Friday October 23rd, 2020

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October 23, 2020
Connect The Classics

Connect the Classics is ONE whole hour where you pick the next song as long as the title starts with the last letter of the song just played! Kinda wacky we know...but it's fun and unpredictable!!!!!!

Stoneman here, today we started with the letter “L”.

  • Lick It Up-Kiss    Skinny Kenny
  • Panama-Van Halen     Ross
  • Aja-Steely Dan    Grey
  • Already Gone-Eagles    Dennis
  • 25 Or 6 To 4-Chicago     Nick
  • Rag Doll-Aerosmith     Charlie
  • Lorelei-Styx       Jim
  • I Want You-The Beatles    Stevens & Ryland
  • Under The Bridge-Red Hot Chili Peppers      Chad

Connect the Classics for Monday will start with the letter “E” on Classic Rock 101.1!!

*Wildcards (anything you want) can be used on “E” and “N”