File photo dated 21/09/12 of (left to right) John Paul Jones, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin

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Jimmy Page Promises New, "Unheard" Led Zeppelin Songs for 50th Anniversary


December 19, 2017

Just when you thought that there were no remaining LED ZEPPELIN rarities left in the band's vault for fans to salivate over, word comes from JIMMY PAGE that there will indeed, be some previously unheard Zep tracks coming to help celebrate the band's golden (50th) anniversary in 2018!

Page, responding to a recent question about the legendary rock band's upcoming half-century anniversary, confirmed that as far as releasing the previously unheard material, he’s “working on that.” Generally speaking, we can expect “all manner of surprises” coming out for the anniversary.

You'll recall that Jimmy Page has supervised and is the curator of the Zeppelin music archives, and he has overseen the remastered (and expanded) release off all nine Led Zeppelin albums (plus the 1982 Coda release) which concluded in 2015.  All of the reissues contained outtakes and other previously unreleased recordings, and at that time, Jimmy Page claimed that most all of the outtakes, alternate versions, and demos had been included on the bonus discs, but the guitarist hinted that there was still be a little bit more.

It's not known if the upcoming release will include more studio leftovers, such as those included on the already-issued bonus discs, or if it will include live recordings in the Zeppelin archives, of which there are many. 

JIMMY PAGE was interviewed back in mid-October and you can watch the video below. Rock on, LED ZEPPELIN!