10 Things We Learned from Brian May's Queen Monopoly Unveiling

June 8, 2017
Roger Taylor, Adam Lambert and Brian May talk to members of the media during Queen (Brian May and Roger Taylor) + Adam Lambert North American tour announcement at Madison Square Garden in New York, NY, on March 6, 2014

© Anthony Behar

Remember that time we found out Monopoly was getting a Queen makeover? If so, we have updates. If not, we have updates.

The band’s guitarist, Brian May, just unveiled MONOPOLY: Queen Edition (below). Equipped with a GoPro for the full effect, May walks us through a round of the game, and we’ll give it to him: He makes explaining a board game interesting. Seriously. It’s long—albeit not quite as long as a full round of Monopoly. Even so, there’s something entrancing about May’s voice that will make you want to listen to the full 18 minutes. But we digress.


Here are 10 things we learned from watching Brian May unbox MONOPOLY: Queen Edition:


1. The game is designed to make you feel like a band on the road, experiencing the highs and lows of a band’s career.

2. You’ll buy gigs (properties) and build your stage blocks (houses) up to a full stage production (hotel).

3. “Utilities” are now sound and lighting.

4. “Community” is now “In the Lap of Gods,” while “Chance” is now “A Kind of Magic.” (Cards will allow you to collect money for writing a hit or pay money to have your stage fixed.)

5. Railroad stations are now global hit records.

6. Making a board game is comparable to making an album. (It took a year and a half to create!)

7. The board’s artwork comes from the Live Killers album.

8. Each property on the board corresponds with actual venues Queen played (authentic photos and all), from their first show at Imperial College to their last with Freddie Mercury at Knebworth Park.

9. May himself wrote some of the blurbs on the board game’s inserts.

10. Tokens include a Fat-Bottomed Girl who likes to ride her bicycle and other Queen-themed goodies.



And, because we couldn't resist, here are the video's bloopers!



Intrigued? You can order the game here.