Brian Wilson Shares Dirt on Collectible LPs from The Beach Boys

June 2, 2017
Bruce Johnston, David Marks, Brian Wilson, Mike Love and Al Jardine of The Beach Boys - 12 February 2012, Los Angeles, CA - 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards press room held at the Staples Center.


We’ve got some serious dirt on The Beach BoysBrian Wilson: A recent Pitchfork article, shared by Wilson himself, explains how you can own some of the dirt from the childhood home he shared with Dennis and Carl Wilson.

Weird. Why would I want to do that? Glad you asked! It’s not just a bag of dirt you’d get; rather, the home site’s dirt will be pressed into collectible LPs to create Beach Boys House: Dirt Sounds. Much cooler, huh?

Artist Jeff Hassay and LeRoy Stevens of the Small World record label worked together on the project, pouring the dirt, along with clear resin, into silicone molds in order to make the records, which will include a full 18 minutes of sounds recorded at the home’s former location. (The home itself was torn down years ago.)

There will be 100 records in all, selling for $100 each, and they’ll be available June 6.

Wouldn't it be nice to own a little piece of Beach Boys history?

As for Brian Wilson, he’ll be on the 2017 Pet Sounds Tour from mid-June through mid-October.