that you can now earn a four-year bachelor’s degree in the science and business side of marijuana.

Though students are unable to work with weed in the classroom, they’ll practice on other plants, like mint, for example, learning how to extract compounds that can be used medicinally so they can apply what they’ve learned to marijuana down the line.

While recreational use in the state remains illegal for now, come December, Michigan will start issuing licenses to grow, test, transport, and sell medical marijuana.