Kid listens to headphones


Boy Or Girl? Watch Kids Get Confused by Listening to Motley Crue for the First Time

July 17, 2017

Motley Crüe are wild, crazy, over-the-top, dress in outrageous costumes, and act on their own impulses. So they must be the perfect band for kids, right?

After listening to iconic bands like MetallicaGuns N' RosesNirvana, and Iron Maiden, the next band for the kids from REACT to feast their eyes and ears on is the most notorious rock band in the world: Motley Crüe.

From the crazy hair to the makeup to the not-so-subtle suggestive material, these kids experienced the wrath of the '80s like drinking water from a fire hose.

Some of the kids liked how entertaining the band members were with their hair metal antics, while others were a little put off by their over-the-top behavior. Some were just confused as to whether or not the members were men or women.

Check out all of their reactions below!