Extinct Wasp Named After David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust Alter Ego

June 23, 2017
David Bowie at the 7th Annual Tribeca Film Festival, Vanity Fair Party held at State Supreme Courthouse


Long before David Bowie sang about spiders from Mars, there were dinosaurs on Earth, and a particular type of wasp lived among those very dinos. Scientists have been studying said wasp and recently opted to name the extinct, 100-million-years-old species after none other than Mr. Bowie himself.

A recent edition of the Journal of Hymenoptera Research revealed that the wasp, which has been fossilized in amber, has been named Archaeoteleia astropulvis—“astropulvis” meaning “star dust” in Latin. The nod to one of Bowie’s many alter egos, Ziggy Stardust, also references the atoms that make up the planet, the scientists said.

Naming a species after rockers seems to be all the rage these days. Remember that shrimp they named after Pink Floyd