See Glenn Frey in "South Of Sunset"

Glenn's shot at "leading man" cancelled after only one episode.

November 28, 2017
Glenn Frey - performing with The Eagles

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I had forgotten about this, I never saw the only episode that aired and wondered what happened.

Glenn Frey
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Eagles co-founder, the late Glenn Frey, was just one of many music celebrities who tried crossing over to another medium during the '80s and '90s. Rick Springfield, who became famous as an actor in General Hospital, then became a pop music superstar, tried his hand at movies with "Hard to Hold". That movie flopped at the box office and Rick returned to his music career. Many music stars have made one and two episode cameos in TV over the years

Glenn Frey became a regular on Miami Vice after the success of "Smuggler's Blues", a solo projest after leaving The Eagles.

Although his acting career had its share of ups and downs, it'll always be largely defined by South of Sunset, the TV series that made him a leading man — and was canceled after only one episode.

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