The Beatles

Stefano Panzeri

Another Reissue on the Way from The Beatles


May 18, 2017

BEATLES music never sounded so GOOD! Whether albums from the Fab Four are reissued in mono or deluxe fashion, as the upcoming 50th Anniversary Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band set will be, it's giving Beatles' fans everywhere another chance to listen to, and experience the incredible, groundbreaking and timeless music that they created in the short span (8 years!) of their recording career.

Fittingly, the man behind the gargantuan task of sorting through tapes, repairing, re-mixing, and "cleaning up" the old recordings, is GILES MARTIN, the son of Beatles' Producer/Mentor/Father-Figure/Arranger/etc., Sir GEORGE MARTINGILES MARTIN first undertook the task of curator of The BEATLES’ recording legacy when he worked on the soundtrack for the Las Vegas show, "LOVE," which featured tremendously creative and compelling mash-ups of BEATLES classics.

Giles Martin is also behind the re-mixed and improved sound of Sgt. Pepper, due for release one week in advance of the classic album's 50th Anniversary of its release in 1967. The Deluxe Box Set of Sgt. Pepper is said to include many, MANY alternate versions and outtakes of the songs on the album, giving the listener a much broader view of not only the song's progression during the writing/recording process, but it also sheds light on the many variations of the songs that The Beatles tried before selecting the versions that we are all now ultra-familiar with. It's just been revealed that the NEXT project for Giles Martin will be the self-titled 1968 album from The Beatles, commonly known as The White Album!

Now, it should be noted that up until the 50th Anniversary of the Sgt. Pepper set, The Beatles kept a tight lid on any Beatles music that was not commercially released. It was 25 years after the breakup of the band that the first (official) releases of outtakes and alternate versions appeared on the "Beatles Anthology" discs. So, the fact that there will be another BEATLES album receiving attention and eventual release so soon after Sgt. Pepper is indeed very noteworthy. And exciting! 

GILES MARTIN will certainly have his work cut out for him because the White Album recording sessions marked what many music critics have deemed a "great deal of indulgence" at this point in the Beatles' recordings. The Sgt. Pepper album had hundreds of hours of works-in-progress, outtakes, rehearsals, etc., and the White Album will present Martin with at least that much raw material to work with. It was not uncommon for The Beatles to go through dozens and dozens of takes of individual songs, illustrated by the many versions of songs like "Sexy Sadie" & "Ob La Di, Ob La Da," each of which logged more than 70 takes! 

No release date as of yet for the re-visited "White Album," but we'll be anxiously awaiting yet another chapter in the unending, fascinating, timeless career and music of The Beatles! Rock On!