COVID-19 Hospitalizations Hit Single-Day High in California

June 27, 2020

    The California Department of Public Health has reported an additional 5,972 positive coronavirus cases in the state over the last 24 hours as numbers continue to surge nationwide.

    Almost 90,000 tests were performed in the state during that same time frame.

    However, COVID-19 hospitalizations in California hit an all-time high for the pandemic at 4,494 on Friday. Just a month ago, 3,091 people were hospitalized with the disease.

    The new numbers come as California and other states experience a surge in coronavirus infections, causing some counties in the Bay Area to delay or pause reopening plans.

    Nevada, Georgia, Florida and South Carolina were among states to also report single-day highs for new cases Saturday.

    On Thursday, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Robert Redfield speculated total coronavirus inflections in the U.S. could be as many as 24 million, 10 times as many as the reported 2.4 million positive cases.

    In a radio interview late Friday, Dr. Anthony Fauci told KNX 1070 News the change in the COVID-19 pandemic is a "paradigm shift" that has largely been driven by young people. "This is an unusual disease. I've never seen a virus like this," Fauci said, adding the virus has a range of symptoms among patients.

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