Everything's Coming Up Guns N' Roses in NYC, & Fans Are Freaking Out

July 18, 2017
Slash from Guns N Roses

USA Today

UPDATE: Guns N' Roses have just added 11 more stops to their North American tour.



Guns N’ Roses’ iconic album Appetite for Destruction turns 30 on Friday, July 21, and that’s an age worth celebrating right?

It looks like they may be throwing a birthday party in honor of its anniversary. Or at least, it looks like they’re doing something to mark the occasion. Just what that is remains unclear, but fans have spotted GnR posters with the hashtag “#APPETITE30TH” all over New York City, and they’re freaking out over it.

Exhibit A comes from GnR road manager Del James:


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…and B:



…and C:



…and D:



It’s not all that crazy that these posters were spotted outside the city’s Apollo Theater, though—they’ve already announced a small show there for July 20, the night before the album’s anniversary.

Still, it sounds like they’re advertising more than just the intimate Apollo Theater show, so we’ll just have to wait on the #APPETITE30TH announcement!