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Judge Puts The Kibosh On Lynyrd Skynyrd Movie


August 29, 2017

The planned movie about the tragic 1977 plane crash that forever impacted southern rockers LYNYRD SKYNYRD will not make it to the big screen.

Lynyrd Skynyrd Sue Former Drummer Artimus Pyle Over Biopic

The plan for the movie, Street Survivors: The True Story of the Lynyrd Skynyrd Plane Crash, was first announced in June of 2016 by (former) SKYNYRD drummer, ARTIMUS PYLE, who wanted to share with fans the music and memories that he personally held so dear.

The recent ruling from a U.S. district court judge honors the request made on behalf of the families of RONNIE VAN ZANT and CASSIE and STEVE GAINES, who all perished in the crash (along with the pilot, co-pilot, and the band's road manager). Along with the Van Zant and Gaines families, Skynyrd guitarist GARY ROSSINGTON also joined in the lawsuit to prevent the movie's production.

The issue wasn't the movie itself; rather, it had to do with Mr. Pyle's involvement with the project, who was slated to be "consultant and co-producer" and was to receive a 5% cut of the film's net receipts. The drummer's involvement ran counter to a 1987 consent order that "prohibited him and his fellow band mates from undertaking in any band-related project without the participation of at least three surviving members from Lynyrd Skynyrd’s pre-crash era." 

While the film's production company, Cleopatra Films, claims first amendment rights entitle them to make the film, lawyers representing the surviving families claim that the movie company is indeed free to make the movie, but they cannot do it with the participation of Mr. Pyle as it is in violation of the 1987 consent order. So, no movie.