Slipknot is selling masks just in time for Halloween

Mask up and legitimately scare your neighbors with these ghoulish face covers

October 19, 2020

Slipknot is ready to make your COVID-19 Halloween a lot scarier (and perhaps safer?) offering band masks from the We Are Not Your Kind era.

There are nine face coverings in all. Each one represents an individual band member. Shell out $55 for Craig Jones’ spike intensive mask, or emulate lead singer Corey Taylor and nab his skin leather mask for $40. Clown, Jim Root, Mick Thomson, Sid Wilson, Jay Weinberg and V-Man masks are all priced at $35 each.

Make sure to order your Slipknot mask at the band’s website

This unmasking seems to be going a lot smoother than what happened back in September. The group may have let slip the identity of their newest member and drummer “Tortilla Man,” when advertising a new line of masks to fans.

An item listed “New Guy Neck Gaiter Face Cover” sports an opaque flesh texture with accent mouth zipper, possibly to prevent spread of the coronavirus. It’s also Slipknot, so the zipper could represent their general “haunt you during fever dreams” vibe.

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