What I'm Watching on Netflix - Chris Lee

January 5, 2018
Stranger Things

© Robert Hanashiro | 2017 Jan 29


Okay, here is a list of what I'm watching, or have watched on Netflix.

Stranger Things:
This is like a demonic version of "The Goonies", it even has Sean Astin in a recurring role!
It revolves around a group of kids in a small town in the 80's who encounter an entity from another dimension
opened by a secret government agency while conducting experiment on children. 

Stranger Things
© Robert Hanashiro | 2017 Jan 29

The Magicians:
A group of college student get transported into another universe based on a childrens book, however,
this is a very adult themed show. I have been watching this off and on for a couple of months.
It's hard to follow and slows down quite a bit. Good overall but NOT Binge Worthy IMHO.

Eric McCormack (Will and Grace) stars in this sci-fi show about time traveling humans who inhabit
the bodies of present day humans in order to "save" the future. Well written and I just finished

The Indian Detective:
Comedian Russel Peters stars in this comedy about a Toronto based police officer of Indian
descent who returns to India to see his "ailing" father and try to sort out his failing career.
I have just started watching this. Funny and interesting so far.

Will Smith stars in this movie about a police officer who is partnered with an Orc, who are considered a "lesser"
member of society based on past events. They must learn how to cope with each other while working
together to solve a crime involving Elves, who are the rich/elite in society.
I found this movie great and highly entertaining! MUST WATCH!

The Ranch:
FUNNY, FUNNY, FUNNY......Just watch it!


Chris Lee