Dave Grohl's Unsuccessful David Bowie Collaboration Set To Be Recorded

But it won’t be recorded by the Foo Fighters

May 30, 2018
Dave Grohl and David Bowie

© Ron Elkman/USA TODAY NETWORK / © Press Association

Once upon a time, Dave Grohl asked David Bowie to record a song with the Foo Fighters. No cigar. However, the song is about to be recorded and released anyway … by a surprise artist.

In a new interview with British GQ, the Foo Fighters frontman discussed the soon-to-be-released song. Apparently, it was one of those songs that just doesn’t work out the way you hope it does. For years, Grohl tried to record the track and even asked Bowie to help out and record it for a movie soundtrack. According to Grohl, Bowie wasn’t all that into the movie, so the collaboration never happened.

Instead, Grohl passed the song off to another band that he refuses to expose. (He does love a good surprise, doesn't he?)

So the gist of the story is this: Sometime, the unknown song will be released by some other band.

It’s either a highly unsatisfying or wildly exciting conclusion—it all depends on whether or not you’re into surprises.