David Lee Roth to Open for KISS on Next Leg of U.S. Tour

It begins February 1st in New Hampshire

December 17, 2019

David Lee Roth will warm up the crowd for KISS on the next U.S. leg of their End of the Road tour.

Fans had noticed a promotional photo announcing the pairing within the Live Nation app, and then KISS confirmed it a few hours later.

The Van Halen frontman is set to begin a Vegas residency on January 8th with dates running into March, and KISS hits the road on February 1st in New Hampshire. But there are no schedule conflicts.

KISS had the highest-grossing North American tour for a hard rock band in 2019, and recently announced where and when their final show ever will be. The band says their marathon trek will reach the finish line on July 17, 2021 in New York.

“We got a lot of great stuff planned, and we’re gonna give you everything y’all deserve,” Stanley told the crowd on-board the KISS Kruise while making the announcement last month.

Roth continues to do his own thing while Van Halen rumors come and go. The band has been inactive since their last tour ended in 2015. There had been speculation earlier this year that Roth, the brothers Van Halen, and original bassist Michael Anthony would put their much publicized differences aside for at least one more tour but nothing ever materialized, potentially because of Eddie Van Halen’s health issues. But it’s not time to close the door just yet.

“Van Halen is perfect and I always sensed that perfect would get back together,” Roth said in July. “Perfect in its imperfections. Think of your most ruined jeans that barely are jeans; they’re you’re favorite because of the holes in them.”

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